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20 Signs You Are Officially A Grown-up

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When you were a kid, grown-ups seemed like a different species – a strange creature who had all the answers, who knew what to do in an emergency and wasn’t scared of anything. But then you actually grow up and realize that no matter how old you get, you still seem to have no idea what you’re doing most of the time and your mounting responsibilities are just overwhelming and scary. You’re approaching 30 and still waiting for the day you finally become a grown-up.

Be it booking your own doctors’ appointment or buying a car, here are 20 signs that you are officially a grown-up whether you feel like one or not. You are an adult if you…

  1. Book your own appointments – you get to a certain point, maybe once you’ve moved out, where it becomes a little ridiculous for your mom to call the doctor on your behalf.
  2. Worry about insurance – and there’s so much to worry about; car, home, travel, phone and life insurance.
  3. Have a savings account – and most of the time you don’t even know what you’re saving for, you just put some money away “for a rainy day”, whatever that means…
  4. Plan out a monthly budget – no more careless spending or blowing money on luxury purchases, you have bills to pay!
  5. Pay into a pension – you’re never too old to plan for the future.
  6. Cook your own meals – some people have been doing this since childhood but it’s a sign of adulthood when you learn to cook substantial meals instead of ordering takeout every night.
  7. Get excited about new appliances – you’ve been eying that new toaster for months now.
  8. Have an allocated cleaning day – usually it’s a Sunday.
  9. Have a credit card…
  10. …whilst keeping track and caring about your credit score.
  11. Do your own laundry – taking your laundry round to your parent’s house doesn’t count.
  12. Are financially independent.
  13. Own a vacuum cleaner – and you get excited about using it.
  14. Prefer a night in over a night out every time – if you get to the point where you basically never what to leave your house and speak to people, you’re probably a grown-up.
  15. Have bills in your name.
  16. Love getting socks for Christmas – or anything remotely useful because it means you don’t have to buy them yourself.
  17. Check your emails before you check Instagram – and you’re not even sure what TikTok is.
  18. Keep boxes “just in case” – you never know when you might need a good quality box
  19. Don’t understand the slang of today – what does tl;dr even mean?!
  20. Have children – this is a definitive measure of adulthood. No matter how old you are, having children means you have no choice but to finally grow up and be responsible.

You don’t have to fit all 20 criteria but if you relate to at least 10 of these, then I hate to break it to you, but you are officially a fully-fledged grown up and there is no going back.

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