What Are The Best VPN Services For Surfing The Internet In Canada?

Canada is a very liberal country which provides foreign visitors with a lot of freedom and opportunities. At the same time, however, it is influenced by the American primacy of business interests over people’s right, and has passed some strict laws concerning copyright (although never strict enough for the Americans). Additionally, Canada’s overseers have also taken on elements of the European nanny state philosophy, and free access to certain information is legitimately under threat. Which may make some services, sites and information from other countries difficult to access. And the same can happen if you live in Canada and are thinking about visiting another country, you may again meet some problems trying to access all your favourite web destinations and services.

We are not talking only about watching your favorite series on Netflix, but you also can experience some problems during business trips. For example, if you are a French business women using Google and other portals, the experience would be an English language one, not French, so using VPN services for accessing French servers would be understandable for more than just surfing privacy. Take a look at these recommendations providing the best VPN Canadian access to help unblock us from a restricted or compromised surfing experience .

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One of the best companies providing VPN services for Canadians (or French or other folks for that matter) is NordVPN. With it you are absolutely free to surf the global internet with servers located in dozens of countries. Company’s protocols are said to bypass all known restrictions. The company itself is based in Panama, a country with mild Internet laws. So there is little to be afraid of.  Additionally NordVPN does not keep any log files of its user activity. As for the minuses, the service is a little bit expensive and sometimes speed rates may vary depending on the workload and server.

PIA (Private Internet Access) is a well-known leader among VPN services. It has many users from Canada as well. The company cares about privacy: it also does not save log files and accepts anonymous payments via Bitcoin. However, this is a U.S.-based company, and the country is known to be not the safest for users’ privacy, just ask Ed Snowden.

PureVPN is a company that tries its best to satisfy users. It is based in Honk Kong and can provide you with many useful features. Unfortunately, it accepts only 256-bit encryption, which is powerful but can significantly affects the speed rates. You can choose different options according to your purposes and needs and can upload the application to any five devices using one login.

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Trust.Zone is an affordable service that rewards private payments. It has a pretty good connection for all European countries, as well as Canada. It offers useful family packages with great discounts. However, it has a reputation of experiencing issues non-Windows-based devices. Additionally, you’ll need to set up everything manually.

These are the companies with the best ratings and comments from users. With any of them you will gain access to all your favorite, well-known services without problems.

Internet censorship and lack of freedom is a constant concern in Canada. For example, the government has demanded personal information from Twitter and other social media companies about certain users. Recently over a dozen sites connected with streaming were blocked. As such, you really want to considering using VPN when accessing Canadian, French or any global websites.


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