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2015 Trends That Need To Stay In 2015

We all have our opinions on which trends need to stay in the past and never be revived or spoken about again. Embarrassingly tacky designs or odd accessories will always bring us back to a certain time frame with the nostalgic feel of our mistakes. These trends were stepping stones and lessons; they say mistakes are a more loyal teacher than success. With no intention to offend, I present to you eight trends from 2015 that need to stay in 2015.

Excessively-Distressed Jeans

The reign of ripped jeans, mainly of the boyfriend fit, has a history spanning decades. With such a casual piece, it’s a fun way to bring edge and texture to your ensemble. However, too much of something isn’t always a good thing. Excessively-distressed jeans, where basically the entire thigh and shin is exposed, make no sense to me. It’s as if these jeans are the legwear equivalent of a reverse mullet—party in the front and business in the back.


The Longchamp Le Pliage Bag

I’m aware of the fact that many girls have this bag, and I am sorry to inform you that your overly-priced bag is a cash grab. Looking as if it were made from 90s windbreaker material, this purse seems as though it was a free giveaway after a purchase of a bottle of perfume at Shoppers Drug Mart. My first impression of this bag was “what a cute reusable grocery bag,” and with that being said, we need to stop paying large sums of money for cheap-looking accessories that are only hyped-up because of the brand name.


Plastic Choker

Now this is a problem on many levels. Not only does it make you appear as if you are an animal demonstrating the consequences of water pollution, but it is a choking hazard. But with all joking aside, I’m not sure if plastic chokers were even okay in the 90s when they first came around. Regardless, they need to go; enough is enough and the second time around was a mistake. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen plenty of fashionable quality chokers, but those Dollarama black plastic ones are simply juvenile.


Glitter Roots

Maybe on the runway, maybe at a costume party, but please, please don’t do this regularly. Glitter roots need to hit the road and never come back, because it just screams “take a shower,” or possibly even “go get your roots fixed.” It just seems a tad lazy, ridiculous, and not to mention dirty—doesn’t that itch?

Glitter 1

Fake Freckles

You’ve got to be kidding me. Freckles are not an accessory. No, they are not a statement piece and no, they are not a fashion trend. Skin is skin, what are we going to be doing next, making sunburns a trend and start painting our bodies a tinge of red to fit in? It makes no sense to me; it just seems extremely ridiculous. Imagine being bullied for your freckles once upon a time and now you’re seeing copycats everywhere—it really comes across as insensitive to a lot of us who have natural freckles.


Jelly Shoes

I’ve never put them on my feet, so I have a few questions. Do they give you a million blisters? Are they actually comfortable to walk around in all day? I just can’t imagine these hard jelly shoes being comfy. Beyond that, they are an accessory that is both odd-looking and out of date; this accessory is definitely one of the trends that needs to stay in 2015.


The Man Bun

Don’t get me wrong, the men with the luscious long locks that pull their hair up can get away with this, because the bun serves a purpose and looks like an actual bun. But that so-called man bun where the sides of the head are shaven down and a miniature “bun” sits at the top—this is a problem.  Most often than not, I have mistaken these men as cartoon ninja warriors with this hairdo. It’s simply not flattering.


Part 2 of Man Bun: THE CLIP-ON MAN BUN

The clip-on man bun is the epitome of foolishness and a trend that I cannot grasp whatsoever. It is a bun extension for men to clip on their hair to create a full messy man bun experience, without the agonizing pain of waiting for the hair to grow out. I guess this is a trend that only the hippest of hipsters will understand. If you can’t grow your hair out for your own natural bun, then you don’t need a bun—enough said.



Bae Goals, Lunch Goals, Relationship Goals, House Goals, Life Goals, Dog Goals and the list goes on and on. There are goals for everything, and they can get quite ridiculous. I enjoy the acknowledgement of great things and the drive to obtain them, but the extent people to which people select, carry out, and then trumpet the achievement of these goals on social media is getting ridiculous. This trend needs to stay in 2015 because it is giving people the wrong idea of what the reality is. No, your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t need to buy you millions of gifts a day to be considered a good partner. No, you don’t need a mansion in order to be happy and flaunt your success in the future. No, you don’t need tons of makeup to be on “fleek”; as long as you love yourself you can wear as little or as much makeup as you please. STOP THE UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS because you’ll find that no life is exactly the same, and if you strive to obtain every goal someone else has achieved, you’ll fail to be yourself and you’ll be disappointed. Have goals that revolve around bettering yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and academically, and find others who can help you strive for that, nothing else. With that, you’ll find success naturally.


At the end of the day we must live and let live, even if others decide to continue to live with awful trends.

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