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10 Ways To Start Fresh This Year

start fresh mintYour old habits are so 2018. Here’s how to reboot things for the new year.

They say the best time to do away with bad habits is while you’re entering a new phase in your life. Hey, isn’t January the beginning of a brand new year? Perfect! Let’s get started.

Here’s a list of 10 simple ways you can get more from your classes, your job and yourself this coming term.

1. Build a new routine
The new year is the perfect time to leave old habits behind with the holiday celebrations. New classes, new faces and new routines can lead to new habits—good ones.

2. Start actually using study aids
Your new routine can include more time for studying, adding all those study hints you’ve heard over the years—the ones that made you think “I should try that,” but that you’d never followed through with in the past.

3. Find a job
Work gives some people satisfaction they can’t find in school. If that’s you, tap into that. Being a rockstar of an employee can give you a new sense of self esteem. So find a job or…

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4. Get better at your job
If you have a job, try to get better at it. A lot of the time, this can simply mean enjoying it more. It’s hard to excel at anything if you’re dragging your heels and staring at the clock for a whole shift, so try to find a happy place at work.

5. Re-stock your iTunes
You’d be amazed what opening yourself up to new bands and artists can do. If you give something a spin and you don’t like it, oh well—you tried. Broadening your artistic horizons will help you grow.

6. Do something nuts (by your standards)
Do something wildly out of character for you. It could be just walking up to your crush and talking to him, it could be learning to dance or it could be skydiving. Spend time outside your comfort zone.

7. Give someone a second chance
A new year is a good time to put old beefs and grudges to bed. If someone irked or wronged you last year, give them another shot. They may be touched by your reaching out (if they’re not, at least you’ve confirmed why they suck).

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8. Spend less time online
We all love Facebook and Instagram, but take the time to unplug. Go someplace new without “checking in.” Instead of writing on someone’s wall, knock on their door. I’m not saying that you have to give up social media. Just make sure you have a real social life.

9. Watch less reality TV, try more reality
We’re seriously not trying to be preachy here. But today’s TV makes it all too easy to live through others. Remembers, stories about what you did last night are way better than stories about what you watched.

10. Lighten up
Feeling down on yourself or trapped by your own limitations is what keeps most people from growing. You are your own worst critic, so lighten up and give yourself a break. Allow there to be more freedom in your life: freedom to fail (and learn from it) and freedom to succeed (beyond what you ever expected).

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