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10 Tips To Help You Face Your Fear

Today is the day you’re going to face your fear. Everyone is afraid of something. The only difference between you and the successful people you admire is that they are willing to work and move through their fears in order to get where they want to be. Fears of being the center of attention, flying, driving, snakes and spiders might be common, but if they become paralyzing, you could be suffering from a phobia. The next time you are afraid, try these 10 steps that’ll help you face your fears.

1. Get Comfortable with Fear

Understand that fear is normal. Getting comfortable with fear doesn’t mean we have to live with it. Invite fear into your life but work to overcome that fear. Move towards it, not away from it.

2. You have Control

Many different types of fears exist, but they all root from one phobia: the fear of either losing control, or being out of control. Let’s face it, we all like to be in control of something—and we are! It’s important to realize that YOU have control over your fears. You choose whether or not to let fear take over your emotions. You control the on/off switch for those negative thoughts surrounding our fear.


3. Think of What You will Gain

Facing your fear takes a lot of courage and self-confidence. Think about how greatly rewarded you’ll be once you concur one of your fears. Not only will you be more confident, you’ll also realize that you do have what it takes to overcome what you once thought was impossible. You’ll come out of the situation a stronger and more courageous person.

4. Believe in Yourself

Trust that you have the power and courage to overcome your fears. The strength to fight your fears is inside of you; you just have to believe in yourself and bring out that strength! Yes it takes courage to face your fears, but your hesitation doesn’t mean you can’t handle it. You can do it.

5, Revisit your Victories

Strengthen your belief in yourself by reflecting on the last three years of your life and every success you’ve experienced. Bring that emotion and drive you had in the past out to help you face another battle—your fear.

6. Ask your Family and Friends for Encouragement

Gather up a support team. Your family and friends will believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. They’ve seen you overcome obstacles before and know you have what it takes to crush your fears. Having a group of loved ones there to motivate and encourage you makes facing your fears a lot easier.

7. Fear is just a feeling

Fear is just a feeling, and feelings don’t have to rule you.


8. Start doing

Action builds courage and strength. Stop thinking and start doing. Stop worrying about the “what ifs” in life and just live in the moment. You won’t always have time to prepare and think about how you’re going to face your fear. Sometimes a situation will come along where you’ll just have to do it.

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9. Differentiate

Know the difference between rational and irrational fear. In some situations it’s okay to be afraid—after all, it is a survival instinct. A rational fear is the fear of something that is truly dangerous – something that can cause death, illness, severe injury or ruin someone’s reputation. It is a fear that something dangerous, based on evidence and facts, and has a high probability of occurring. An irrational fear is the fear of something harmless or potentially dangerous, but whose probability of occurring is low or not possible. So ask yourself; “Do I really need to be afraid of this? Is this something that’s worth putting negative energy into?


10. Shut Down your Negative Thoughts and Think Positive

Positive thoughts attract success. Negative thoughts only cause more anxiety and nervousness. Let positive thoughts override the negative thoughts causing fear in your mind.

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