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20 Things Only Sisters Understand

Sisters share a very special relationship and, while no two bonds may be exactly the same, there are a lot of common themes and situations that only they will truly be able to relate to:

1. Whoever turns 16 first automatically becomes the other sister’s taxi driver.

Alex and Haley Driving

2. Being an older sister means you are guaranteed at least one babysitting job in your life.


3. Just because you’re sisters does NOT mean you are anything alike.

Sisters fighting

4. Getting torn and stained hand-me-downs is rough.

Hand me down clothes

5. But now that you’re the same size all you have to do is walk down the hall to double the size of your closet.

Paris Hilton

6. But there are very strict borrowing rules. ASK FIRST!

Friends GIF

7. When your favourite lipstick goes missing and you see a very similar shade on your sister’s lips the next day… there will be war.

Quinn from Glee giving death stare

8. But be careful not to wrongly accuse!

Nevermind I found it

9. There were some serious battles growing up.

Kendall and Kylie Fighting

10. Especially when Pretty Little Liars is on at the same time as The Vampire Diaries.

Kendall and Kylie fighting

11. But now you’re more mature and sometimes the love is so strong that it’s annoying.

Kendall and Kylie Fighting

12. You have looks you give each other at family functions that only you two understand.

Kendall and Kylie Laughing

13. Your teacher mistakes your names so often that you’ve learned to automatically respond to your sister’s name.

Kurt Wait What

14. If you’re the older sister you know how annoying it is when your friends think your sister is cute.

She's Evil

15. The battle for the bathroom gets really intense in the morning.

New Girl

16. Arguments with your parents are a lot easier when your sister joins your side.

Olsen Twin

17. You keep her secrets from your parents for your sister solely because she’s keeping yours as well.

Dakota Fanning

18. As sisters you can be each other’s worst enemies…

19. Or the ultimate partners in crime.

Kardashian High Five

20. It all depends on your mood that day.

Dakota and Elle Fanning

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