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Coco is an Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot from the Caribbean that loves chomping CHUPA CHUPS

"Didn't Michaelangelo Paint Something Like This?"

"Alright, let's get started..."

"There's an art to this.."

"What's the point of wrapping this thing up anyway?"

"Ta-da! The edible flesh of the Chupa fruit is now exposed"


"First a little lick, and then I remember birds don't have saliva."

"So I move quickly to biting. Mmmm."

"I'd like to take a moment to bring attention to the plight
of my brothers and sisters back home in the rainforest.
They regularly shoot and kill us parrots in Trinidad & Tobago.
Stop the parrot hunt. We have the intelligence of four-year old humans.
We enjoy good food, sunny days and mate for life.
We can spend hours just playing around and love our friends and families deeply.
We're not all that different from you humans.
Let us live in peace to the ripe old age of 65. Thanks to everyone for listening"

"Okay, I know, not much Vitamin A, but this really tastes
better than the broccoli and spinach they keep feeding me!"

"Hey! No gum in the middle of this one!!?
No wonder they let me eat the whole thing..."

"Alright, since when did I become a single serving girl?"

"Mmm, thanks...keep 'em coming."




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