10 Things You’ll Need To Know About Moving To Toronto

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So, you’re thinking of moving to The Six? Before you pack your bags and hop on a plane, you should read these ten important things about the city first.

1. The Housing Market

If you’re hoping to buy a detached house in the big city, you should take a look a closer look at the available real estate. Competition for available properties is stiff, and the prices are sky-high. The average price of a detached home is more than $1.5 million — and it doesn’t seem like it will get lower any time soon.

2. Apartment Hunting

You might think that you’re in the clear because you’d rather rent an apartment or condominium than make a bid on a house and carry a mortgage. But finding the right rental property can also be challenging, whether you’re a renter or a Toronto investor.

The competition for finding the best space with a convenient location is high. And the prices aren’t necessarily cheap, either. In January 2020, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment was $2300 per month — the highest average in the country. The silver lining is that COVID-19 has pushed rental prices lower. You could snag a deal.

3. Roommates

Most residents try to trim down their costs of living by splitting the rent with a romantic partner or roommate (or two). If you want to make your monthly payments lighter, start looking for someone to share a space with now.

4. Smaller Spaces

You might be used to living somewhere with a lot of square footage and yard-space, so the transition to a Toronto apartment could feel like a bit of a shock. If you’re worried that you’ll bring too much stuff during your move, you can always look for self storage units in Toronto that can help you offload anything that doesn’t fit in your new place. Self-storage facilities offer clean, climate-controlled units that will keep your items in top condition, no matter what the weather is like outside.

5. The Weather

The weather in the city is a lot milder than most of the country, but that doesn’t mean that you should toss out your parka. Bring your winter gear and prepare for travel delays.

6. Traffic

The traffic in this city can be brutal. A traffic index named it the second worst city for traffic in the entire country.

7. Public Transit

The good news is that you might not need to drive. The city has a robust transit system of streetcars, buses, subways and trains. You can make your way anywhere across the city without a vehicle.

TTC Toronto Public Transit Streetcar

8. Green Spaces

At first glance, the city looks like a concrete jungle. On closer inspection, you’ll see that it has lots of lush, green spaces.

9. Unique Neighbourhoods

The city is divided into multiple neighbourhoods and communities, like the Entertainment District, Little Portugal or the Junction. Every single one brings something different to the table.

10. Arts & Culture

The city is a hub of arts and culture. It’s filled with restaurants, cafes, bars, art galleries, museums, stores and other exciting hotspots. While COVID-19 has restrained the vibrant energy of the city, there’s still plenty that you can do while following safety measures.

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Now you know the basics about moving to Toronto. Does this mean that you’re going to pack your bags and call this your new home?

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