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Extreme Snowboarding: Go Out And Stomp Those Hills

Extreme Snowboarding

Everyone will tell you that you never forget your first time, the day when you throw caution to the wind and let yourself indulge. For those of you who have already done it, you know that it is the most exhilarating feeling in the world. Snowboarding! It’s not just a sport; it’s a way of life. Each snow-filled moment is spent contemplating your next move. Do you drop in at the summit and carve all the way down to base, dodging trees and boulders cursing at mock ten? Or maybe you should hit the park and bust mad air out the half pipe? Well no matter what route you choose, snowboarding will set your spirit free. But before you head out to the slopes there’s a few things you have to get in check!

Extreme Snowboarding


First thing you’re going to need is a board: the type of terrain you prefer to ride, your height, weight and skill level will dictate its shape and size. Although many factors play a major role in board design, sidecut, flex and camber are the most critical elements in determining how well it willfunction. These three elements must work together in order to create a smooth-riding vehicle.

Bindings are also an essential part of snowboarding equipment. There are many different types of bindings, which are also determined by the type of riding that you prefer. Bindings range from hard boot to soft boot, racing, step-in and hard back to low back bindings. When buying a board make sure to consult a sales person on the right type for your needs.

Boots, eyewear and apparel can be easily chosen depending on comfort, warmth and to some, most importantly, style.

Extreme Snowboarding


Convincing people that you have tremendous skill is an important element in becoming a snowboarder. Follow these easy tips and you will be able to persuade any spectator, girl or “bro” that you have what it takes to make it as a pro.

  1. When you bust a huge trick, don’t claim it. Don’t even talk about it. If you stomp it and just ride away without breaking a sweat, onlookers will think that the trick was simply pickles to you. They will be left to imagine the bigger, more insane tricks that you must have up your sleeve.
  2. Make sure that people know that you do not really participate in any other sports: this way when you stomp a sick trick you will be perceived as a natural.
  3. No matter what, only talk about how good tricks feel when you stomp ‘em!
  4. Never tell people that you are sponsored. As far as they’re concerned you’re a “soul rider.”  However, if somebody asks just be sure to say, “Yeah, I get some flow,” or “Sure I get hooked up!”  If you do this you will be able to remain modest.
  5. Finally, never get too technical with the hotties at your local bar. Just tell them about your quadruple back flips and your 1080 spins. That alone should do it.

Follow all of these steps and you’re bound to go pro!  All you have to do is remember the basic elements of snowboarding: snow, equipment, food, parties, hotties and more parties!  Just relax and go with the flow and good things are bound to follow.

Extreme Snowboarding


Key elements in a good snowboarding vehicle

Sidecut: this is what enables a board to turn by distributing pressure along its edges; the deeper the sidecut the tighter the board will turn.

Flex: refers to stiffness and twisting ability. A stiff board performs better on ice, hardpack and at high speeds and provides more stability when jumping and landing. A soft board is more manoeuvrable at low speeds but won’t hold an edge as well. If you’re just getting started a softer board is better to learn on.

Camber: this is the gentle arc the board makes when you rest it on a flat surface. In most new boards you want a slightly springy camber, which helps stabilize the board at higher speeds and on hard snow, and also makes it easier to turn.

Extreme Snowboarding

Extreme Snowboarding

Extreme Snowboarding

Extreme Snowboarding

Here are some top Canadian snowboarding destinations, picked by our in-house crew of boarding fanatics.


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