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About the author:

Alicia Dixon is a young writer from the US who loves to read. A huge fan of John Wayne movies, Harry Potter and The Inheritance Cycle, she has been writing on Wattpad since 2010. “I Spy” is about Carleigh Yule, an average fourteen-year-old–until on the first day of her freshman year, when she is zipped away by a top secret government agency that enlists talented teens and trains them to become spies. Now, she must make the choice to leave her family behind and live a life of adventure and danger for her country or remain the normal teenaged girl she once thought she was!



I jumped, startled awake by the sudden blaring noise of Selena Gomez’s “Naturally” coming through my iPod speakers. I rolled over, groping for the STOP button. Once my searching fingers finally found the right button, and the music ceased, I lay there on my back and stared at the ceiling. My eyes roamed over all of the patterns in the rough paint; patterns which I had memorized years ago.

Suddenly, in a movement that was surely very spastic-looking, and I’m sure not at all graceful, I thrust back the comforter and sheets on the old bed that had been in the family since before I was born. I swung my leg over the side and surveyed my bedroom. As always, it was meticulously- almost ridiculously- neat. Except for the unmade bed, nothing was out of place and there wasn’t a single speck of dust on anything. I surveyed the mess that was my bed and set to the task of making it up.

Within five minutes, my bed was made with military precision. I looked around, yawned, stretched, and headed for my huge walk-in closet. I had to start getting ready. It was The Day.

I had been planning for my first day of high school for weeks. What I was going to wear, how I would wear my hair, et cetera, et cetera. Now, I ran to the bathroom that connected to my bedroom, carrying the outfit I had finally settled on after weeks of mixing, matching, and mixing over again. I set the clothes down on my spacious vanity and took a look at myself in my brightly light mirror.

My fair, clear skin was as rosy as usual, and my strange blue-green eyes were bright with excitement. I grabbed my brush and started yanking it through the snarls in my untamed mass of black, wavy hair. Eventually, my hair was sleek and shiny and I started tying it into the intricate-looking knot that grabbed attention whenever I wore it. As I scrubbed my slightly gapped teeth, I thought about the year ahead of me. I wondered if it would be any better than the last. If this year would be more exciting, if there would be any new kids at school, and most of all if this was the year I would finally stop being invisible.

Despite my family’s wealth, I had always been That Girl. You know, the one who nobody really dislikes, but whom nobody really sees either? I was the person that people knew they could trust with a secret or who could help them with their advanced algebra homework, but beyond the being, smart, artsy girl, they may as well have been able to see right through me. And more than once I had wondered if they actually could. I was that person whom gets run into when they are standing right in front of you. I was the one that everyone knew but no one took notice of.

This year, I was hoping to change all of that. By now, I was dressed, and everything was done except for my jewelry. I grabbed my silver hoops with my initial on them, my cross necklace, and of course, the silver purity ring that I wore on my left ring finger at all times except when I was taking a shower or sleeping. Just as I was fastening the second earring, my mom called up, “Carleigh! Hurry up honey, or you are going to be late for your first day of school!”

I glanced at my clock and noticed that it was still only 7:10 A.M. School didn’t start until 7:45. I didn’t mind, it was definitely better than being late (trust me, being stuck with in-school suspension for tardiness is not a fun thing), and I would be able to talk to my friends and compare our schedules before I had to head to class.

As it was, I got to school at just around 7:30. I wasn’t the first person to school, thank God, but I was close. As I looked around, I was relieved to see my best friend Chara walking across the parking lot towards me and waving like a maniac. Good to know that she hadn’t changed over the summer. I chuckled. Chara was definitely a character, but she was the best friend a person could ask for.

When she was still at least ten yards from me, she started hollering that she was glad to see me and that she hoped we had a bunch of classes together. I chuckled again. The girl certainly wasn’t bashful either. When she finally made it to me, she was out of breath from all of her yelling, but the huge 100,000 megawatt smile she had on her face from the moment she stepped out of the car never dropped.

Before she even came to a complete stop, Chara had her schedule out and had grabbed mine out of my hand. I stood by quietly as she examined them like she was an international spy trying to decipher some kind of code. After a few minutes, the squealing started.

I swear the girl was going to give me permanent hearing damage. When I got Chara quieted down enough to explain what the racket was about, she spilled out the words so fast that they all merged into one “Wehaveallofourclassestogetherallyearlong!” she exclaimed. If I had been anyone else, I probably wouldn’t have understood a word of it, but I was used to it. Then the squealing started again. This time it was both of us.

I was beyond relieved. Even though high school may still have seemed extremely daunting, it was at least a little less so knowing that I would have a friend with me every step of the way. With that thought running through our minds, we hurried off to first block.

School went by so fast that day that it was just a blur when I got home. I sat on my bed, thinking. Of course, there was no homework. Mostly, we had just gone over the handbook and classroom rules in every class. Elementary stuff, but it meant we got a work free day, so none of us were complaining. I was thinking about the art project that we would start next week and which I was really looking forward to.

I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood before supper, so I pulled on my favorite pair of Roos, these really cool sneakers with pockets, and walked downstairs. I went outside and luxuriated in the fresh air. It smelled like freshly mown grass and clean water, and the air was warm but not hot. There was a cool breeze that made the temperature perfect, the way it only ever is during the transition from summer to fall.

After waking for about an hour, I decided to take a break and sat down on a small bench in a shady grove of maple trees. The sunlight filtering through the leaves was beautiful. I felt like I could sit there forever…until something much more dramatic than the loveliness of nature took my breath away.

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