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From Issue #25

Letters to the Editor

BSB and newly-solo
Brian Littrell caught up
on a little Faze while in Toronto.



“You published an article on Jesse Martin from Melbourne, Australia some years back. Jesse holds the distinction of being the youngest person to sail solo around the world. Can you please provide some contact details? I would be so grateful for your help.”
— Manik T.

From the editor: Wow, you’re going way back in Faze’s online archives. Thanks for being such a fan! Be sure to read all about Jesse’s amazing adventure in Lionheart: A Journey of the Human Spirit. You can contact him through:

Imajica Media Pty Ltd
PO Box 620 Elwood
Victoria Australia 3184
National Ph: 0401 314 730
International Ph: +61 401 314 730


“This is my first time reading Faze Magazine and I love it. It’s not often I see a magazine that is not obsessed with Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Richie's extreme weight loss. I’m so sick of the attention brought upon their boney bodies. This magazine provides a wide range of articles about interesting issues not the troubled lives of desperate celebs. I like the tips and exercises provided in your magazine. Keep them coming!”
— Kim L., 18

From the editor: It’s great to hear that Faze has got what you want— and leaves out the stuff that you don’t. (We’re totally sick of bony bodies, too!)


“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your article on relationship violence [Issue 24: Loves me, loves me not] so helped my friend! I knew all along that something wasn’t right with her and her boyfriend so I casually left the mag hanging around so she’d read the story. We had a good talk and she broke up with the loser! GREAT ARTICLE!”
— Brianna V., 16

From the editor: I’m glad we could help, but it sounds like you deserve the glory. You’re an amazing person and an awesome friend!


“I really liked your article about going on a road trip with friends
[Issue 24: On the road again]. It had great tips about maintenance,
emergency supplies and other stuff. But you missed the most important tip of all—how to get your parents to give you the car!!!”
— Crystal R., 17

From the editor: Hmm, I guess we hoped you would take care of that part. But let’s see if I can help…I think you’re going to need to build some “car cred”: if you haven’t already, you’ll need to prove you’re responsible with the car. Some tips: return it on time and clean, replace the gas you use, let your parents know you’ve checked the tires and fluids occasionally. You get the picture. Hopefully, once you’ve proven yourself, your parents will be happy to wave goodbye to you and your friends.

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