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10 Struggles Only Girls Who Wear Glasses Understand

1. You Fall Asleep with Your Glasses on

Almost everyone with optical glasses has at least one funny story to recount about how they’ve fallen asleep with their glasses on. Well, I have a ton including the time during exam season when I was studying so hard that it felt like I was studying even when I was actually sleeping. Needless to say, my brain was so tired that despite having taken my glasses off to go to sleep, I still woke up 10 minutes after out of fear that I was still wearing them. My precious beauty sleep was interrupted because of my glasses, and I learned that exam season stresses me out to the point where the protection of my glasses becomes a priority for me.


2. You are Always Cleaning Your Glasses

No matter how hard we try to avoid it from happening, our lenses always manage to get smudged and dirty so we’re constantly having to clean them. This becomes a tedious task when we’re driving around to complete errands, trying to watch a television show, or simply hanging out with your friends. It’s just not fun having to take my glasses out and clean them in front of everyone, especially if I can’t find my microfiber cloth, or my cleaning fluid has finished, and especially not when everyone else is watching every move I make with great fascination as if they’ve uncovered something new.


3. You are Unrecognizable Without Them

We’ve all had a moment in our lives where some of our acquaintances had trouble recognizing us at first sight. People who wear glasses the majority of the time tend to have this problem any time we choose not to wear them. Perhaps what’s even more embarrassing is when it’s our close friends who are having trouble recognizing us without a frame around our eyes. Do we really look that different without our specs? If so, suddenly Clark Kent’s disguise is a lot easier to believe. Side note: It is never a compliment to tell someone that they “look so much better without glasses on”.

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4. You Must Pick Between Glasses or Sunglasses

As much as I love the summer, every now and then I want the sun to be as far away from me as possible. Ain’t nobody got time to shift from wearing glasses indoors to wearing sunglasses outdoors! If you’re like me, you’ve probably dismissed wearing your glasses simply to look good with your fashionable eyewear, and because of how easily sunglasses can get lost or broken you’ve probably opted not to buy prescription ones. As a result, we are the portion of the population that has run into a pole at least a dozen times in the name of fashion. What else is new?

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5. Applying Makeup is a Nightmare

Cosmetics are a girl’s second best friend (after diamonds, of course) but when you wear glasses you risk no longer being able to apply your favourite beauty products to your face. If you have difficulty seeing things up close, then you’re left spending a good hour just zooming in on your face and trying to figure out if you’ve applied everything correctly and in the right spots. Taking your glasses off to apply any eye makeup becomes a coin toss between having it smudge or deciding to go au natural. If by some grace of YouTube makeup artists you manage to get your liquid liner on point you still have to put your glasses on right afterward, so was it even worth spending all that time trying to get them symmetrical? (Yes, the answer is always yes.)


6. Shaving Becomes Twice as Impossible

I whine on behalf of the women who regularly wear glasses because we can’t take a shower with them otherwise they’ll fog up, and we can’t take a shower without them because we need 20/20 vision to achieve impeccable legs. Just take a moment to imagine yourself leaving the washroom after having spent two hours trying to achieve million dollar legs, only to check closely with your glasses on and realizing that you’ve missed a million tiny spots. All that time spent only to end up with half shaven prickly legs! Ugh, the struggle!  

7. You Hate Store Changing Rooms

As much as us girls love to go shopping, the thought of having to step into that small changing room is truly gruesome. You have to hold your glasses in one hand because you can’t risk placing them on the change room floor while you squeeze into those tight pants for fear of stepping on them! The resulting balancing act starts with holding your glasses in one hand, then taking off your clothes with your other hand, and then proceeding to try on the outfit you selected with that same hand. In the meantime, you have to keep switching between wearing and not wearing your glasses between each outfit change just so you can check yourself out. It’s an endless arm workout that you simply cannot bear in a small closed off space like that. You end up feeling like you only have two options: 1) Never go shopping alone, or 2) Simply don’t go shopping where you need to try clothes on. Unfortunately, as much as our bank accounts might like it, both options are unlikely.


8. You’re Constantly Readjusting Your Glasses

There’s no point in denying it, we all sweat. Whether you’re working out, struggling with oily skin, or simply enduring any hot temperatures, you will fall victim to your glasses slipping and sliding down your nose. As a result, you have to keep one hand ready at all times just for readjusting purposes. As if wearing glasses wasn’t hard enough, now you constantly have to put your hand in your face to prevent your glasses from falling off. 


9. People Ask to Wear Your Glasses

What is it with people always asking to wear someone else’s glasses as if they’re just an accessory? I wear my glasses to see better and giving them to someone else defeats this purpose, even if it’s just for a short period of time. Not to mention I can’t comment on how my glasses look on someone else because I can’t see! And, if you’re a germophobe like me, you know the anxious feeling I’m talking about when I describe how my heartbeat raises to the roofs each time a friend of mine asks to wear my glasses. As much as I love them, I just can’t get over the fact that there are a million germs around our sweaty eyes and we would all be better off if we didn’t share eye wear.

10. The Constant Fear of Breaking them

We need to rest at some point right? Imagine how difficult it becomes to lie down on any surface when you’re constantly worried about breaking your glasses. Your very expensive glasses. Suddenly, lying on your side with your glasses on so you can clearly see what’s on your television screen becomes the greatest wish you can never fulfill. You may try different positions, of course, but it’s just not the same as lying on your side. You’ll just have to accept the fact that you’re no longer free to do whatever you please unless you’re willing to get contacts… but that’s a whole other list of struggles!


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