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SUMMER 2014 and Beyond


Faze Magazine LogoFAZE will become even more
awesome than before.

Bringing our readers the words, opinions, voices, imagination, photos, videos and creativity of thousands of young people (and more than a few celebrity columnists.)

We will be collecting, curating, sharing and celebrating youth culture from Canada and around the world.

Building a community of fun, inspired, adventurous young ladies (and some guys too) that are pumped to go out and change the world in a positive way.

Our plans are so big it is going to happen in stages, but this is the most exciting thing our team has done in 15 wonderful years and we can't wait to start sharing it with you!

Sept 1, 2012
Okay, still waiting for the big shift to WordPress for this column, some old ones and a whole bunch of new ones. STILL WAITING Faze webdudes!!! So much has been going on...we need to talk about it!!!! Tons of contests (NYC, London, Dominican Republic, Los Angeles, Vermont Skiing to name a few), a couple huge Faze parties, Summer Shine (ft. Kreesha Turner, Nate Hall, Veronica, Charlie, Hello Beautiful) and the recent Power Up (ft. Bridget Mendler, Allstar Weekend, Luke Bilyk, Francesco).'s an end of summer look at the most viewed articles on the Faze site from the last 90 days. Always interesting to see what the world is reading!

1. Lazy Girl Beauty Tips
2. Teen Cosmetic Surgery
3. Pink Cover Story
4. 5 Rules for Keeping Your Best Friend
5. Bedroom Workout
6. Hedley Cover Story
7. Shakira Cover Story
8. Interracial Relationships
9. LIGHTS Cover Story
10. A Career in Fashion Design

June 29, 2012

June 20, 2012
It's offically summer! Whoo-hoo. Lots of countries actually celebrate Midsummer's Day in a big way (especially the coldest ones like Sweden, Norway, Finland) while in many others the celebration of the summer solstice has been hijacked by Christianity and renamed St. John the Baptist (including Quebec). To avoid midweek drunken revelry, most countries have shifted the official Midsummer holiday to fall on the Friday/Saturday within the June 20-26 week. So this year it will fall on June 22/23rd. Skol!

May 29, 2012
A great interview with Olly Murs today at the Toronto Ritz-Carlton as he plays in

Olly MursMay 29, 2012
A great interview with Olly Murs today at the Toronto Ritz-Carlton as he plays in front of a Canadian audience for the first time, opening for fellow X-Factor contestants One Direction. He gives us the inside scoop on what it's like being on tour with One Direction (one tip: good scream-proof earplugs), who his #1 choice is for a duet (an award-winning Canadian artist) and what his perfect girl would be like. We'll get the FazeTV video up very soon. We loved that Olly affectionately held a copy of Faze Magazine on his lap throughout the entire interview. The interview featured the debut of our new Sennheiser wireless interview microphone system, and it was wonder all the pros use Sennheiser. We're using MD 46 mic and the G3-100 series transmitter/receiver.

And...Heading up to the hotel suite for Olly's interview we passed by singer Adam Lambert a couple times as he was running around doing his own batch of interviews promoting his new album.

Emirates HarmonyMeanwhile...while the girls screamed at the Amphitheatre for One Direction (and Olly) part of the Faze team went to check out a quieter event the Emirates Airlines were hosting to promote a delightful metaphor: that diverse musical instruments from around the world, properly orchestrated can sound perfect together. The global harmony mirrors the Emirates brand message of bringing many cultures together in an enjoyable harmonious way (they fly to 123 cities in 73 countries). We had a little taste of this type of musical collaboration with a quartet mixing guitar, fiddle, accordion and a beat-boxer! Check out to see what this mashup is all about and get involved yourself.

Faze TVMay 31, 2011
Lots of new Faze TV videos are up online on our new video page. Especially check out our behind the scenes visit with the band These Kids Wear Crowns, a great piece from our video intern Phil S. Some other cool ones too, Alyssa Reid, stars of movie Prom, the Robot Asimo, band Keek and more. And most of them are in HD too.

Stereos performing live at Faze eventMay 27, 2011
Busy-busy-busy! What a crazy day for the team and our friends at Stylexchange, as we prepped, executed and wrapped up an amazing event at StyleXchange in the Toronto Eaton Centre, to celebrate two years of Canadian band STEREOS being on the scene. Dubbed STEREOS Day, hundreds of fans came out for autograph signing, photos and casual chat with the band, some VIP shopping (with a special store discount). Up on stage Lorraine from Faze team did a Q&A with the guys, gave away lots of amazing prizes (Sennheiser headphones, VeraWang fragrances, etc.) But the highlight was the band playing a very special and rare acoustic set for their fans. All attendees walked away with amazing swag bags worth over $50! Stay tuned for the next great Faze event. Best way to stay tuned is to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

StereosMay 24, 2011
Faze throws some great parties, ask any of the 700 girls who rocked out at our March event with Mindless Behavior, Chilla and Tyler Medeiros. We have another great event happening this Friday, May 27, 2-5pm at the STYLEXCHANGE store in the TORONTO EATON CENTRE. If you're going to be in Toronto, this will be the place to be! We have the band STEREOS back and this time we'll be helping them celebrate the 2nd annual STEREOS Day! They'll be doing in-store autograph signing and a very special acoustic performance for their fans! Don't miss it! Bring your cameras!

STYLE XCHANGE will be celebrating the Grand Opening of their new Eaton Centre store and will be offering 20% off everything in the store...and Faze will be giving away our famous VIP Swag Bags to everyone who attends (the first 700 anyways). You need to RSVP to get on the guestlist. There's more info here. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

May 23, 2011
Faze Editor Dana has been invited by the state of Louisiana to spend a week enjoying their beautiful Gulf Coast. We look forward to her photos and stories! Meanwhile look out for her Tweets and Twitpics

May 20, 2011
Enjoy the long weekend everyone (if you're Canadian that is!)

Justin Bieber Never Say Never BluRayMay 13, 2011
Our team is heading out to check out Alyssa Reid's video shoot. Watch for photos/FazeTV coverage soon.

For the Bieber fans out there, we received our advance BluRay copy this week and have posted a review of the movie, along with an interview with a Bieber fan who actually is in the movie. The DVD hits stores across the country today.

May 12, 2011
A busy, busy day for the team. After a hectic morning working on the summer issue and the upcoming STEREOS event (stay tuned), the folks from Kiss nailcare came to visit and show the Faze girls their latest goodies. Kiss is known especially for their glue-on nails and nailart, fun stuff!

Tessa Virtue and Scott MoirThen it was off to a Body Shop event to meet Gold Medal Olympic skating dance team Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir in the appropriately themed launch for the new Body Butter "Duo", i.e. two skincare creams in one package. Photo here has Lorraine wearing Tessa's gold medal!

And then...very exciting...editor Dana interviewed one of the most prolific and beloved authors of fiction for girls, Meg Cabot. Meg has written over 50 books including her best known series, The Princess Diaries, whose movie versions launched Anne Hathaway's career. We also have discovered her hilarious youtube videos. Google them... :)

And then....we made a quick visit to the LG event where we had a sneak peek showing off their next wave of mobile devices: the stylish Optimus 2X phone and the Optimus Pad.

And then...

May 11, 2011
We were wooshed off in style to East Toronto's Donato Spa for an exclusive preview of a completely new line of hairstyling tools that Conair and John Frieda have teamed up on (to bring to Walmart this summer.) The Donato stylists had fun curling up Faze editor Lorraine's hair with the new tools (she looked like a movie star when she came back to the office.) We even got our own set to test out at home!

Fish Pad DesignMay 3, 2011
Together, U by Kotex and Fashion Visionary Patricia Field are inviting young women to share their inspirations through an online design contest, and help Ban the Bland. To enter, a pad, accessory or inspiration board can be designed and submitted at for the chance to work with Patricia to design a new U by Kotex product and to attend a runway show at Fashion Week in New York City. Designs will be accepted from April 4 through June 29 and then everyone can vote for the winning designs online from August 1 through 24. 

For everyone who submits or likes a design online, $1 will go to Girls For A Change—a national non-profit organization that empowers girls to create and lead social change within their communities. The new U by Kotex products inspired by the winners and Patricia will be in stores in 2012.  

Here's info from the press release with more details on the contest, site and prizing.

Cafe Argana in MarrakeshApr 28, 2011
Very sad to hear that the popular Cafe Argana, one of our favourite places to relax with a mint tea in Marrakesh, Morocco and look out over the always bustling Place Djemaa El-Fna, was blown up today, killing at least 17 people, most of whom were tourists. Here's a view from the top patio of the Cafe Argana looking out over the square taken the last time we visited Morocco.

Apr 27, 2011
The girls went downtown to the launch of PBTeen, PB standing for Pottery Barn, a new line of decor, houseware and travelware for students. Fun stuff, got us itching for a bedroom makeover.

The boys went to check out cameras and camera equipment at a private Future Shop event, with reps and products from Olympus, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Samsung, Casio, Sony, Contour and lots more! Lots to admire. Some great cameras, we particularly liked the footage the action sport video cam Contour was showing to demo the possibilities of its mountable/smartphone-sync/GPS/HD device.

Apr 19, 2011
At C5 restaurant lounge in the Royal Ontario Museum ("the ROM") for the launch of ColdSoreFX (from, if you didn't guess, the makers of Canadian success story ColdFX). Makeup artist to the stars (and himself the star of reality show Look-A-Like) Paul Venoit was there to give the audience of journalists andbeauty/fashion bloggers makeup tips and usher in a new, natural way of fighting the outbreak of coldsores. We love Paul and you'll notice he does the makeup in some of our favourite Faze photoshoots, including our recent Emily Osment cover!

Apr 16, 2011
Brazilian BallAn amazing night at the Brazilian Ball in Toronto, Canada's largest fundraising gala and the biggest party in town. This funds went to help the ROM. A pricey affair but well worth it for the well-heeled and well-dressed attendees who get all the music, colour, celebration, beauty (and lots of skin!) straight from Rio's Carnaval...a full parade of imported dancers and floats flown up for the party make their way through a makeshift roadway in the cavernous ballroom and then join up after dessert for Brazilian-style samba dancing and photo-ops! We have photos from the event here, with lots of beautiful dresses, and people! You can also check out the 2009 and 2010 events pics. Here's a picture that appeared in the Toronto Star of our own Lorraine Z in her stunning dress from Fashion Crimes.

MicrophoneApr 12, 2011
Okay...the new and updated FazeNews page is taking longer to create than planned with so many other things we'll return to updating this regularly right up until the new format goes live. As for today's activities...the FazeTV crew is off at Fairview Mall in Toronto interviewing students for the latest edition of our FazeTV segment on PPTV.
Check out some of the early videos up on our Faze video/FazeTV section!!

Also..posted a sneak peek of our interview with Brendan Meyer, the 16 year old star of new YTV series Mr. Young. Brendan just Tweeted up a big shout out to Faze and how great he thought the magazine was! Here's the article!

Feb 1, 2011
Self-indulgent technical note but we're excited to finally have a new menu navigation bar (and site search bar) on the Faze websites. Freshens everything up versus the old plain ones! Happy surfing friends! Next up: lots of Faze blogs for our columnists, reporters, reviewers and, most importantly, for all of you too!

La Catrina - Dia De Los MuertosNov 1-2, 2010
Happy(?) Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) for everyone in Mexico and elsewhere observing this macabre yet festive holiday, where friends and family gather to remember those who have left this world, usually celebrating with lots of food, flowers, skull imagery, and partying. The origins of this festival go back 2500 years ago, and in the days of the Aztecs it used to be celebrated for an entire month. And, Faze will be heading down to Mexico City tomorrow, catching the tail end of the festivities!

Nov 1, 2010
Off to a Miami tourism event to meet with some of our industry friends. Miami has quickly become one of our fave destinations for lots of different types of vacations: shopping, art, food, beach, parties, spa, culture, music, architecture, nature, festivals...there is really so much to do, and the weather is almost always amazing...and only a few hours from most of us in Canada. Read some of our Miami coverage here, with more to come.

Oct 29, 2010
Happy Halloween weekend to all! Have fun with your costumes, friends and parties! Send us photos of the best costume ideas! Always good to get ideas for next year!

Oct 29, 2010
On a cold, day (like today), there's nothing like curling up on the couch and watching a good movie! Read our latest review of How To Train Your Dragon from Dreamworks.

Oct 28, 2010
Today we had a look at new games and gear from Nintendo for the holiday season at beyond at a Michael Seater - 18 to Lifeshowcase event.

Oct 26, 2010
Any Life With Derek fans out there? We just had a great interview with Toronto-born actor Michael Seater. We run into Michael from time to time at industry events and he's always great to catch up with. Can't wait for second season of his current show 18 To Life to get underway on CBC. (We also liked him on the first season of ReGenesis!) He's been acting since he was 10!



Oct 24, 2010
Maybe a script for a new movie? One of the few guys helping out with Faze, Paul, got the last minute call to replace the ill top player on Team Canada in this weekends Can-Am Cup, which pits Canada's top ranked squash players against their American rivals. After a weekend of 100 matches the entire fate of the Cup came down to a single match, featuring Paul (who had also played the Sat. night party with his band, and had stayed up until 4am taking a sick aunt to the hospital in the middle of the night). After an extra long battle, in front of a packed house with shouts of Go Canada! and Go USA! ringing out throughout, despite big swings in momentum, Paul came out victorious and the Cup was repatriated back to Team Canada! Congrats Paul on a great weekend! (And good luck playing for Team Canada in Mexico City next month!)

Oct 22, 2010
Mmmmm. Lots of chocolate delicacies at 5th Annual Chocolate Ball at the Palais Royale. Joey and Lina hosted a wonderful disco themed gala, which was a fundraiser for Sick Kids Hospital. Live disco band, Disco Inferno was fabulous, as were the disco-themed costumes, dancers and did we mention lots and lots of chocolate... Here's a link to the two week long Toronto Chocolate Festival kicking off right now for more tasty

OPI Texas Nail Polish CollectionOct 22, 2010
Girls love nail polish. It's just the way it is. And our Faze girls, really, really love OPI's collections, especially when they get to have a fantastic lunch at Kultura and get personal with the Owner & Co-Founder of OPI Suzi Weiss-Fischmann! Suzi gave us a very early look at her newest line TEXAS coming in Spring 2011, and gave some great stories about the upcoming Justin Bieber and Katy Perry lines. We all loved the chocolate themed colour named "Suzi Loves Texas" and just had to get our nails done with it (see next entry above!) Look for our interview with Suzi and pics online soon!


Oct 20, 2010
Anyone else love John Cusack? Checking out the premiere of Summerhood today, will get a review up as soon as we can. The movie is out in theatres November 5th.

Oct 19, 2010

Oct 18, 2010
TEXT-DustCity launch

Oct 18, 2010
TEXT-Jessica Tyler School

Oct 18, 2010
TEXT-Fashion Week

Oct 18, 2010

Oct 15, 2010
TEXT-Train Your Dragon-PAWS

Oct 15, 2010
TEXT-Stacey Farber

Oct 14, 2010
TEXT-Bell Celeb Gala

Oct 14, 2010
TEXT-Fashion Crimes

Oct 12, 2010
TEXT-Evan Biddell show

Oct 12, 2010
TEXT-Danny F and puppies

Oct 10, 2010

Oct 9, 2010

Oct 9, 2010
TEXT-Style Shoot!

Oct 8, 2010

Oct 7, 2010
TEXT-Jesse Labelle playing Drake

Oct 6, 2010
TEXT-Danny F interview

Oct 5, 2010
TEXT-Sony PS3 event

Oct 4, 2010

Oct 4, 2010
TEXT-Plain White Ts

Oct 1, 2010

Sept 30, 2010

Sept 29, 2010
TEXT-Brian Melo

Sept 29, 2010
TEXT-My Babysitter's A Vampire

Sept 28, 2010
TEXT-Nigel Barker

Sept 27, 2010
TEXT-Alexandra Adornetto

Sept 26, 2010
TEXT-Next Star - Diego

Sept 25, 2010
A busy day for the Faze crew! The Teen Read Awards were held at our regular Faze party venue, Six Emily OsmentDegrees Nightclub. Hosted by Indigo, some of the industry's biggest names were on hand to collectawards and the love of an energized teen audience.

Sept 25, 2010
Emily Osment photoshoot today for the cover of our Winter Issue! Lots of fun in the studio of our superstar photographer, Caitlin Cronenberg. With hair and makeup by our friend Paul Venoit (star of Look-A-Like and makeup artist to a huge list of stars from Kate Moss to Amanda Bynes to Elisha Cuthbert). And of all the dress our stylist Carolee Custus brought out, our own Sacha Colombia's dress was picked out as Emily's favourite! We'll get the behind the scenes photos up soon!

Sept 24, 2010
In support of her latest album, Hannah Montana alumni Emily Osment played a show in Vaughn Mills to a very small VIP crowd, many of whom got there thanks to Faze!

Sept 23, 2010
Final chance to sign up to join Faze to go see Emily Osment perform at Vaughan Mills. Read the contest page for more info and sign up by midnight tonight!

Sept 22, 2010
Last official day of summer, make sure you enjoy!!! Although weather forecaster (who are usually always wrong we notice) are calling for a humid 29 degrees this Friday in Toronto! (Some big storms hit the East Coast and the Great Lakes region in Ontario last...hope everyone has power back soon!) Faze was back up enjoying Horseshoe Valley recently but really missed our Degrassi girl team!!!

Sept 16, 2010
To all the Hannah Montana/Emily Osment fans out there...
Emily Osment Live!
Emily Osment's music career is taking off and you and a friend can be Faze guests at a very exclusive performance, Friday September 24th, 2010 at 7pm, to be held in Vaughan Mills. Read the contest page for more info and sign up through by contacting us through Faze Supergirl on Facebook sending the following message: EMILY OSMENT LIVE! in the subject line.

July 16, 2010
Lorraine made a stunning designer cake for one our fave friends for her birthday party at salsa dance restaurant/club Babaluu. It was in the shape of a shoe box with an edible high fashion, high heel shoe on the top...we'll get a photo up here ASAP!!!

July 15, 2010
One of the latest additions to the Faze team, superchick photographer Caitlin Cronenberg, threw a fantastic party for herself and everybody came, just because she's that cool. Actually, she was celebrating the launch of her latest artistic opus, POSER, a coffee table book of her B&W photos of various people who were brave enough to pose for her over the last couple of years. It was a great had by all!

July 13, 2010
Faze was invited to check out the opening night gala performance of MISS SAIGON at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. We've seen it before and enjoyed it again tonight! The lead actress was in the original Toronto production, and did a fantastic job again tonight! Set seemed a little pared down from the Broadway and Royal Alex version we'd seen before, but everything flowed nicely. We recommend.

July 13, 2010
A busy day of intern interviews!

July 10, 2010
An annual event that we all look forward to a Faze...the Xmas in July showcase put on by one of our favourite PR agencies Strategic Objectives. This year it was a look at the holiday offerings from some of their clients: Green & Black Chocolate, Scentsy aromatherapy, Dyson (vacuum cleaners and the coolest fans we've ever seen), Rubiks Cube (with a young guy who was one of the world's fastest!), Kitchen Stuff Plus, Wolf Blass, Cashmere (looking forward to their show of haute couture fashion with dresses made from toilet paper!), and a very cool collection of other stuff too. Was good to see our good friends Miranda from Dose and our tech guy Teddy K out as well!

July 10/11, 2010
It's World Cup weekend, tough not to get into the excitement, especially in Toronto. We watched the Spain-Holland game in the most authentic Spanish tapas restaurant combo in the city, Embrujo Flamenco/Cafe Madrid on the Danforth. Great tapas (especially loved the bacon-wrapped dates) and the place was packed with loyal Spanish fans in red shirts, Spanish flags and balloons!
Celebrations spilled onto the streets and went on for hours! One can only imagine the craziness in Madrid and through Spain itself!
World Cup Final at Embrujo FlamencoWorld Cup Final at Embrujo FlamencoWorld Cup Final at Embrujo Flamenco

July 7, 2010
Faze hit a fashion show put on by the Lingerie Francaise, a bit risque as usual (but a girl's gotta wear undies!) A playful runway collection of some of France's many lingerie brands, including Chantelle, Passionata, Gerbe, Princesse tam-tam, Antinéa, Lise Charmel, Empreinte, Simone Pérèle. Nearly all the Toronto fashion industry insiders were there, schmoozing it up before and after the show.
The super hot & humid weather suited the night's collection of course (but made the non air-conditioned venue playfully sauna like...) Nice to mingle with all our fashion friends in one of the few industry events that take place in the summertime.

Faze Editors Meeting

July 5, 2010
34C (93F) in Toronto...and seems all the air conditioners on full blast city-wide blew up a power plant somewhere...half the city lost all power for a few hours. Meanwhile our senior editors had their planning meeting out by the pool in the Faze cabana...very South Beach of them!

July 4, 2010
Happy USA Day!

July 1, 2010
Happy Canada Day!

Jun 30, 2010
It's party time!!! Are you ready!?

Jun 29, 2010
Is everybody getting ready for the Faze party on Wednesday evening! We'll be celebrating our fans and readers and thanking you for 10 years of Faze with another jam-packed Faze party, our ConGRADulations bash, with performances by Alex Lacasse, Menew and the superhot Danny Fernandes who will be performing his newest single for the very first time! We'll have food, drinks, makeup and manicure stations, and fragrance testing tables courtesy of the lovely people over at Vera Wang Princess fragrances. Oh, and prize giveaway and great VIP gift bags for all attendees as well! And it's all free, because we love you! How to get invited?'s for the ladies only...ages 13-20....Just add Faze Supergirl as a friend on Facebook and request to be on the VIP guestlist! (Secret venue is in North Toronto!)

Jun 20, 2010
It's Happy Father's Day AND MMVA Sunday. We'll have full coverage and photos up shortly.
It's our 8th MMVAs show, and once it again it truly is the party of year in Toronto!
Lots of pics from the red carpet and the party inside the building...great shots of Katy Perry, Emily Osment, Justin Bieber, Drake, Miley Cyrus, Adam Lambert and countless others! Lots of afterparties that went on late into the night although our hard-working editors Lorraine and Dana were relieved when the night finally wound down (aching feet thanks to ten hours in high-heels!)
Katy Perry MMVAs Emily Osment (with that rascally Jamie Appleby working the red carpet in the background) Justin Bieber and Drake

Jun 20, 2010
A couple big interviews today in the afternoon as we get ready for the MMVAs tonight. First up Dana is interviewing Ashley Greene who stars as the highly likeable Alice Cullen in the Twilight series.
Meanwhile Lorraine is off to meet one-on-one with Miranda Cosgrove, the star of iCarly (where she reportedly makes $180,000 an episode, the 2nd highest paid TV teen). We had a very enjoyable half hour chatting with Miranda with only one minor interruption...when some girl ran up outside the hotel lounge window, kneeled on the ledge and started banging on the window trying to get Miranda's attention...well, turned out the crazed fan was...Ke$ha, one of Miranda friends from back in LA.
The incredibly sweet Miranda was in town promoting a new album a she released a couple months ago.
Miranda Cosgrove Miranda Cosgrove Miranda Cosgrove and Lorraine Zander

Jun 19, 2010
Paul the GuitaristTonight it's a Block Party! Actually a big pre-MMVA red carpet bash, our star photography intern Mallorie and her star journalist sis Marissa joined Dana to check out all the action. Mallorie took some great shots that we'll get up soon from the red carpet.

Meanwhile, Faze team member and lead guitarist Paul was having his own rockstar experience as his band hit the stage at a Toronto club and definitely got the party going, rocking the crowd with hot songs by BlackEyedPeas, Neil Young, Lynyrd Skynryd, Bruce Springsteen, U2 and more.



Jun 16, 2010
Are you a Degrassi fan? Or just a fan of chilling out with the girls for a spa weekend at a summer resort! Make sure you sign up for an amazing weekend with you, your best friend and a couple of the girls from Degrassi TNG, courtesy of Faze and and Horsheshoe Resorts and Hush Couture. Sign up soon...contest closes at the end of this month.
Degrassi Girls' Day Out!

Jun 14, 2010
All the windows are being replaced today in the Faze offices...and that's a lots of windows. It's never been breezier inside our highrise office. Trying to stop papers from blowing away!

Jun 11, 2010
2010 World Cup starts today! Toronto really comes alive for the next month...lots of buzz, parties, TV watching, and honking horns! We'll definitely be out checking out the scene around the city.

Jun 11, 2010
Faze staff will be in Montreal for a couple days, a great town, especially in the summer!

Jun 9,2010
Faze is off to Miami for a few days for a tour of the chic yet affordable side of the hottest destination in the USA! We'll have a lot of great tours, activities and places to hang out, shop and party...coming soon! We'll be also checking loads of cool things to do for the winners of our Celebrate in South Beach Contest...sign up for that before the end of fly down at the end of August! And here's a Faze article on visiting Miami.
Miami Beach View from Bal One Resort

Jun 8,2010
The Faze team is hitting the skies!!! Four of us will be off to Arthur, Ontario for a full day of hanggliding courtesy of Instinct Windsports and our experienced pro (and friend) Ryan Wood.
Dana hanggliding with Ryan Hangliding in Ontario Up in the Air: Hanggliding at 2500 feet altitude

May 27, 2010
Faze was out for the Hope House Gala, held at the Palais Royale in Toronto, supporting the Hope House project in India that was started as a result of the Oscar winning movie Born Into Brothels raised awareness for the plight of young girls living in the brothels of Calcutta's red light district. Hope House is a planned 5-acre safe haven for these girls.

May 17, 2010
A Faze interview today with hot new Canadian musician, Alex Lacasse, who gave us a private solo performance of his hit song Like This, Like That that is racing up the charts! We'll get that up very soon!
Alex is set to play at the Faze ConGRADulations party on Jun 30th, along with Danny Fernandes and MENEW, amid lots more cool stuff!

May 15, 2010
Faze hosted a special live Q&A at Chapters with Beth Fantaskey, the best-selling author of Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, as she met with Faze editor Lorraine and a whole bunch of her biggest fans savouring the release of her highly enjoyable second novel Jekel Loves Hyde! The Q&A session was held at the Indigo/Chapters store on the Queensway in Toronto. Check out a followup interview Lorraine did with Beth here. (Beth was absolutely wonderful to meet and talk to...and her books are really well written and super enjoyable!)

Brazilian Ball 2010May 8, 2010
The always wonderful Brazilian Ball, Canada's biggest and best charity gala brings the splendour of the Brazilian Carnival in Rio de Janeiro to Toronto! Loads of colourful photos in our gallery here!

Apr 29, 2010

Today Faze interviews Alex Pettyfer, the star of Beastly, with Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen.

Jason DeruloApr 26, 2010
Faze team was down at MuchMusic today while MuchOnDemand was airing (with our buddy Jesse Giddings doing a great job hosting.) We spent a good 20 minutes one-on-one with Jason Derulo in the "green room" digging deeper into his recent huge success. Turns out, he's truly charming, down-to-earth, and grateful that all his 10,000 hours+ of hard work have paid off. He'll be a featured artist in our next issue out in June.



Ill Scarlett Alex NormanIll Scarlett Alex Norman Apr 23, 2010
A couple cool club nights out in Toronto, first our friends Cut Throat Kids, fronted by the super-personable (and part-time model) Tyler Tasson played the Velvet Underground. A block away it was Who's Tattoo Rock Parlour...where a surprise band closes a night of new acts (Hello Beautiful & Autostadt). The surprise band this time around was....Ill Scarlet, a Faze favourite, who put on a great show in a fantastic club if you want to see bands perform up close. We'll get some photos on the site here very soon.

Apr 12, 2010
A busy night! Went to check out some on the coolest, award adverts from magazines around the world at the Best on Page event, followed by an intimate dinner spent with an academy award winner and an up and coming new band that we gave a little advice to on dealing with the media (we're not so bad!) was off to the Tattoo Rock Parlour for the GSUS CD launch party (GSUS is one of Faze's favourite clothing lines...they also did a fashion show at our December Faze party). GSUS had about a dozen bands from the CD perform a few songs each. Very cool! Then it was a quick wrapup mingle at the "Massive Party", a fundraiser gala for the youthful crowd, held at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Whew....what a night.

Apr 10, 2010
Make sure you've added us to your Twitter feeds! Sign up at:

Apr 5, 2010
Another Faze Photoshoot! Today it was with Canada's hottest band Hedley! We spent a good part of the afternoon setting up and shooting Jacob and the boys for the cover of an upcoming issue of Faze. We'll be meeting with them again soon to do a feature interview. Hedley is playing in Toronto tonight, with Stereos and Fefe Dobson opening up. (btw...loved them at the Olympic closing ceromonies, appropriate considering they're a Vancouver band!) Thanks to the team for pulling this off so quickly (we got the word on Thursday evening.) Thanks to photogrockstar David, stylist Laura (the band loved her cloth choices so much they bought a few pieces to keep!), hair/touchup stylist Esteban and our newest intern Mallorie who rocked the Nikon. the photoshoot was happening, we all were part of two videoshoots going on documenting life behind the scenes for for an upcoming band DVD, and one for MuchMusic that Jesse Giddings was hosting. (Behind the scenes photos coming shortly)
Jake Hoggard of HedleyJesse Giddings at Faze Hedley photoshootJake Hoggard of Hedley

Mar 29-Apr 5, 2010
Happy Easter and Happy Passover to everyone out there celebrating....and Happy Long Weekend! It's been so beautiful here in Ontario...two all-time hottest day records were set for Apr 2 (25C) and Apr 5(23C)! Lovin' it! Birds and plants seem to be lovin' it too. While global warming may cause some problems eventually, Toronto-warming is very welcome, especially in March/April.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley CyrusMar 31, 2010
Miley Cyrus' new movie The Last Song comes out today. If you haven't already, check out our short piece on her love interest co-star Liam Hemsworth...he was really nice to chat with! And love the Aussie accent. Seems the experience of working together on a movie as love interests really gets the chemistry going...Liam and Miley are the latest couple to hook up and stay together post-production. Read the piece here.

Mar 22, 2010
We're trying to wrap up things at the office to get down to an intimate meet-up with Emily Osment. She's in town quickly to help promote her upcoming festival tour of Canada in June. Faze will be on the scene covering a some of the shows that will have a whole bunch of fun acts performing.Ike and Mike Ante Up Contest

Mar 15, 2010
Faze's founder, and our own inspirational story Lorraine is a celeb judge for the Mike and Ike Ante-Up Inspirational Story Contest, winners gets to give $2500, $1500 or $500 to their fave charity. Contest closes April 12th.

Mar 12, 2010
Jesse LabelleCanadian Music Week is in full swing and the Faze crew is off to Tattoo Rock Parlour for the Wax Records Showcase...featuring one our local favourites Jesse Labelle (who played at our December party) along with TheSet, Elias and Hawthorne Heights. A great venue to see bands up close and all four bands put on good, high energy sets (Micah Carli, the wild guitarist/screamer in Hawthorne Heights was mesmerizing). The evening was MC'ed by MuchMusic's Jesse Giddings (who also hosted the Faze party in December!) Faze editor Lorraine met her old friend & boss Steve Scharf from back when she worked in the music publishing biz in the famous Brill Building in New York City with industry legend Freddy Bienstock.

Mar 7, 2010
Oscar Night! A special's Oscar party time at a Faze friend's place! Making it a superspecial was his birthday party AND he's won 2 Oscars himself (Star Wars, Dollar Bottom) and been nominated for another (Alien). And he's a supersweet guy! A few of the Faze girls got together to make the
birthday cake and cupcakes that were a huge hit as well.

Mar 5, 2010
It's another famous Faze Photoshoot Friday!!! This time it's a prom time fashion photoshoot taking place in a beautiful home in Toronto's Forest Hill
neighbourhood, featuring a few of our good friends from Degrassi! Annie Clarke, Jesse Tyler and Melinda Shankar were great to work with (and we already knew that!) Some lovely dresses and we even tossed in a few hats as well! We'll get some behind the scenes views up soon, with the full spread to appear in the upcoming April issue.
Esteban and Annie Clark, Melinda Shankar, Jesse TylerDegrassi Girls Prom Photoshoot

Mar 4, 2010
Alice In Wonderland ReviewDana was down at the special screening premiere of Alice in Wonderland. Read her review!

Feb 24, 2010
Cool idea...we met Jennifer Koffman and Yael Panet, the founders of Hush Couture (as in "don't tell anyone but this $3000 dollar dress which I would wear only once a rental!") Hush Couture is a high-end dress rental service for those really high-end galas and special events. Look killer, but save huge. Check 'em out here!

Feb 22, 2010
Our beauty editors went down to the Royal Conservatory of Music building at UofT (very cool architecture) for a new product launch/info session for Pantene. No music though.

Joannie Rochette Figure Skater Pic with Lorraine and DanaFeb 21, 2010
We've all been enjoying the Olympics over the past week. Oh, and have no fear, Canada will end up doing just fine in the medals...Faze predicts more golds than ever before for Canada (although maybe not in the men's hockey but you never know.)

Also, very sad news: our star ladies figure skater, Joannie Rochette, expected to finish on the podium, found out this morning that her mother had died of an unexpected heart attack overnight. Some of the Faze crew had a chance to chat with Joannie last summer and thought she was really nice (pic on the right with editors Lorraine and Dana). We'll be wishing Joannie all the best as she tries to compete with a broken heart.

Feb 14, 2010
Wow, it's a big long weekend here....Winter Olympics under way here in Canada! Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Family Day (a new holiday Monday in Ontario)!
Valentine Cupcakes by Cupcake Couture
Here are some beautiful Valentine's Day cupcakes made by the high-end Cupcake Couture (which happens to be the brainchild of a few girls from Faze!!!) Mmm-mmm-mmm.

Feb 12, 2010
Happy Olympics everyone...Go Canada!

Issue 34 Cover ShilohFeb 10, 2010
Lots of action today at the office today. A few phone calls in from Canadian music celebrities including Farahri and one of our current faves Shiloh...who we featured on the cover of our Winter Issue of Faze...she loved the cover photo and the article...make sure you get a copy at Chapters/Indigo if you're not a subscriber! Shiloh was super cool at the photoshoot and gave a fantastic interview. Very classy of her to call in to say hi today! Also had a special delivery from Warner Bros...a Halo themed pizza...and a press kit for the release of Halo Legends. We'll have to toss it into the Blu-Ray player and review it for the web soon...

Feb 5, 2010
Faze is down at the Anokhi Magazine Celebrity Award Show...celebrating South Asian culture. A couple of our writer/editors are now running Anokhi Mag, Hina Ansari (Editor-in-Chief) and the truly fabulous Denise Wild (Beauty Editor). A fun night, performances and hanging out with Indian stars Anjulie, Farahri (with Choclair), Raghav and international star Imran Khan (flown in from Holland.) The party was DJ'd by the petite London diva, DJ Kayper (she was really good.) Shout out to our good friend Vandana who helped put on the show, and to the lovely and energetic Nadine Ramkisson (former MuchMusic VJ) who was our event buddy for the night!
Anjulie, Lorraine, Nadine RamkissonLorraine Zander Interview Anokhi EventDJ Kayper

Feb 3, 2010
Our editor Dana had discovered the joys of Dreamweaver and has been updating the Faze site, starting with a new movie feature based on her trip out to Halifax last year to the set of Ice Castles. Check out the Faze movie section. She's put up a few other reviews...we'll be upping the pace of new stuff going live in the coming weeks.

Jan 28, 2010
The Faze team was out in force at the finale night of the LG FilmFest. The top films (short films) were screened for the packed audience at the Mod Club and the three expert judges: Jaime King (supermodel/actress/film connoisseur), Laurie May (CEO of Canada's own Maple Pictures) and K-OS (hometown musician who also played later in the evening). The winning picture was Nuit Blanche...a stunning example of an entire team's artistic vision and then some digital editing done by one guy at home on his Windows XP and Adobe programs. Check out Nuit Blanche here.... The whole LG FilmFest project, the brainstorm of TV man Peter Hayman was a big success...look for another round of it next year. Lots of the finalists' work can be found here. Good PR/event job by High Road.
Dana Krook, George Stroumboulopoulos Nuit Blance Team Blue-eyed Babes: Jaime King, Paul

Hope House - Born Into BrothelsJan 17, 2010
We attended a awareness/fund raising reception for Hope House,which is a charity providing a refuge for Justine Shoolman and Lorraine at Hope House eventchild prostitutes in Calcutta. Hope House was the set up after the Academy Award winning documentary Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids brought global attention to the the plight of these girls . The director of the movie spoke and mingled at the gathering, which was held in an absolutely stunning modern home in the super-rich Bridle Path neighbourhood...83 The Bridle Path, a house so impressive it even has its own website.

Jan 16, 2010
Our own Faze team member and lead guitarist Paul played in and won a Battle of the Bands event this weekend with his hastily assembled band (jokingly named Malestorm)!
He also made it into the finals of Ontario squash championships the same day! (That's Paul playing guitar on the far right)
Malestorm Wins Battle of the Bands

Dec 31, 2009
Hope you've had a good first decade of the 21st century! Get ready for 2010. Happy New Year!

Dec 25, 2009
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

Enter to Win!Dec 16, 2009
To help us celebrate 10 years of
Faze's one of the
best contests we've ever run!!!

Think you're a budding fashion photographer, a keen fashion critic, a future fashionTV host?
Well, Faze is ready to give you a chance to prove your stuff.

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Three Winners - and each will have their work published feature in print and online!
Wow...real-life interns never could dream of having it this sweet!
Lauren and Whitney eat your hearts out...

Enter now at Faze Contests!

Dana on MuchDec 15, 2009
Watch Faze editor Dana Marie on Much Music's The Year of Teen Power on tonight at 7pm (plus lots of reruns!) Dana gives her commentary on Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Miley, the J Bros! And who better to talk about these teenage wunderkinds than Dana, seeing she regularly meets up with them!




Selena GomezJustin Bieber & Dana KrookDemi Lovato

Dec 2, 2009
I AM ME Event happening tonight in Toronto!!!

Nov 21, 2009
Mary Wilson of the SupremesFaze was at the Crystal Ball, a special charity gala which is a leading fundraiser for disabled children put on by Reach For The Rainbow. We'll have photos up soon, but we had a great time reconnecting with friends, especially current Miss Teen Canada World Siera Bearchell and former beauty queen turned entrepreneur Michelle Weswaldi who now runs the organization. The highlight was spending time chatting with the musical star of the night, the very personable Mary Wilson of Motown's The Supremes. Coincidentally the official 50th anniversary gala for Motown Records was going on in Detroit the same night. The event revolved around charity auctions of all shapes and sizes, ranging from exclusive vacations to highend sportscars to art to autographed muskoka chairs. Lots of money was raised for a great cause.Siera Miss Teen Canada

Faze helped dress up Miss Teen Canada Siera Bearchell for the Crystal Ball, thanks to our own stylist Carolee Custus and her wonderful fashion connections (dresses from Sodaliscious and jewelry from La Perlerie). Siera looked lovely!

Shiloh and Barb HarmerNov 20, 2009

Another amazing Faze photoshoot for our upcoming issue featuring Shiloh! Must admit, after spending a few hours with her, we're completely charmed. Thanks to the entire team that helped out...we'll get some proper shout-outs up here soon, along with some photos/videos from the day. And we got a visit on set from WarChild music director and our good friend Barb Harmer, who came to check in on Shiloh as well.



NEW MOON! IT'S OUT...!!!'s quick review by our editor Dana who had a special pre-release screening and a meet-up with some of the wolf-pack (interview with Bronson Pelletier)

Nov 19, 2009
Our style team was out sourcing clothes for Shiloh for tomorrow's photoshoot...including a stop with our friends at GSUS. And a trip to La Perlerie for some gorgeous Susan Nagy designer jewellery for the shoot.

Nov 18, 2009
Faze was at a very nice Germany tourism event celebrating both the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and lots of other great festivals and places to see in the coming year. For the college crowd...200th anniversary of Oktoberfest, perhaps?

Nov 7, 2009
Our reporter Heidi checked out young trio Goodtimes as they played a fundraiser concert in Toronto for Free The Children. Read her writeup on the night.

Nov 10 -Symantec Event - more to come!
Nov8-10 Niagara, Student Leadership Conference - more to come!
Nov 5, 2009 Brassai HTC, Brant/Cobra - more to come!
Nov 4, 2009 Ubisoft Event - more to come!
Nov 3, 2009 Roosevelt Room Launch - more to come!
Nov 2, 2009 Miami Event - more to come!
Nov 1, 2009 Contessa Awards - more to come!

Oct 31, 2009
Boo! Have a great Halloween y'all!

Oct 26, 2009
One of our favourite lines for nail polish, O.P.I., was back showing off their latest collection (with lovely manicures for all the Toronto editors!)

Oct 24, 2009
Closing night party for Fashion Week! Too crazy...

Oct 23, 2009
It's Friday!!! Final day of Fashion Week (until March anyways). Faze's celebrity guest for the runway shows today is Jessica Tyler (Degrassi actress/singer-songwriter), very exciting!

Make sure you sign up for a couple great contests we're promoting this month, because time is running out!
1) Emily Osment (actress AND singer) is giving away a special signed Fender Telecaster electric guitar! Click to go win this!

2) Win $3000 for signing up at the Globe and Mail College/University online campus fair....very cool place to check out school options: Sign up to win the $3000 here.

Dana Marie Krook at Much MusicOct 22, 2009
Our bubbly editor, Dana Marie Krook, well versed in pop culture, was in the Much Music studios filming a segment for an upcoming Much Music holiday special that probably everyone in Canada under the age of 40 will end up seeing a few times this December! Dana did a great job on camera, again! (She was super on NextStar last month!)Mallorie, Marissa, Stacey McKenzie, Paula Brancati

FASHION WEEK UPDATE: A very good night for shows... Cheri Milaney, Evan Biddell, RUDSAK, NADA, Romona Keveza! Best night so far! Every feeling a little more big day to go!

Thanks to Mallorie Bronfman-Thomas for taking over the big camera and helping out with runway photography from her front row seat!

Rosa Costanzo, Adamo Ruggieri

Oct 21, 2009
A few big shows: Joe Fresh, Pink Tartan and a Sears "Attitude". We had expert commentary throughout the evening from our friends, Canadian designers Rosa Costanzo and Andrew Majtenyi, love you guys! Rounded off the evening with the Joe Fresh afterparty, well attended by media/fashion/sport/tv celebs (Moses Znaimer, Chris Bosh, Stacey MacKenzie, Michael Seater).

Oct 20, 2009
Lots more Fashion Week with some great shows by David Dixon, Andy The-Anh, Bustle (for guys). Some of the team hit a Mexican tourist event for possible travel section consideration, and then we all wrapped up at a CD release party at Cobra for the band that headlined at our own June Girls Night Out party, the STEREOS!
Sunny Fong, Dana Marie Krook STEREOS on ICE STEREOS, Alana
Editor Dana w. Designer Sunny Fong | Dana helps melt Stereos ice | Stereos' Pat Kordyback, Dan Johnson w. Alana

THE GEMINIS! Awarding excellence in Canadian television...we're lucky to have Gemini nominated Paula Brancati from Degrassi (she's the best!) writing a diary for Faze on her evening/experience at the award show! Hope she wins, but just being nominated is amazing! Good luck Paula!

Paula Brancati
Here's a link to Paula's photo diary she did exclusively
for Faze Online from her night at the Geminis!

Oct 19, 2009
LG Fashion Week kicks off with the Holt Renfrew cocktail party, well attended by media types, celebs and designers, and in general, a lot of good friends!
Paula BrancatiSarah Taylor, J.P.NADA ShepherdDina Pugliese
Degrassi Girls Paula Brancati, Melinda Shankar | MM VJ Sarah Taylor | Designer NADA | BTV Host Dina Pugliese


Oct 16, 2009
Off to Ajax to a performance by comedy/rock duo Two For The Show.

Oct 15, 2009
Classic US men's retailer Brooks Brothers had the launch of their first store in Toronto. Big classy retail space in the RBC Bank Plaza.
Then it was off to the one year anniversary of stylish Yorkville "chocolate bar" Moroco and its cocoa inspired menu! Lots of interesting and charming characters were in attendance!

Oct 14, 2009
Sandisk came up from sunny, warm California to very cold Toronto to show off their latest MP3 player and introduce us to "slot radio". Their Sansa Clip and Fuze players support special microSd cards which come preloaded with 1000 songs (at $39.99) selected by Billboard Magazine: different cards feature different genres (HipHop/Rap, Rock, 80s/90s, Country and more). Of course you can also load up a blank microSD chip with your own tunes/mix and swap out genres on the fly. Saves the effort of downloading, the cost of buying digital songs (if you pay), getting the song info uniform, uploading to your device, etc. Not for everyone perhaps butfor a lot of people out there this is a good solution to instantly have a massive collection ofthe best songs in the genre of your choice, for 4% of the cost of buying those song on iTunes.

Globe and Mail Efair


Oct 12, 2009
Make sure you check out this chance to win $3000 towards your grad party! Just for signing up at the Globe and Mail's online university and college fair! Here's the link to win!


Oct 9, 2009
Have a great Thanksgiving and long weekend!

Oct 8, 2009
A full day of work for everyone...followed by a full evening of work covering the Bell Celebrity Gala for the 5th A full day of work for everyone...followed by a full evening of work covering the Bell Celebrity Gala for the 5th (or is it 6th?) year in a row! We spent the night partying with Shiloh, Suzie McNeil, Marianas Trench, Fefe Dobson, Dilana, Natasha Bedingfield and tons of other very cool peeps! Red Bull afterparty at Circa...and then....Look out for a new photo gallery from the event which is held every year in support of SickKids Foundation.

Oct 7, 2009
Another busy day! Some of us spent our lunch hour at the GSUS Sample Sale (we're all big fans of GSUS, a hip Dutch fashion house with a healthy presence in Canada.)
On the tourism side, we had a good look and taste of what Chile has to offer (lots of wonderful food and wine!) and had an evening with the Scots...finding out about Edinburgh's amazing line- up of festivals throughout the year. We'll definitely be looking to check out the most famous of all, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival next August. Scottish comedian Craig Hill, sporting a black pleather kilt, kept us entertained.
We all wrapped up with a trip to our Messini's, our favourite place for Greek gyros, as they celebrated their 6th anniversary with music, dancing on tables, balloons, and free gyros everyone! (If you're interested, 445 Danforth Ave in Toronto)

Oct 6, 2009
Karmen, Ted, Paul are off to the Sony Playstation 3 showcase event today. We'll give you an update on the latest hot titles for the PS3 shortly in newly updated gaming section when it goes live this weekend!

Oct 5, 2009
It was a busy day for the tech guys...a lengthy look at new laptops and netbooks featuring the new and improved Windows7 (out October 22). Ted's been testing it for the last month, and gives it two thumbs. The rest of the team here is equally impressed. On the computer side, we saw the hottest new models from Sony, HP, Dell, LG, Lenovo and Toshiba. Also demo'd some great new touchscreen apps. More to follow in the tech section in the coming weeks!

Then it was off to a Future Shop gaming event, where Future Shop staff from across Canada came in to spend a couple days whooping it up and learning about the latest video game blockbuster coming out for Fall & Holidays. We tried out a bunch of good ones, on all platforms (XBox, PS3, Wii, DS, PSP). Assassins Creed 2, Avatar, Wii Sport Resort and lots more! We'll have some pics to follow soon!

Oct 3, 2009
Dana interviewed the founder of Free The Children, Craig Kielburger and MTV Host Jessi Cruikshank, talking about the cross-country events they're putting on: WE DAY!
Here's the interview link!
And find out more about We Day 2009 at

Oct 2, 2009
Faze was at the "Booby Ball", a fundraiser gala with a luxury cruise theme held at the Atlantis complex at Ontario Place. It's a great event in support of breast cancer research that's organized by, and for, the younger crowd out there (20-30) in contrast to the majority of events like this that are going on for their parents. Faze has also been given a stark example of the fact that breast cancer can affect women of all ages: our own wonderful, beautiful and brave Faze team Claudia has been battling breast cancer for the last 6 months, and she's only 25! Keep up the great work Claudia, we love you!

Sept 30, 2009
ZombielandHeidi went and checked out a media screening of Zombieland...and...she liked! Pretty gory though, even though it's pretty much a comedy, so not for everyone. Read her thoughts on Zombieland here.

Sept 13, 2009
Editor Lorraine was part of a special gathering of magazine editors tonight. They all had hair and makeup and nails done courtesy of Covergirl at the swank Cosmospolitan hotel, and then the dolled up VIPs headed off to the red carpet premiere of Whip It. Lorraine sat a few seats away from stars Ellen Page, Juliette Lewis and Drew Barrymore who also directed the movie! Drew hosted a live roller-derby exhibition at Dundas Square before the premiere. The multitalented Ms. Barrymore is also a Covergirl spokesmodel.

Sept 10, 2009
A wild night for the Faze crew at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) Opening night party. Normally we'd have photos, but may have to keep these ones in the vault! ;-) Met lots of good old friends and made lots of new ones! Will be a great week as always, especially with this amazing South of France weather we're having!!! Was a bit of a reunion for the Faze crew and others from 2009 spring break in Cancun adventure! Geordie, Karmen & Ryan were in excellent form!

Sept 10, 2009
Sorority RowNew back-to-school movie Sorority Row opens in theatres tomorrow starring Rumer Willis, Audrina Patridge and (The Hills) and Briana Evigan. Summary: scary movie with lots of hot chicks. We had a chance to interview some of the stars a little while ago, here's a preview of the movie and an exclusive interview with star Audrina Patridge! We also have the trailer for you!

Sept 8, 2009
To everyone heading back to school...Faze, Canada's #1 magazine for students wishes you a incredibly fun and successful year. Do lots of cool stuff, make lots of good friends and take out some time for yourself to chill. Stay in touch with Faze...we'll have lots of cool content, photo galleries and best of all, amazing contests and free stuff for all of our fans.

Dana San Diego SurfSan Diego Spa RobeSept 3, 2009
Marni A! The lucky winner of Faze's BeingGirl/PowerUp Spa contest is down in San Diego at the moment having the time of her life with her best friend for an amazing few days chillaxing and pampering California style! Our editor Dana is also down helping out and covering San Diego for a tourism feature! That's our winner Marni in the spa robe...and that's our Dana falling off her surfboard! Check pics from the trip and a review of the Catamaran

Sept 2, 2009
Lots of great meetings, and we hit the red carpet at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts for a charity for the Canadiaat Sephora/Shoppers). Had a great chat with Lee Graff, founder and prez of CoverF/X and chatted was a some of the actresses, Shirley Douglas (Kiefer Sutherland's mom, you can definitely see the resemblance), Wendy Crewson (who looked great!) and our favourite Kristin Booth who just picked up another award nomination for her appearance in Flashpoint. She'll be in a couple FilmFest movies in the next couple of weeks! We'll be staying in touch with Kristin!

Sept 1, 2009
Okay, we're starting our 10th Year of Faze!!! And it's going to be an amazing one! Print/Web/Parties/TV and lots more! Stay tuned

Katie Starke - Miss Teen Canada and FazeAug 29, 2009
Added some photos to the Katie Starke interview. Katie is a great girl, hockey player, lots of fun, off to university next week AND just spent a year as Miss Teen Canada World! Dana did a good Q&A with Katie during the run up to the Miss Teen World Pageant a few weeks ago.



Aug 27, 2009
Very excited to have just interviewed one of the great actors of our generation, Morgan Freeman. Morgan's latest project is a documentary on racism and segregation in a small town in Mississippi that still has separate prom events for the black students, and the white students.
Here's the link to Prom Night in Mississippi, we'll have lots more up on this soon! Unfortunately he won't be able to come to Toronto next month for the Toronto film festival.

Aug 26, 2009
A lot of fun today hanging out with Emily Osment in her hotel suite. Our print and video interview was followed by a prolonged Nerf-bullet gunfight (hmmm...guns are bad, m'kay?), which finally ended up with Emily clearly winning and someone from the record label getting handcuffed by the police and marched out of the hotel. (It's a long story, and all fun...and worthy of a photo essay in the coming days! Emily was in town promoting both the newest Hannah Montana flick and her new, edgier music career. Here's her Twitter link.

Aug 25, 2009
Interview with Canadian/Indian/English actress Karen David. We had her visit us last year promoting her role in the Scorpion King 2 and spent a wonderful afternoon on our sunny patio getting to know her. This year she's in Vince Vaughn's new comedy Couples Retreat and promoting her own album! She's as charming as ever, and we'll have a new interview up soon. In the meantime here's one from last year.

Dell Adamo LaptopAug 20, 2009
Tech day! The gang visited an old Victorian mansion to check the newest big release for Nintendo DS, puzzle game Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box which comes out Aug 24th. Then it was off to an art gallery taken over by Dell and its latest customized laptops, the wonderful super-thin Adamo laptop and a new lineup of hard core Alienware gamer PCs and peripherals.

PonyoAug 19, 2009
Dana was downtown at Disney to check some of their home video releases for the next little while, main one is Up, which we reviewed in theatre a while back. Please give your thoughts on our page if you've seen it too.

Aug 18, 2009
It's taken a while but we finally have our live comments/feedback boxes up on every single article/review/photo on the website!!! Please start to talk back and discuss the content, and please post anything you like on Facebook or Tweet it out! The LIGHTS article has being getting a bunch of feedback already in the first couple hours...seems everyone loves her as much as we do!

LIGHTSAug 16, 2009
A great new article on LIGHTS written by Dana is up on the site, with some exclusive shots from our photoshoot, and more coming too! Lights was really amazing to work with, and so much fun everytime we meet up with her! She won best new artist at the Junos this April. Check her criss-crossing North America this summer on the WARPED TOUR.

SportsAug 16, 2009
Our newest Faze online category is just being completed...the new Sports & Fitness section collects our our best content together into one place with new articles, features and tips constantly being added all the time!

PonyoAug 14, 2009
Our newest Faze supergirl Heidi weighs in with her first movie review, she had a sneak peak at the animated love story Ponyo that opens today across North America. By Oscar winning Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away) it features voice overs by the likes of Tina Fey, Matt Damon, Liam Neeson, Cate Blanchett and, from the Disney camp, Frankie Jonas and Noah Cyrus (yes, Miley's young bro.)

Aug 13, 2009
Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video CamThe team checked out Kodak's lineup of fall and holiday products and once again we were impressed with some great performing tools/toys in very reasonable price ranges. Their printers continue to improve while keeping the lowest cost of ink compared to all their major competitors, ...and if you really use your costs can really add up big time. Saw new cameras (we have a trusty pink Kodak in our stable of Faze staff cameras), but we were particularly interested in Kodak's new pocket video cams...particularly the brand new Zi8, a 1080p HD video cam the size of a cell phone that sells for around $200, great for recording our student life in action for our own memories or to share on Facebook (a FB & YouTube sharing feature is built in.) We'll be doing some testing in the next couple of weeks!

BandslamAug 11, 2009
Dana has reviewed the new movie Bandslam that will be opening this weekend and...she likes! It stars Aly Michalka, Vanessa Hudgens, Lisa Kudrow and Gaelan Connell. We also have the trailer for you, check it out. Also, a teaser from an exclusive Faze interview with Bandslam star Gaelen Connell that will be appearing in full soon.

Jamie FoxxAug 11, 2009
Faze was on hand for an intimate press chat with Oscar-winning actor, musician and comedian Jamie Foxx. The incredibly likeable and good-spirited Foxx was helping to promote the launch of LG Electronics' new short film competition dubbed the LG Good Life Filmfest. Submitted flicks must be under five minutes in length and can be in one of four categories: animation, sports, narrative or music/fashion. Anyone, any age, any nationality can enter with one grand winner winning $100,000! Three other category winners nab $10,000 each as well. Entries must be in by October 16th! So...all you budding young film directors...get those cameras rolling!

LorraineAug 11, 2009
Our editor/founder Lorraine was on set all day for a major teen reality show that will air in the's all top secret but we'll let you know about it as soon as we can!!! Lorraine has been on television countless times before but this was by far the largest production she's ever been a part of. It was cool seeing all the people and equipment and effort that goes into producing a full, high quality television episode.

Aug 10, 2009
Entertainment industry schmooze with some big names on the business side. On hand where film crews for a reality show. Details to follow, but Faze's Lorraine will be featured!

Aug 6, 2009
A YTV reality show is being graced by Faze's own star Dana today for one of the episodes! She was on set for hair and makeup bright and early in the morning and from all accounts did a great job!

Aug 4, 2009
Faze is up in Ontario cottage country at a cottage full of rock stars for a couple days!

Brazilian BallAug 3, 2009
We've added more photos to our Brazilian Ball gallery!

July 31, 2009
Check out the new gallery section, first up...60 photos from last Saturday's Miss Teen Canada World pageant! Start the slide show here!


July 31, 2009
Enjoy the long weekend!!!

July 30, 2009
Faze is on the set of TV reality show Look-A-Like today! We're there to watch someone's transformation into Lady Gaga! Stay tuned...

July 25, 2009
Miss Teen Canada Pageant tonight! We'll give you the full story this week. Congrats to overall winner and new Miss Teen Canada - World, Siera Bearchell from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Our own editor/founder Lorraine was a celebrity judge for the show. Lots more coverage to come (as we were the presenting sponsor.)

<-- Here's a picture of two of our own editor princesses Dana (l) and Lorraine (r), with the five finalists on stage in the background.


G-ForceJuly 24, 2009
Disney's CG animated guinea pigs take to screen in action flick G-Force today. Our own Breanna checked it out early. Here's her take on the film (which beat out Harry Potter for top spot at the box offices.) G-FORCE REVIEW

July 23, 2009
It's party time! Lorraine and the team put on another 4-ring circus of an event! Faze's "I Will WOW You" party featured great performances by Shiloh (who performed at the MMVAs this year and was nominated for best pop video and fave new artist), singer/songwriter/actress Jessica Tyler from Degrassi, and the Cunningham Sisters. Oh, it doesn't stop there...all 54 contestants from the Miss Teen Canada pageant, dressed in their gowns/sashes/tiaras, were there, introduced on stage and playfully grilled with some test questions by MC Lorraine. Our Lorraine is actually one of the celebrity judges at this Saturday's Miss Teen Canada gala. Hot boy-man/pseudo-celeb Geordie King wowed the all-female audience during his interview on stage. Oh and there's more...Faze held its glamourous fall fashion photoshoot in the club as well - models (including Audrey from Paris!), makeup, hair (thanks to Herbal Essences!), photographers, stylists, all very exciting. And last, but not least, teen reality show Next Star was in the house filming one of their episodes, where the week's challenge winner (top secret) was part of our photoshoot! Throw in free pizza for everyone, lots of press coverage and an overall empowering theme and the day was a great success! Full coverage and pics to come online and in the magazine.

Here's a link to a Toronto Sun piece on the event focusing on the pageant contestants.

July 21, 2009
Whoo-hoo it's Christmas! Okay, not really but today one of our favourite PR agencies held their event "Christmas in July" showcasing their many clients' gift ideas for the winter holidays for us media folks. (Yes, there are some magazines who actually are planning what to put in their November issues already!) This has been going on for many years and is always a festive event.

Also, a big birthday shout out to Hilary, our good friend, entrepreneur and the covergirl who appeared on the cover of Faze's first issue in Spring of 2000! She's off in Africa at the moment helping change the world with a charity she's starting herself call Project Migration!

July 16, 2009
The Veronicas!! The twin sisters from Australia kicked some ass, putting on a very impressive performance at an intimate concert at Circa in Toronto for some of their biggest Canadian fans. Lorraine and Jessica from Faze had a private interview before they took the stage, that will be in an upcoming issue! Our Jessica is a big fan and was blown away by how well they hit all the tricky high notes in all their songs. The audience loved it and so did we! The concert was part of a Virgin charity event that evening.

Here's a couple pics from the evening (Jessica took the better ones, we'll have get a couple of those up too!)
The VeronicasThe VeronicasThe Veronicas
And...a flashback pic, with Lorraine and the Veronicas back in 2006!The Veronicas

July 13, 2009
Mitchel MussoDana was back at the Disney offices for her interview with American actor and musician Mitchel Musso, of Hannah Montana TV fame and movie Secondhand Lions. Little bit of trivia...Mitchel's brother Mason Musso is the singer/guitarist in Metro Station who Dana interviewed a few month back as well. Mitchel's first album was released in June.


Miss Teen Canada WorldJuly 9, 2009
Later this month 50 outstanding young ladies from across Canada will be heading to Toronto to compete in finals of 2009 Miss Teen Canada-World. It will be a showcase of talent, leadership and charm - the whole package. Faze is very happy to be supporting this new kind of competition, along with well known charity FreeTheChildren. The finals night gala takes place on Saturday, July 25th at 8pm. If you want to be a part of it all you can buy tickets here. Faze will be covering the entire week leading up to the finals! Stay tuned! Check out the finalists here.
Miss Teen World Finalist

July 8, 2009
Another one of those crazy days with lots going on...
1) A nice event put on by Herbal Essenses for the launch of their newest hair care products.
2) Faze is supporting a series of junior tennis tournaments throughout Ontario and the Ontario Junior Championships are on this week in Toronto, so we met up to give the participants more goodies!
3) Editor Dana had an exclusive interview with singer Danny Fernandes. We bumped into Danny at the MMVAs and found him so nice we had to get him into the magazine.
Danny Fernandes and Dana KrookDanny Fernandes and Elisa EstradaDanny Fernandes and LIGHTSDanny Fernandes
4)On to the evening and it's all fashion and glamour. Carolee and Lorraine and guests checked out a fashion show put on by Lingerie Française and fashion PR powerhouse Brill Communications. A look at some of the upcoming collections by several of the top French undergarment designers. For some reason the event brings out more men than most of the fashion shows we attend...a lot of male athletes and celebs were in attendence. ;-)

July 6, 2009
The team caught most of the Michael Jackson event on TV at the office today. A very well done, respectful memorial...his daughter's short speech was truly heartbreaking, by far the most moving moment of the show, showing us that among other things Jackson was also a loving father that will be terribly missed by his young children.

July 3, 2009
Some more upgrades to the websites, including a refreshed career section, featuring articles on student life, career options, job tips, interviews with famous people. Lots more to come...

July 1, 2009
HAPPY CANADA DAY! What a great country! Wishing everyone an amazingly happy and successful second half of the year!

June 30, 2009
A busy end to the half year! Lots of great stuff being planned for the summer and fall! Stay tuned. (Oh, and we're going to be checking out the first three episodes of the new season of True Blood tonight!)

June 26, 2009
A little Faze tradition was repeated today...the last Friday of the month BBQ lunch party on the patio! (that's bit of a mouthful) It also was another chance to say thanks and farewell to four great interns from our Jan-Jun 2009 sessions. Jessica D, Jessica H, Claudia Infusino, Zoe P - thanks ladies for being part of the team and becoming our friends. And we know we'll be in touch lots in the coming months and beyond.
Faze InternsFaze Interns and EditorsDana Krook, Jeff Stubbs, Claudia Infusino

Naomi Striemer
June 25, 2009
We unfortunately just missed a live in-studio performance by our very talented friend Naomi Striemer this evening...she lives in L.A. but we hope to connect again soon. She has an amazing voice, listen to a few of the tracks on her myspace page:

She'll be performing a few shows in Canada this summer too.


June 24, 2009
Nintendo Holiday (as in Xmas Holidays) Showcase downtown today...Ted will be covering that, Paul wishes he could have made it too!

Lots of running around today, some of the team are off to a summer team BBQ put on by our friends at Hero Holiday in Hamilton.

June 21, 2009
Oh what a night...we're all exhausted with aching feet from 9 hours in high heels (especially Dana.) We had Jessica D working the pre-party and Lorraine and Dana working the MMVA red carpet/show and after parties. So many great, fun people, old and new friends AND lot of great pics...we'll be making a special gallery in the next few days, and the best pics will end up in the next issue of Faze.

Danny FernandesJune 21, 2009
Happy Father's to all the dads out there! Happy summer to everyone in the northern hemisphere! And...happy MMVA day to everyone who will be a part of it, or even just watching! We'll be down at MuchMusic early in the evening to get set up for a crazy night of interviews, photo ops and an overall fantastic night. They have a great lineup again this year. Big names performing include Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Kelly Clarkson, Billy Talent, Jonas Bros., Alexisonfire and Nickelback.



June 20, 2009
Getting ready for the MMVAs!
And happy midsummer day to everyone! (It's a big party holiday in parts of northern Europe, especially Sweden and Finland today)

June 19, 2009
We were out to cheer our long time Faze friend and intern, Shenieka at her graduation ceremony - she completed a diploma in Journalism!


Meanwhile, earlier in day, Solo Bace Hair Salon in Yorkville (midtown Toronto) was the host salon for the new Schwarzkopf hair colouring line, Essensity. A couple of the Faze girls got complimentary hair treatments. ;-)

June 18, 2009
The Faze team met up for private interviews with two Disney girls Selena Gomez (who was on the cover of TeenVogue this month) and Demi Lovato. They were both super sweet. The girls were in town for a red carpet gala screening for for their new movie Princess Protection Program. After the interviews every went and got ready for the screening in the evening. Editor Dana and intern Jessica D from Faze had a full day of action...we get a review and more pics up soon.
Selena Gomez, Dana KrookSelena Gomez
Demi LovatoDemi Lovato, Dana Krook and Jessica Di Loreto

Prepping for the MMVAs, our own in-house celebrity Lorraine (Faze founder/editor) was at the studio of one of her very favourite, very wearable Canadian fashion designers, NADA (, picking out a one-of-a-kind dress for Sunday's event. We're sure she'll dazzle as always, and we'll definitely have lots of pics from the event! Thanks to Faze stylist Carolee for setting Lorraine and Nada up.
Nada Designs, Lorraine Zander

June 17, 2009
Miss Teen Canada World
Faze will be sponsoring 2009 Miss Teen Canada-World. Their motto is Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful. We've been impressed with their strong commitment to go way beyond the just the looks of their contestants with a very strong focus on talent, leadership, ambition and charm - the whole package. Faze is very happy to be supporting this new kind of competition, along with well known charity FreeTheChildren. The finals night gala takes place on Saturday, July 25th at 8pm. If you want to be a part of it all you can buy tickets here. Faze will be covering the entire week leading up to the finals! Stay tuned! Check out the finalists here.

June 17, 2009
who has continued to impress us over the years with some of the most beautifully designed cosmetic products and, especially, containers for their products (just visit a Guerlain boutique to see what we mean.) As high end and classy as it gets. This week they hosted a highly secretive gathering of beauty and fashion editors to get an advance look (or is that sniff) of an upcoming fragrance for fall. No bottle pics to show you yet, but it really did smell great, very floral.

After the flood...grrrr, our office is a mess, a poorly planned reno forced on the tenants by the property manager has turned into a disaster, as two separate rainstorms, days apart, have soaked the entire building from roof to basement, all four floors, disrupting life for all the tenants in the building. Ceilings are sagging or crumbling, carpets and flooring are ruined. Looks like we'll be going virtual for summer (email will definitely be the best way to reach us!)

June 16, 2009
Lorraine was at the new swank Hazelton Hotel in Yorkville for the unveiling of a new fresh look for beauty accessory company Goody. It's not even on their website yet but looks like they've revamped their logo and packaging, in a nice step forward with a more modern look.
Goody Logo Old
Goody Logo
June 11, 2009
Faze was at the launch party for a new Diesel fragrance down at Toronto's Eaton Centre. The smells pretty good! ;-)

Meanwhile the team is getting more requests for interviews with a bunch of the celebrities that coming into town for the MuchMusic Video Awards...better known at the MMVAs. It will be a busy and fun weekend (June 19-21)!

June 4, 2009
Breanna Miles and Geordie KingLunch
Welcome to our newest member of the Faze team, Breanna, who will be helping out with editorial. Dana and Brianna went to the lovely rooftop Panorama restaurant for a sneak peek at the DVD releases Paramount Pictures will be coming out with later this year (esp. Star Trek)


Meanwhile Lorraine's team were at the Indigo offices checking out the Fall lineup of books and goodies Canada's largest bookstore will be featuring for their fall season. In fact 90% of the stuff we saw weren't even books at all. Standouts: a stapler that doesn't use staples, an delicious collection of collection of cookies (which we happily sampled) and a beautiful lineup of party invite stationery from their sister store Pistachio.

Lorraine was part of an exclusive group of magazine editors introduced to the fall lineup of products from Clean & Clear at a dinner event at the Royal York hotel.

June 3, 2009
Every is recovering from GirlzNightOut here and we'd planned to give everyone the day off...but magazine life is, well, "complicated" ...seems Avril Lavigne is in town and we got a late night request to come interview her this afternoon in Dana and crew will be off to that!

Dana and Lorraine met Avril at a downtown hotel to talk about her plans and projects for the coming months. Avril has been a busy girl and this fall we going to see a new clothing line, a collection of fragrances AND a new CD!
Avril Lavigne 2009Avril Lavigne and Dana Krook

June 2, 2009
PARTY! Performances by Stereos, Ocean Buried, The Cunningham Sisters, Absolute; free manicures, food, drinks, celebrities, actresses, actors, inspiring speakers, lots of prizes, VIP gift bags in an exclusive private country club setting! Huge thanks to everyone (there were so many) who helped make GIRLZ' NIGHT OUT sooooo amazing!!! We'll get a photo gallery up soon! Meanwhile send us any cool shots you have from the evening to or post on the Girlz Night Out Facebook page.
Manicures StereosGift Bags Geordie King

FADED MEMORIES RELEASE!!! We interviewed Anne-Sophie Dutoit last week, she wrote, directed and starred in the film Faded Memories (Reves Perdus in French). It's available in DVD today! Good luck to Anne-Sophie and the movie! Check it out, it looks great.

June 1, 2009
Alright, only one more day to go until Girlz Night of the coolest events we've ever put on (and we've put on 10,000 teen parties over the last 25 years! Get on the exclusive Faze guest list! Click on the banner for more details.
Girlz Night Out

May 28, 2009
Awwwwww, our wonderful Claudia has finished her internship with Faze and will be recovering with a two week trip to the beaches of Florida! Today was her going away party featuring her favorite pizza and another stellar cake from the kitchen of our editor Dana! Best of luck with everything Claudia, hopefully we'll be working together in the future!

May 25, 2009
Dana interviewed the amazing young French Canadian star Anne-Sophie Dutoit who's out promoting the upcoming June 2nd DVD release of her movie Faded Memories. The intense teen love story was written by Anne-Sophie at age 14 and then at age 16 she both directed and starred in the big screen production! We'll have an article up in the next couple days and Faze will also be featuring a contest where 25 people can win signed movie pics/posters and special edition DVDs. Here's the film's website...

April 27, 2009
Another beautiful day in Toronto! 28 degrees and sunny! Faze enjoyed it with meetings on patios and a great dinner with San Diego Tourism. We've been to San Diego a few times already for Faze articles and contests and love it! It's really the place to visit to learn to surf in California, with warmer weather and water - and some of the best surf schools in North America, including the one we visited Surf Diva.

Brazilian BallBrazilian Carnival Ball
April 25, 2009
Just in time for the Brazilian Carnival Ball in Toronto, we've been hit by some long awaited tropical weather, 28 degrees, sunny, humid (although we then got a major tropical storm!) The Brazilian Carnival Ball is the largest Brazilian Carnival event outside of Brazil, and includes dozens of floats and performers flown in from Rio for the massive party. It's an exclusive fundraiser gala that's been going on for the last 43 years, raising over $53 million for various charities. This year $2.6 million was raised for research at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. It's easily the best gala of its type in the country and we have a great gallery of photos up to prove it!!

April 24, 2009

The Cunningham sisters stopped by the Faze offices to hang out, and gave us a special live a capella performance of the song they wrote and performed in Ottawa for President Barack Obama's visit there a couple months ago. We'll get the video up soon!
In the evening it was fashion show time for some of the stylish Faze chicas!!! Faze in-house stylist Carolee and interns Jessica and Claudia went to take in the 2009 edition of F.A.T. (Toronto's Alternative Fashion & Arts Week) Photos to follow.

April 22, 2009
Our South American expedition team is back with amazing photos and stories about their very busy five days spent in the sub-tropical Argentinian province of Misiones around the Iguazu Falls. Check them out here and vote for Iguazu Falls in the New7Wonders competition! Here is an additional link with info about the falls.

April 16, 2009
A minor glitch for our South American travel team...3 hours after leaving Toronto their Air Canada flight encountered a patch of turbulence and the pilot reported "contol problems" forcing him to turn back around to Toronto for an emergency landing...leaving them stranded until another plane could be organized...they arrived safely though in Sao Paulo, Brazil and then eventually arrived at their destination in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina - 12 hours late. The emergency landing made all the news channels, even CNN. Here's one of the stories.

Iguazu FallsApril 15, 2009
A Faze team is off to Argentina via Brazil to check out the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Iguazu Falls are best of all waterfalls in the world combined into one in a stunning jungle setting on the border of Brazil and Argentina. We'll have a whole lot of photos and stories about our adventures around the Falls region here coming up soon!