Ashanti: Good Things Come In Small Packages

R&B Singer Ashanti

Ashanti is tiny. She kicks off her killer pair of heels, and when we stand together – I’m wearing heels and I’m 5’8” – she seems like someone’s exceptionally pretty kid sister. But don’t let her sweet face and small stature fool you. Ashanti is a superstar, selling over 6 million albums, and her third studio album, Concrete Rose, was released last December.

She’s a Grammy Award-winning, chart-topping, R&B princess, and with guest roles in Bride and Prejudice and Coach Carter, as well as the lead as Dorothy in the television movie The Muppets’ Wonderful World of Oz, Ashanti can add actress to her bag of tricks. But things haven’t always been easy for this 23-year-old former track star.

“Along with the good comes the bad,” she says. “Some people will love you and what you do, and others won’t.” The most important thing for Ashanti is to, “do your best and really know that you’ve done your best. You can’t let haters get to you.”

And when obstacles get in her way, she’s got them covered: “You have to dig inside and say, ‘Look, I have to do this.’ You have to develop a thick skin. Be persistent. Just keep working harder and harder, and don’t give up.”


Photo courtesy of Universal Music.

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