Canadian Music Week 2013: Interview With Eli T.

Eli T. at CMW

Producer-turned electronic pop artist Eli T. was exposed to music even before he was born. His mother used to hold headphones to her stomach when he was in the womb while she worked at a church recording studio.

This early exposure to the art of sound seems to have made a lasting impression, following Eli throughout his childhood and now as a musician turning this passion into a career.

Originally born in Singapore, he has made his way around the world, now finding himself living in New York. However, he will always call Toronto home (he attended York University).

He came back to the city to take part in Canadian Music Week for the first time and he was looking forward to playing his set at the Hard Luck Bar and meeting new people.  “Sometimes it inspires you when you talk to other artists and you get a bit of their story,” he says. “It drives you a little harder.”

For Eli, songwriting is a way for him to share experiences and emotions that he needs to get off his chest. “I always feel misunderstood on a day-to-day basis and somehow I feel through the music alone is the best way I connect with people.”

His track “Imaginary” is one that he has a strong connection to, describing his journey of being true to himself. He released his debut album Revolt last March and he’s been touring and spreading his electro-pop sounds with the rest of the world.

Not only does his drive and determination help him going in the industry, but a huge factor keeping him motivated is his fans. “I make music for them,” he says. “They encourage me to keep fighting.”

Over the years, he’s lived by some of the best words of advice he’s received. “It’s okay to be you,” he says. “Your best chance at succeeding in life is doing what you’re good at. You have to be proud of what you’re doing.”

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Here is an acoustic version of Fallen

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