One Tree Hill Song-Writer Gavin DeGraw Keeps On Rolling

gavin degraw

Singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw realized he wanted to be a musician at the age of 15 after attending a Billy Joel concert with his family. “At that time, I still wanted to go to medical school. When I left [the concert], I said, ‘That’s what I want to do for a living.’ That’s where I made my choice.” Gavin successfully started off his musical career after his song was chosen to be the theme song to the hit TV series One Tree Hill. He has released five studio albums since.

Gavin’s career has not always been an easy ride. When he started out, as a teen, Gavin struggled to book gigs. He credits his father for being an inspiration and for helping him get through the struggle to succeed. “Sometimes when you think that you might not ever make it, it helps having someone else around who believes, at the end of the day, that it’s possible.”

Gavin’s most recent album Make a Move was released this fall. Gavin describes the album as more eclectic than his previous records, with more variety. His first single “Best I Ever Had” is one of his favourites. “I think it’s a step in a different direction for me and for singles that I released in the past,” he says. “It’s kind of crazy upbeat and the lyrics are borderline insane.”

This is the second time that he has worked with co-writers; the first time was on his fourth album Sweeter. Although hesitant at first, Gavin found that collaborating with others helped him work through what he wanted to express, much like a conversation with a close friend. “My initial fear was that it would not be as personal,” he says. “Overall, I found it to be the complete opposite. I really felt that by working with other people, it allows me to tackle something in a more honest way.”

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