How to Become a Developer Without Going To School: Java Basics

Is it possible to become a developer without a professional education? What does it actually take to code in Java? And what are the basics of it? Today, we’re going to discuss the process of learning a Java language – one of the simplest and most understandable ways of coding. Generally speaking, the Java language is not as simple as everyone describes it. Still, it is the simplest programing language among all mainstream languages for now. And it is one of the most demanded languages on the IT job market as well.

Learning Java programming from basics is the best you can do to start a coding career. When you start Java, you should learn it by doing. It means that if you learn about database connection, exceptions or other staff, you should immediately apply your knowledge in practice. We all learn best by doing. You have to jump in the educational process without procrastinating. As it is impossible to become a professional developer in theory only. Without coding, you won’t become a coder. That is the main rule.

Java Programming Computer Language

Java Basics

Java is an object-oriented language. In other words, it consists of building blocks that you can design. Every block is a set of data and functionalities and is used to perform one single task within a program.

To write Java applications you need certain tools and programs. For developing Java applications you may use Java development kit (JDK), which can be easily found on the Internet for free. So, find it and download an appropriate version for your OS. One more thing you need is an integrated development environment to write and manage codes pretty easily. One of the best IDE is Eclipse. Download and install it too. This is what is going to help you to learn Java in practice even at home.

But how to start coding? What to begin with if you already have some knowledge and special coding software? First of all, you need to create a project. In the Eclipse window, go to «File» – «New» – «Java Project». Name it and go back to the coding screen. Leave all the settings as they are. To be able to write a code, you need a class. Press on the «New Class» symbol on the top of the window. Call it whatever you want and press «Finish». Now, you’ve got some code on the screen. Go to the second block on the coding screen and start creating your own project.

Java Programming Computer Language

So, what do you need to become a professional coder?

  • Theory knowledge;
  • Practice skills;
  • Coding software.

With Java, you can write Android and web applications. It is the official language for them. So, it is definitely, the best choice for the beginners to start a professional career as a developer.

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