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How To Change A Life

wattpad How To Change A Life

About the author:

Aurora Davis is the teen author of How To Change A Life a moving story about Rayleigh Fabre, a young women with cancer. Accompanied by her best friends Jess and Chase, Rayleigh navigates life at Oakwood High, staying healthy, with crazy parents and maybe even her first boyfriend.

Best line: “The last time I went to a party like that was a tea with my grandma. She introduced me to her friend who caught me admiring her shoes.
“They’re Dolce and Gabbana,” she smiled.
I cocked one eyebrow. “You named your shoes?”

Aurora Davis loves to read, sing and act and her favorite movie is The Godfather 3, no matter what the reviewers say.

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The name is Rayleigh Fabre and for the most of my life I was the girl who was forever getting stared at. Not for my fantastic good looks, but something horrible. Total buzz kill. Cancer.

I was kidding about good looks, you know. I was born with out hair and it never grew in, so I grew up kind of looking like Danny Devito; minus the beer belly. Although, my dad has one just like it; total salad dodger! He’s a truck driver of some sort, but I don’t pay much attention to my dad anyway. He went totally A-wall on me when I failed my American History class. I mean who gives two cahonies about what happened in the past anyways? What do you expect me to do about it? I mean I only failed because Teddy Pugh, who looked freakishly like the Milky bar kid it was diabolical, was sent to another school. A better one.

Oakwood high was… endurable if you had awesomely dope friends like mine. Jess, Chase and I have been besto’s ever since we were sitting in our own crap. They’re my number two’s you know, my back up, my homies.

We all had a huge monkey on our back that we were constantly getting crap for. Like me with the cancer thing, Chase for being a big V and Jess for… well being the opposite. She was known as “The Radio Station or TRS” because she was so easy to pick up. Even Chase had tried a few times, but it wasn’t going to happen for him.

“I need a girlfriend.” he said in English one afternoon, for like the kazillionth time. “I really do.” “Don’t even think about coming to me again, I am not the one to de-flower you.” Jess hissed and peered at the teacher over the top of her textbook who was giving us death glares.

I peeked at them through my eyelashes and wiggled my feet around on the top of my desk. “Will you two shut your pie hole, your harshing my mellow.” I said as I ran my fingers through my new wig. I had gone for a new color; a little lighter, almost auburn. Chase rolled his eyes.

“Do you ever do any work at all?” I shrugged and smiled sweetly at the teacher who looked like she was close to having a brain fart.

“Not really.”

“She spends far too much time dreaming of Harry Dens.” Jess smirked
“I do not!” Chase pouted with his hand on his hip. “Why cant at least one girl dream about me?”

“That.” I threw my pen at the hand that was sitting on his hip. “Chase, my good friend, you are as camp as a row of tents.” His face fell.

“Just because I watch Opera and have neat handwriting doesn’t mean I’m gay, Rayleigh!” Jess and most of the other kids sitting close enough to hear were giggling.

Mrs. Rebus, however, was not amused. “Enough! If you three want to-“

“Saved by the bell.” Jess sighed and got up from her chair.

“The bell didn’t even ring.” someone from the back row said.

Jess frowned. “Really?” she turned accusingly to Mrs. Rebus. “Then what’s that horrible ringing in my ear?”

The bell finally did ring and we left that room faster than you could say crocodile clock The hall ways were crowded as we made our way to the cafeteria. Some people still stared at me and even attempted to remove my hair. Chase was quick to stop them in time, though.

We took our seats at our usual table and ate our food in silence, letting the chatter of everyone else fill the air. Ok, I admit I was watching Harry Dens, but not for very long. His girlfriend went over and they began sucking face. I tell you, I can only hold back so much mucus before I physically puke up my insides.

I focused my attention on my friends, Chase was still moping. It was really getting on my last nerve. “There is nothing wrong with being a virgin, Chase.”

“Yeah, Mary was a virgin and she’s like an icon; second only to Madonna!” Jess added.

Chase sighed. “Can you two stop speaking moron for two seconds. Ray, when’s your next doctors appointment?”

“Oh, um, I’ve decided to stop taking the treatment.” I murmured.

“No way!” they both exclaimed in unison.

Jess gripped my hands tightly. “You have to take the treatment if you want to… I mean you’ve got dreams.”

Chase nodded and gripped onto my other hand. “When you give up your dreams, you die.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Dude, did you just quote Flashdance?”

“You will take the treatment, Ray. I don’t care what you have to say, you’ll get to that hospital ASAP.” he went on. I frowned. If there was one word I hated; it was ASAP. I hate it when people use it as one word.

“ASAP? What is ASAP? It’s A.S.A.P, man four letters not a whole word.”

“As Soon As Possible,” he said in his condescending tone, putting more fries in his mouth. I whacked his hand, causing the fry to fly across the cafeteria.

“Well say it again and you’ll get ASAP alright; A Serious Ass Pounding.”

“God, premenstrual, much?”

“Guys, cool it, Okay. Will you come to my sister’s barbeque tonight? Apparently, for college kids parties are so ’98.” Jess asked, twirling her fiery red hair around her finger. Her hair kind of freaks me out sometimes. When she first had it dyed, I literally had to wear sunglasses, just to protect my eye. I have permanently damaged retinas. I shook my head, coming out of my daze.
“Fo’ Shizzle. I’m down.”

“Me too.” Chase grinned. “College girls are always easy.”

“For you?” Jess smirked. “Chase, they may be easy but they’re not retarded.”

He scowled. “Thanks, Jess, you really know how to make a guy feel great.”

“I know. That’s why I’m not the one complaining about being a virgin.” She retorted.

* * *
I parked my station wagon in the drive-way and turned off the radio, only to be welcome by my parents. Normal kids get a ‘hey, how was school.’, but not me. My parents fight all the time. They just don’t mash right, you know? Like pickles and ice-cream.( Unless your really weird and like that sort of thing.) Even from outside in my car I could hear them screaming at each other. I wish I could be more like my little four-year-old sister; she’s completely obvlious to the shitty life around her.

There they were, like Bonnie and Clyde on crack, shouting and throwing things at each other; while little Ella sat on the kitchen floor, licking yogurt off her face. I seriously think she was dropped on her as a baby.

“Yo! Crack heads?! Can you stop yelling for two seconds?” I snapped, earning their attention. “I’m going out later, Kay?” They nodded briefly and went back to insulting each other.

I hurried up the stairs to my room and slammed the door. My parents are such Dickwads. You know for Christmas last year my mother gave me a purity ring. Yeah, a purity ring! Like thanks a lot Mother Teresa, but I hardly think any guy wants to jump into bed with the girl with the big C. I changed into something more decent and fell down on my bed, staring up at the ceiling.

I could only imagine what this barbeque was going to be like; everyone wearing weird dresses and big pearls. The last time I went to a party like that was a tea with my grandma. She introduced me to her friend and caught me admiring her shoes.

“They’re Dolce and Gabbana.” she smiled.

I cocked one eyebrow. “You named your shoes?”

What a douche!

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