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10 Crazy Corporate Perks

What kinds of perks does your company give? Chances are they’re pretty standard. You probably get one or two weeks of paid vacation. Matching 401(k) up to a 3% contribution. Health/Dental/Vision insurance that costs too much. They give you few paid holidays throughout the year. You know, the standard.

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In this article, we’ll detail ten corporate perks you probably didn’t know companies were offering. Here is VIKTOR’s corporate perks list for 2020.

#1 Extra Cash for Remote Workers

The company Student Loan Hero offers off-site workers a $2,000 tech stipend that can be used for a computer and office equipment. They also have a $500 per month stipend for a remote office space.

Additionally, they give $150 per month for gym memberships or anything that helps you maintain good health.

#2 100% Paid Health Insurance

Wpromote and MWI are two companies that offer 100% paid health, vision and dental plans for all employees. No more paying out of pocket. No more increased rates.

#3 Free On-Site Child Care

Employees at Patagonia get the benefit of free on-site child care. No more dropping your kids off at the daycare center on the way to work.

#4 Unlimited Vacation Days (You Read That Right)

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This idea has been gaining steam over the last few years. Eight companies that offer unlimited vacation time are:

  • Apsis Labs
  • Articulate
  • GitHub
  • MWI
  • Bloc
  • Impact Health
  • Tinuity

Where do we sign up?

#5 Paid Leave for New Parents

In the U.S., there is no requirement that companies give time off to new parents. But these companies step up to the plate:

  • Netflix – unlimited paid time for the first year
  • Etsy – 26 weeks paid leave
  • Spotify – 24 weeks paid leave, staggered over 3 years if you choose
  • American Express – five months paid leave

Hopefully it’s a growing trend.

#6 Fridge Stocked with Free Snacks

If you’re hungry, why wait?

#7 Free Beer on Fridays

How can you go wrong with free beer? Direct Supply is one company that offers this on Fridays.

#8 Bring Your Dog to Work

Why leave your pooch home alone all day when you can bring her to work with you? She’ll enjoy sitting by your feet while you pound away at the keyboard.

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#9 A Paid Personal Assistant

Have your personal assistant get all the menial tasks done for you while you work on the creatives.

#10 Free House Cleaning Services

Imagine getting two hours of free house cleaning every week. That’ll free up your Saturday mornings to do something you really want to do.

Perks Make All the Difference

When looking for your next job, seek companies that offer some of these crazy corporate perks.

They’re out there. You just need to find them!

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