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10 Wedding Gifts For The Bride To Be

bridal box wedding gifts

The best wedding gift for bride ideas usually comes from the registry. But, what if you’re the groom!?

It may feel like your undying love and lifelong pledge is more than enough. Sorry, you’re wrong. Think about how she would feel on your wedding anniversary if you showed up empty handed. Well, multiply that on your wedding day.

Your gift for wife on wedding day can be something extravagant, something simple, best bridal subscription box, or something personal that only the two of you can fully appreciate. But, it has to be SOMETHING.

If you’re finding out at the last minute and about to lose your mind, take a breath. We are here.

Bridal Box

The bride box is a good place to start. The perfect bridal gift should be a healthy combination of thoughtful, functional, and high quality. A wedding subscription box checks all of these boxes.

It’s simple yet unique. It’s both fun and functional. It’s not overly expensive, but she won’t find her items cheap. In short, you can’t go wrong.

Most gifts offer an initial surprise and stop there. But, bridal box subscriptions take things much further by offering a rush of endorphins month after month.

It’s difficult to choose the perfect bridal gift. You’re worried that it’s not thoughtful enough, not practical enough, and not expensive enough. With a miss to mrs bridal box, all of those worries go straight out the window. All of the items she receives have already been curated for you!

The bride subscription box is packed with helpful planning items, high quality bridal apparel, fun party items, and a whole lot more to keep her excited from “I Will” to “I Do” and beyond.

Anniversary Journal

Start your Happily Ever After off on the right foot with an anniversary journal. She’ll thoroughly enjoy using all of your wedding memorabilia for the first entry. You’ll also be providing a firm foundation for years of anniversaries to come, which always feels nice. Out of all of the gifts from groom to bride options, this just could be the most romantic.

Pro Tip: When you sit down to fill this out for the first time, use it as an excuse to set your calendars with multiple reminders. This way you’ll never, ever forget the big day.


“Mr. & Mrs.”, “Wifey”, your wedding date. Any of these can be engraved, etched, embroidered, or burned onto her favorite items. This can be a simple household item or the bottom of her sexiest pair of high heels. Whatever item you choose, this wedding gifts ideas for bride option is sure to make her smile.

Something for Him

That’s right brides, gifts go both ways. His should be something special too. With today’s technology, analog wrist or pocket watches have gained nostalgia. Your husband will appreciate the intricacies that went into crafting the timepiece. Both of these are also excellent engraving opportunities.

Wedding Day Survival Kit

This gift for bride from groom can work the other way around, too. Fill the box with wedding day essentials like tylenol, a sewing kit, lip balm, hand sanitizer, and anything else that you deem practical for the big day.

Also, make sure you include some fun. Throw in some cigars, vintage spirits, or even a pair of socks to prevent any feet from getting cold.

Ring Kit

The engagement ring and wedding bands are sentimental pieces of jewelry that you’ll both want to keep clean and sparkling. Include cleaning solution, a gentle brush and cloth, and a box or dish to keep it safe when not worn.
It’s simple, it’s practical, and it’s a nice symbol of how you’re both committed to making an effort to keep your love shining.


Yes, it’s simple. Wedding mugs for Him & Her aren’t overly elaborate or super expensive. But, consider the fact that you’ll be starting each day with a warm, comfortable reminder that you are with your soul mate.

coffee mug

Cutting Board

Couples who cook together, stay together. Just as with the mugs, an engraved cutting board is a stylish reminder of that loving day. On a day-to-day basis, you’ll walk by a symbol of the first day you became Mr. and Mrs. As you prepare your Thanksgiving Day feast, you’ll be doing so with a full serving of love in your heart. What a perfect gift for the whole family.

Story of Us

Whenever you meet someone new, they’ll inevitably ask how you met. Assembling a collage of maps that outline where you met, where your first date was, where he proposed, and the location of your first home is a great way to tell that story.

Night Sky

This is a great gift idea for the spiritually and astrologically inclined. The stars tell a tale. Capturing their alignment on the date you were married (or when you met, or when he proposed – you really can’t go wrong!) is a significant way to appreciate your wonderful place in the universe – with your spouse.

If you want gift grooms gift to bride to be stellar, this is your literal chance.

And that’s a wrap it up…

You’ve just dished out a king’s ransom for the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon. You’re not expected to break the bank with wedding gifts for your new wife or husband. But you are expected to be thoughtful.

Hopefully this list has given you the meaningful gift idea you need without clearing your bank account.

bridal box wedding gift

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