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10 Little White Lies Girls Tell ALL The Time

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Girls say things we don’t necessarily mean all the time! It’s just one of the many things we’re known for, along with our great love for chocolate, romantic comedies and Ryan Gosling. We don’t mean any harm by them, but they’re just so useful.

Some of you may relate because you’ve heard many of these lies before, or you may get a laugh out of knowing that others use the same white lies that you use, and you might even learn a couple new ones for the next time you find yourself in similar situations. But, just in case you didn’t know you were being “lied” to, here’s what some of those infamous one-liners actually mean.

1.  “I’m on my way now.”

This infamous line translates to: I just finished watching my favourite TV show and I’m just now rushing to get dressed to meet you on time. If you’re wondering, whether I prioritize watching Vampire Diaries over meeting my friend, well then, the answer is: yes, yes I do. Have you seen Damon? I’ve waited a whole week just so that another episode of him would air.

2. “I’ll be ready in 5 minutes.”

You know this one. We all use it as soon as we hear our friends complain about the time it takes us to get dressed. But we know very well that we’ll need way more time to get ready: when we first use this line we havent even picked out our outfit yet, let alone put our face on. So, we do our best, but before you know it, an hour has flown by. If you’re the friend whos used to hearing this line, at least now you know what to expect the next time your late friends throw it at you. Dont rush us girls, well take our time regardless of your constant complaints.

14031280878513. “You look so great in that dress.”

Translation:I want to tell you that the dress makes you look a bit bigger than you actually are, but youd get offended and I dont feel like fighting with you today.If you think about it, this is the friendly thing to do. Your friend has been dress shopping and hated every dress shes put on in the past hour. You two are the only ones left in the dressing room, youre tired, shes frustrated and now that she finally found a dress that she likes, you better not ruin it for her!

4. “I’ve been studying all day long.”

This is my personal favourite white lie – although I shouldnt have just admitted that. But, lets be completely honest. Ive been watching music videos, catching up on some old TV shows and studying on and off throughout the day. But, when you ask me what Ive been up to, Ill simply tell you that Ive been studying all day. Its not a lie, Im just not giving you the details of everything I did in between.

5. “Im busy tonight.”

Actually, I made sure that I would be free all night long so I can enjoy watching House of Cards on Netflix and I dont intend on changing my plans. Next time, let me know about your plans well in advance because I’ve already prepared myself mentally for a night filled with Netflix and ice cream, and Im too stubborn to change my plans now, which is why Im dodging your party. Technically, its not a lie because I am busy with Netflix.

6. “I’m not feeling well.”

This is commonly known as the” last-minute lie” you use to politely excuse yourself from an event. For example, youre invited to your friends birthday party but you havent seen her in over a year, and you dont know any of the other invitees. The only way you can avoid going to this party is by lying and telling her that youre feeling sick hours before the actual party. Nothing to be ashamed about, youd just rather not go to a party where you anticipate standing alone in the corner, with a drink in your hand, wondering why youve decided to spend your Friday night alone amongst a bunch of strangers.

7. “Im fine.”

Translation: Im actually incredibly angry right now, so dont even talk to me because I am in the mood to bite your head off.This infamous white lie has been heard in many movies and has often resulted in notorious rants led by the male characters. But, in our defense, stop asking if were okay because its explicitly obvious that were not. Were doing you a favour by simply stating that were fine because you dont stand a chance against our wrath. Its in your best interest to just go along with our lie.

8. “I dont care, its up to you.”

This lie is usually used when someone asks us about our preference for food and entertainment related questions. What music should we listen to? Where should we go out for dinner? These questions are always answered the same way: I dont care, its up to you.But, in reality Im hoping that you play Taylor Swift music on our way to my favourite sushi place. You already know what I want, so dont ask me because I will not tell you myself. Id much rather enjoy watching you fail in taking the lead for the night.

9. “I just got your email/ text/ call.”

Truth is, I saw your email/ text/ call, but I just didnt feel like replying. Dont take it personally though, I intended on responding after a few hours passed by, but I forgot about it. I swear it’s not personal, I genuinely forgot.

10. “Sorry, I have a boyfriend.”

Let’s leave the most popular for the last. Dont pretend like you dont use this line every time a creepy guy approaches you to ask for your number. Everyone uses this lie, so much so that often times these creepy dudes will catch you off guard with a clever, pre-planned rebuttal. Thats right ladies, times have changed and men are catching up on our subtle white lies. This means, we need to work on our lying game because all our lies are out in the open.

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