15 Beauty Struggles We All Know Way Too Well

Beauty is pain. This saying couldn’t be truer. In fact, I’d add that beauty is also hard work, frustrating and super stressful. We’ve all had those days where we spent hours perfecting our hair, only to have it fall flat by noon. Or how about having fabulous makeup in the morning and by dawn it’s an oily, shiny hot mess. In the midst of trying to achieve that “I woke up like this” flawless look, we face a lot of beauty struggles. Here are 15 that we all know way too well!

Lipstick On Your Teeth

You got your nice lipstick on and you’re feeling great! You’ve been flashing those pearly whites all day, only to go to the bathroom and discover there’s lipstick all over your teeth. How long has it been there?! Well, you’ll never know. Your friends should be disowned for letting this happen to you.


Having to Remove Your Makeup After A Long Day

Your feet are tired and your bed is calling your name. Nothing would feel better right now than to be wrapped up in those comfy sheets. Then you remember you still have to wash off your makeup. Dreadful.


Having Your Face Melt Off in the Heat

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother applying foundation on in the morning, it doesn’t stand a chance against the sun. Be  prepared to spend most of the day blotting your face.


Chipped Nail Polish

I’m convinced nail polish is only meant to stay on for a day because it never lasts longer than that. It’s an uphill battle just trying to fix one nail at a time – it just never works.


Being Unsuccessful with Winged Eyeliner

It’s super cute when beauty bloggers and celebs have winged eye liner, why can’t I master this skill?! One eye is too thick, the other eye is too thin and attempting to fix it usually results in more damage #CallMePanda


Dropping Your Makeup Powder

It’s a tragic, crumbly disaster. It can be fixed though! Check out some makeup hacks from Jillian Rose Reed.


Battling with Curling Irons and Straighteners

That sad moment when you have the straightener/curler on too high and you burn some of your hair off. Or how about when you accidentally touch your forehead with it and burn yourself. It would be nice if they could just stick to making hair look pretty.

curling iron probl

Having the Self-tanner Application Go Wrong

You followed all the instructions carefully so there’s no way this tan isn’t going to be perfect, right? Nope. There’s tons of blotches and you’re as orange as a pumpkin. 


Smeared Lipstick

You thought you were extra careful while eating that sandwich. You thought wrong.


Waking Up to A Giant Pimple

Presentation day, date night and special occasionspimples always show up at the wrong time. I mean, there are months of flawless skin and the one time you choose to make an appearance it’s just there.


Crying With Mascara On = Raccoon face

Sometimes we get a little emotional and teary-eyed. There’s nothing wrong with that. The real problem is crying when you have mascara on. If you think red, puffy post-crying eyes are terrible, adding mascara to the mix is even worse. Along with looking like a raccoon, you end up having to repair all your makeup. That is why I say avoid at all cost. I repeat. Avoid at all cost.


Cutting Yourself While Shaving

You’re shaving your legs and thinking to yourself, “Okay, today is going to be a successful session with zero cuts.” Today was just not your day. 


Grooming Your Eyebrows

Some say that eyebrows are the most important feature of someone’s face. I say that they’re the most stressful attribute on my face. Should I pluck, thread or wax them? Should I allow them to grow out a bit more? How much should they be filled in? Does the arch look okay? This is all just too much!


You Can’t Find Anything to Wear

Why is everything on the floor and not where you remember putting it? And no, a tornado did not just pass by.


Not Fully Understanding How to Contour

You’re getting ready for a night out with friends. Your makeup is finally done and you’re amazed by how fierce you look. You head out and have a great night filled with lots of laughter and picture taking. While looking through the photos, that’s when it hits you. The flash has revealed just how crazy you went on the contouring #hotmess.






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