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“17 Girls” At The TIFF Next Wave Film Festival


17 and pregnant: a pact leads to teenage motherhood.

Based on the true events of Gloucester High School in Massachusetts back in 2008, 17 Girls is a French film that takes a look into a teenage pregnancy pact that leads to consequences and ultimately, young motherhood.

Starting with one student’s unexpected pregnancy, other girls were soon to follow as the idea of having a baby seemed like the best way to escape from their sense of reality. The number of pregnancies continues to grow, raising concern with the school board, but despite the safety precautions, girls try their hardest to have a baby. As each girl struggles with problems outside of school, they stay close to one another to gain power and take control of their own lives.

In this dramatic film, friendships are tested and the girls learn that some things just don’t turn out as planned.


Here’s the run down:

Drama: This is definitely a drama-filled flick! From boy problems to family issues that any teenage girl can relate to, you will see the drama unfold and feel exactly what they’re going through in the moment.

Friendship: In this high school setting, friendships are tested, showing the girls who their real friends are.

Adventure: Check! You feel the sense of rebellion in this movie as the girls break the rules and go out on their own into the streets.

About the TIFF Next Wave Film Festival: For the very first time, TIFF is creating a festival just for those 14-18 years old—with films from all over the world and special events like the DIY Hollywood Backlot set design challenge, and more!

For more info on the Next Wave Film Festival, click here.

Here’s the 17 Girls trailer:

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