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Ask Ed The Sock 12: Rich Snobs, Drama Queens, Cheap Boyfriends, Cheat Boyfriends, Promiscuous Friends And More…

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Ask Ed & Red

Ed The Sock and His Gal Pal RedIn every issue of FAZE MAGAZINE, our readers bare their souls to Ed The Sock & Red, Canada’s high priest and priestess of morality, etiquette and, especially, common sense. Here are Ed & Red’s unfettered and heartfelt replies.

Send your own questions to and hopefully Ed & Red will be able to answer you in an upcoming issue of FAZE.

ISSUE #12 Q & A

Faze Reader:
This girl caught me doing something reeeally embarrassing and now she keeps blackmailing me with it. I have to buy her stuff, loan her my clothes and tell lies to her parents. How do I make this stop?
Did anyone else see? Probably not, or this girl wouldn’t have any leverage. The more you let her blackmail you, the deeper you’re going to dig the hole she has you in. So let her tell – just deny it. It’s her word versus yours.

Faze Reader:
My boyfriend is basically rich and makes fun of our ‘poor’ friends. He’ll say stuff to them like, “Hey Dave, you need to stop by Goodwill again, those pants are lookin’ beat up.” But then he’ll say, “Just kiddin’ man, you know you’re my boy.” He thinks he’s being funny but I know it hurts our friends. How do I get him to stop?
Why are you wasting your time with this loser? People who use their financial status to belittle others are just insecure. Besides, your boyfriend isn’t rich, his parents are. If he’s so down on people who live on handouts, you ought to ask him much of what he’s wearing was paid for with money he actually earned.

Faze Reader:
My friend is such a drama queen—but only sometimes. When it’s just the two of us at home hangin, she’s cool but when we’re in the mall or around a bunch of people she starts howling really loud when she laughs and acts all hyper and says, “Oh my gaaawd!!” over and over for everything. How do I tell her to keep it real?
You do have a video camera on your phone, don’t you? Sometimes letting someone see themselves as others see them can make more difference than anything you could say. It’s like catching yourself in the mirror while having sex – often a mortifying and very sobering experience.

Faze Reader:
My boyfriend likes us to take turns paying for stuff when we go out, but I always get stuck paying for the more expensive things like the movies or lunch while he pays for stuff like a bag of chips or gum. How do I suggest we even this up without looking cheap?
Without YOU looking cheap? The guy buys potato chips! Now, if he comes from a poor background and this is all he can afford – well, then he isn’t being cheap. And after all, it is the 21st century…who says guys should still be paying the lion’s share of dating costs? Anyway, you can just do what all my cheap-ass friends always did – when you get to the box office, claim that you forgot your money at home and see if he ponies up.

Faze Reader:
I found out my boyfriend cheated on me. He says he’s really sorry and won’t do it again. I really love him and don’t want to break up. How do I know if he’s telling the truth?
The truth about what? About cheating? Probably. About being sorry? Maybe. About not doing it again? Who knows. Hey, everyone makes mistakes, and at least he owned up to it, but relationships are built on trust – and trust is earned. Don’t take him back with open arms after just an apology…let him know it will take time to repair what he did. If he’s worth it, he’ll stick around. If he doesn’t – that’s one less jackass you have to deal with.

Faze Reader:
My friend is cool but makes up outfits that are whack. Once she wore her Parasuco top inside out and backwards. Another time she wore two Fubu hats at the same time! I’m all for expressing yourself but I get embarrassed when she pulls that stuff. What should I say to her?
Depends what you consider is ‘cool’. If, like me, you think that being cool is doing your own thing, then you should leave her alone. Wearing two hats might seem stupid to you, but the first guy to wear his baseball hat backwards or jeans with the crotch at his knees looked just as stupid – until everyone else decided to copy him.

Faze Reader:
My friend went through a major makeover. She lost weight, got a new haircut and started wearing sexy clothes. She’s been sleeping with a lot of different guys now (and NOT using protection!) and when I tell her she’ll get a bad rep she says she doesn’t care cause life is too short. How do I straighten her out?
Well, you can tell her that life will be much shorter if she catches something from screwing around. I don’t tell people what they should do with their bodies; if she feels the desire to experiment sexually, that’s a personal decision. But if she wants to keep enjoying herself sexually, she should use proper protection. No guy is going to kick it with a girl who’s had an STD, and it will be hard for her to find time for sex if she’s looking after her baby.

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  1. isabel marant

    I am a female director who has directed over 50 commercials for Mattel, mostly for Barbie. To my knowledge, there has not been a female directed commercial by Mattel since I directed my last one in about 2008. How many Barbie (and other Mattel) commercials have been directed since that time–all by men? At least hundreds, maybe thousands. To my knowledge, there have only been about 5 female directors on Mattel commercials EVER. So this “Directing Barbie” is particularly ridiculous and hypocritical. Barbie is no role model for female directors. By the way, to my knowledge, the same dismal numbers for female directors is the same for the other big toy makers, including Hasbro.


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