Emblem3: “You Have To Believe In Yourself First”

Emblem 3

When brothers Keaton and Wesley Stromberg and their best friend Drew Chadwick formed Emblem3 in 2007, they never expected to have come this far.

Originally from Sequim, Washington, the group moved to California to pursue a musical career. Their ambition can be thanked to their mutual motivation as Wesley explains, “Part of the reason why we keep finding success and keep moving forward is that we each keep trying to be the best,” says Wesley, when talking about their ambition. “We get inspired and motivated by each other, seeing each other succeed.”

Emblem3Their ambition and talent caught Simon Cowell’s attention when they auditioned for the second season of The X Factor. Finishing as fourth place finalists, their massive exposure proved to Simon that they needed to be signed. Their debut album Nothing to Lose features their upbeat single “Chloe (You’re the One I Want).”

Now, as they take on exciting endeavors, their newfound exposure also brings awareness to a movement they are very passionate about: Team Inspire. “The philosophy [behind Team Inspire] is that once you show someone conscious awareness, they gain an awareness of the universe,” says Drew, who founded the movement. “Then they, through their actions, spread that to someone else. It becomes a web of inspiration that’s constantly growing.”

The guys also have solid advice for anyone looking to enter a talent competition like they did. “You have to believe in yourself first,” explains Drew. “You have to put in your 10,000 hours beforehand. You have to be ready and prepared. Just completely believe and be confident,” says Wesley. “You have to know you’ll make it past each round, or else it’s just going to be very stressful.”

The guys of Emblem3

Emblem3 and their video for “Chloe (You’re the One I Want)”

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