10 Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Trip

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The big trip abroad: you save, you anticipate, you hope for the perfect memorable experience.

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Here are a few things that can really make a difference when you’re off traveling the world.

1. Stay hydrated.

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2. Plan a general itinerary to avoid wasting time deciding what to do.


3. Learn your destination’s cultural customs and language.

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4. Research local transportation vs. taxis and download helpful travel apps (i.e. local subway maps.)

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5. Pack for the weather.

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6. Hide money (in the correct currency) in multiple spots—and remember them!

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7. Ask locals for suggestions on food, sights, shopping—anything!

Locals from Straubing walking through the city during the Gäuboden Festival

8. Advise your credit card companies of your trip prior to leaving to avoid security issues.

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9. Ensure you are properly immunized and bring all your medication.

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10. Don’t stress if things don’t go your way. Just enjoy the experience and have fun.



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