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From Issue #25

Editor's Letter

I'm getting prepared for a "Listed" episode to air on
MuchMoreMusic and I'm a bit nervous!

Summer was amazing but the memories have already faded. Back-to-school was kinda okay, but only for about a week. Now you’re so bored, bogged Issue #25down, and mentally drained, that all you can think about is making it through to winter break.

Why is it that we spend most of our time in school daydreaming about getting out? I suppose it’s because we think that whatever lies beyond school is more fun and less demanding, and that once we’re out, the “good times” will truly begin. But for some, getting out of school means even more school, while for others it means getting a job. So what really changes? If what’s happening around us stays pretty much the same (deadlines, responsibilities, hard work) then what hope is there for real happiness?

Enjoying some good times with Fallout Boy backstage at the MMVA's

Come on. Look around. There are people who actually seem to be enjoying their lives. They too go to school, have tests, deal with cranky teachers, yet they’re having a great time. I guarantee they’ve had bad hair days, friends who have stabbed them in the back, acne that’s flared up at the wrong time, teachers who disliked them, a “most embarrassing
moment”, stuff they couldn’t afford, blah, blah, blah.

The difference is they’re not letting the stuff they can’t control take over their lives. They’ve accepted the fact that the path to happiness is strewn with crap and that they will step in it occasionally. How you deal with that crap will determine whether you’re happy or not. So, be the person who scrapes it off, laughs it off, and keeps on going. Focus on the positive stuff and you’ll notice that the “good times” are all around you.


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