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10 Stress Busting Strategies To Make You Feel On Top Of The World Again

All of us are guilty of getting stressed from time to time. The slightest inconvenience can happen to you in the morning and the rest of the day seems like a complete write off. As much as you try to stay sunny and positive, there is no cheering you up sometimes. You want to steer clear of conflict or stress in your life as much as possible. Your philosophy has always been to look on the bright side of life and you want to continue this way of thinking. Not everybody has the ability to turn their frowns upside down, so consider yourself unique. If you are looking for tried and tested ways to busting your stress, some of the ideas below might just help you. You don’t need to spend a fortune on life coaches or new haircuts; simply dig deep within yourself and discover the things that make you feel at ease.

1. Get a Pet

Is there anything more soothing than stroking a wet nosed, furry faced friend? If, like most people, you are a huge dog lover then why not get a pet and lift your spirits in an instant? You can find puppies for sale online and take your pick from a whole host of cute little creatures. Labradors are supposed to be especially loyal and loving little companions, so why not start there? Imagine their gorgeous, friendly face waking you up in the morning and nudging you to go on walkies in the park. Dogs have a proven track record of calming down their owner and reducing anxiety. If you have ever had experiences with panic attacks then a dog will help you to control your symptoms and make you feel at ease whenever you have a panicked moment. Overall, investing in a cuddly companion will serve you well in a number of ways and it’s bound to lift your spirits in a flash.

golden lab puppy

2. Reassess Your Relationships

If you are feeling down in the dumps about anything in your life then why not take a step back and reassess your relationships? When someone else is bringing you down it can seem like there is no way out, especially if they have been in your life for a very long time. Taking a moment to think about all the important people in your life can not only lift a huge weight off your shoulders, but it can also help you to find true happiness again. Whether you’re in a toxic romantic relationship or your closest friends aren’t supporting you, there are a number of ways in which you can let go and feel free again.

3. Quit Your Job

This might sound like a pretty dramatic thing to do, but quitting your job might just help you feel like yourself again. Working is a huge part of our day to day life and when it makes us unhappy it can really start to take its toll. If you find yourself dragging your heels into the office everyday, why not have the courage to change your career path? It might seem pretty scary and overwhelming at first, but you will soon find happiness in a whole new job role. Take the plunge and put yourself first for once; it might just be the best decision you ever make.

4. Start a New Hobby

Is there something you have always had a hidden passion for, but you have always been too scared to try it out? Perhaps you are secretly a fabulous singer or you feel calmer when you have a paintbrush in your hand. Now is the right time to embrace the talents you have been blessed with and pursue a new hobby. A fresh recreational activity can not only help you take your mind off the stresses in your life, but it can also bring out the best in you as a person. Find your creative flair in an art class or get messy at culinary school. There are so many fulfilling hobbies that can put a smile on your face right away.

5. Practice Yoga

Exercise can truly make you feel on top of the world, even if you don’t really feel like working out at the time. Taking some time out of your busy schedule to practice yoga might be one of the most beneficial mood boosters you will ever experience. You don’t have to be the most supple or bendy person in the world to benefit from doing yoga. It is all about relaxing the mind and feeling completely calm in your own skin. Take a half an hour to connect with your body everyday and you will feel extremely calm, even on the most stressful of days.

yoga meditation stress busting

6. Eat Happy Foods

The foods you put into your body can have a huge impact on the way think and feel throughout the day. If you are constantly topping up your tummy with sugary snacks or deep fried goodies, you aren’t going to feel your best. Switch your sugar-laden diet for mood boosting foods such as oily fish, avocado, bananas and sweet potatoes. These foods will not only fill you up, but they will help you to keep a smile on your face.

7. Learn to Say No

You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with social events every evening. Saying no to certain situations is totally acceptable and should be done more often. There is no shame in turning down an invitation once in a while because you feel stressed or overworked. Sometimes all you need is an evening to yourself with a good book and a bubble bath!

8. Get Outside More Often

Most of us are guilty of spending way too much time indoors. With the invention of Netflix and Deliveroo, is there any reason to leave the house at all these days? The truth is, there are so many advantages to being outside so you might want to throw on your shoes and make the most of the fresh air. Try to get outside at least once a day and simply go for a walk. When you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed there is nothing better than getting lost in nature.

summer outside beautiful day

9. Reduce Your Screen Time

How many hours a day are you glued to your phone screen? The answer is probably too many. Now that everything is available at the click of a button, why wouldn’t you want to be on your phone 24/7? You can respond to emails, catch up on social media and keep in touch with family. Although these are all very useful things, try to make a conscious effort to put your phone down. Go on coffee dates and speak to people in person; it will really make a huge difference to your mood.

10. Practice Gratitude

Being thankful for everything you have on a daily basis will help to lift your spirits instantly if you are in a funk. Try to name three things every morning that make you feel grateful and you will feel much better every single day.


You might find that a furry friend or a regular yoga class fixes your stresses and strains in a flash. On the other hand, it might take a little more time to reduce your worries. Every single person is completely unique, so you need to do what’s right for you. As soon as you have found something that makes you feel completely comfortable, you will feel on top of the world again in no time. It’s time to forget about the little things that make you anxious or overwhelmed and enjoy the things that calm you down. Treat yourself to some much needed self care and you will never look back!

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