Hone Your Blackjack Skills While Laughing With Renny and OCC

YouTubers are all the rage these days, and Canadian cutie-pie Renny is taking YouTube and the online casino community by storm. Renny and the expert team of Online Casinos Canada will help you improve your skills at Blackjack and show you how to get the most out of casino bonuses. To keep things fresh, they’ll throw in funny non-casino-related videos between the tutorials.

The blooper reel is a blast. You’ll get a peek behind the scenes with hilarious moments and accidental f-bombs.

Renny’s funny motivational speech to a Canadian hockey team is becoming a YouTube favourite. Not the ending we’d expected!

It’s not all acting, though. Watch this interview with Renny. She’s a genuine goofball. We’d love to take her out for a drink and a good time! A Molson, maybe? Or a Beaver Brew!

Talking about people we’d like to take out for a drink. The team behind the videos is a bunch of gamble-happy moose that goes by the name of Online Casinos Canada. They’re experts in Canadian online gambling and they have the sense of humour that comes with the job. So make sure to check out their Twitter account and, of course, follow them on YouTube!


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