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Faze Interview With: PINK

PINK was always going to do things HER way.

Faze Interview With: P!NK on PINK

High school is tough. And if you were to ask Pink her opinion on the subject she’d tell you the same. Before she became famous, and when she was still called Alicia Moore, the young superstar faced more than her fair share of high-school drama.

In her interview with Faze, Pink admits she was stereotyped as a troublemaker at school, “The problem was, I was labelled as trouble–so I was like, ‘Trouble? I’ll show you trouble. You want trouble, well here it is!'”

Unfortunately, Pink began to deliver what the teachers expected and the vicious cycle began. “It’s like the label they give you, you grow into it anyway. They treat you bad, so you act bad,” Pink says and continues, “Did I deserve it? In the end, yes, but I feel I just conformed to the label they gave me. I think a lot of kids just get frustrated and act the way the teachers expect them to.”

It’s no surprise that, eventually, Pink developed a problem with authority, “When they would say it had to be a certain way I would ask ‘why?’ They’d say, ‘Because it always has,’ so I’d try to prove them wrong.”

Singer Pink - P!nk Young

However, Pink says she never really minded being the outcast. “I’m fine with it,” she claims, “I never changed just to fit in.”

Predictably, Pink dropped out of school and soon after began to sing in nightclubs. She sang any chance she could get and was eventually discovered by a talent scout while singing in a club in Philadelphia.

However, she did not always sing the type of music we are used to hearing her perform. One of her favourite singers is Linda Perry from 4 Non Blondes. Pink spent a lot of time covering her tunes in the local clubs, and even started wearing the fancy hats and combat boots associated with Perry. As an aspiring artist, Pink was open to all types of music and was even a singer in a punk band for a short time.

Her musical interests vary from Billy Joel to Madonna to Danny Hathaway and she’s told her fans, if she could open up for anyone, it would be Michael Jackson and, if she could do a duet with anyone, it would be with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.

Pink was 16 when she signed with LaFace Records, and as we know, she was launched into stardom with several hit songs and an MTV Best Video Award for Lady Marmalade. She writes most of her songs herself, some with a little help from her friends, including Linda Perry.

Singer Pink - P!nk

How P!NK Really Got Her Name

Despite what seems obvious, Pink did not get her name from her hair colour: she actually dyed her hair to match her name. As a young girl she was easily embarrassed, which caused her to turn bright pink. Later, the nickname became permanent after the release of Reservoir Dogs and the colourful character of “Mr. Pink”. Currently, our young pop star is sporting a less-wild blonde hairdo, which apparently is her natural colour.

Singer Pink - P!nk

However, with her rise to fame and all that comes with it, her relationship with her family has remained the same. She told fans in a #Launch chat that nothing has changed with her family, “I’m very close with my dad,” she said of her father, a Vietnam vet, who is also one of her idols in life. “He’s real and tells it like it is and he’s consistent. He doesn’t change.”

Pink does not regret anything she has done and would not change her past if she could. “To change that would change who I am,” she said in her Faze interview. She believes having faced so many difficulties at a young age is a good thing. “To experience the good you have to have seen the bad. Plus it makes you appreciate blessings more,” she says.

Pink also believes that tough times make you stronger. “It taught me to be a fighter, which you need to be if you want to get into the music industry,” she says and recalls, “My record label wanted me to record my album a certain way and I wanted to go another way, I just didn’t want to conform to everyone else–I think I did the right thing.”

For a long time, Pink has felt she has been misunderstood. She says that “life” was her inspiration for her recent album, Missundazstood! and also says, “I think we all feel misunderstood, and our main goal is to be appreciated for all that we are–most of the time we don’t even understand ourselves.”

Pink encourages us to be ourselves and not to worry about being labelled. “Just wait,” she says, “Give it a couple of years, then it won’t matter. Because no matter what label they give you, the best thing you can do is prove them wrong.”

Singer Pink - P!nk

A 22-year-old Pink of the cover of Canada’s hottest magazine, ours!
Pink P!NK on Cover of Faze Magazine

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