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17 Tips For Beautiful And Healthy Skin

Healthy skin begins by taking care of yourself inside and out.


By following these tips you’ll be on your way to… GREAT LOOKING, HEALTHY SKIN!

1. Keep your hands away from your face. Hands carry germs that are often transferred to your face.

Nelly Furtado Healthy Skin2. Eat a lot of dark orange and dark green foods to get Vitamin A, which helps promote healthy skin: carrots, sweet potatoes and broccoli are a good start.

3. Don’t let unusual moles or birthmarks go unchecked. See a doctor immediately if you notice any changes in colour or texture or if the skin starts to itch, hurt, scab or change in any other way.

4. Wear sun screen whenever outdoors, even in cooler weather. The sun’s rays can be very damaging any time of year.

5. Relax. Stress and anxiety contribute to breakouts.

6. Use antibacterial soaps only when necessary. They tend to reduce the skins acidity, which protects the skin from infection.

7. Never scrub your skin. Gently message it.

8. Keep your skin clean and dry.

9. Get at least eight hours of sleep so your skin can rejuvenate.

10. Wear clothes that are made from natural fibres like cotton, linen and silk; they allow your skin to breathe.

11. Avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol intake; they act as diuretics, dehydrating the skin and body.

12. Don’t smoke. The smoke can cause wrinkles around your eyes and mouth. It can also discolour your skin and reduce its elastin.

13. Keep your skin moisturized especially after a long hot shower. Seal in moisture when your skin is still slightly damp.

14. Drink a lot of water. At least eight glasses a day will help keep your skin hydrated.

15. Eat nuts like almonds and hazelnuts. The Vitamin E helps promote great skin.

16. Exercise regularly: three to four times a week for at least 15 heart-pumping minutes. Your skin and body will love you for it.

17. Avoid harsh chemicals in your skin care products. Take the time to find out what you’re putting on your skin.

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