23 Things You Better Know About Your BFF

1. Her favourite colour. When a friend asks what nail polish colour to get her, you should be able to answer with confidence and certainty.

2. To wear animal prints or not to wear animal prints? Would she rock a giraffe print or does she believe animal prints look best on the animals themselves?

3. Her taste in music. You don’t want to discover 10 km into a road trip that your friend is a die-hard country fan, while you listen to hip hop and nothing but hip hop.


4. Can she sing? This can be a touchy subject, but it is your duty as a best friend to know these hard truths. Can you stand up with her at karaoke night and joke around? Should you let her amazing pipes take centre stage or are you honour-bound to hide the mic from her at all costs?

5. Does she like to read? Your BFF doesn’t have to be as avid a reader as you (or vice versa), but it’s important to know if she’s a reader so book conversations don’t end with “Does a magazine count as a book?”

6. Does she love animals? Sure, you’re her best human friend, but do you share the title with a creature companion? Where besties are concerned, if you love her, you have to love her pet too.

7. Her Allergies. Since we’re discussing spending time with your BFF’s animal bestie, which often means time spent covered in fur, it’s also important to know each other’s allergies. If your friend is allergic to cats, hornets or peanuts, it is vitally important that you know it. If you have a BFF with a life-threatening allergy, you should probably learn the basics of the EpiPen while you’re at it.

8. Is your friend a health fanatic? Does she drink green smoothies that look like they are the main diet of the Wicked Witch of the West? Try and respect your friend’s healthy tastes even if they don’t coincide with yours. And if she’s on a health food diet and has given up all sweets, try not to eat an entire box of chocolates in front of her. At least sneak around the corner to indulge your taste buds.

green smoothie

9. Is your BFF herbivore, omnivore or carnivore? Be respectful of her values and try to keep your friend’s lifestyle choices in mind when planning a meal together.

10. Does your bestie have a green thumb? Or is she the destroyer of worlds when it comes to things that are green and growing? If your best friend can’t keep a cactus alive, don’t laugh at her too hard. Some people are just meant to look and not touch when it comes to plants, okay?

11. Is she a home body or a fiercely active woman? It’s Saturday morning. When you look for your number one gal pal, are you going to find her melting into the couch or is she already getting down and dirty and conquering the world?


12. Is her body a temple? Or does she rock more tattoos than Kat Von D? Whether or not you believe your skin is your canvas, it’s important to know where your BFF stands on these issues and for you both to keep an open mind. If possible, try and discuss these things before either of you walk into the parlour—it’d be a shame to let something skin deep ruin a beautiful friendship.

girl power tat

13. Rebel without a cause? Or does your number one gal pal obey the letter of the law? This is especially important to know before you go out to public places and events with your BFF. You don’t want to be banned from your favourite mall because your bestie believes in the five-fingered discount or ends up spending the night in jail because she tried some recreational drugs at a concert. Spare each other future heartache and be honest with each other and yourselves.

14. Beach babe or surfer girl? Before you go on that spring break road trip, find out if your ideal vacations match. If you like to do different things don’t be afraid to do something alone. Just make sure you plan some awesome times together as well.

female surfer

15. Her secret superpower. This is something you’ll start to notice after many hours spent together, and  itis a testament to how well you know your BFF. Does she always know who’s calling before her phone even rings? Can she find a lost earring in a shopping mall? If you know what her secret superpower is then you should tell her—she could be unaware of her hidden talent and it’s always a good time to pay her a compliment.

16. Her politics and interests. Passion is a beautiful thing and it’s important to share your interests with each other. If your BFF is a die-hard animal lover, it’s probably not a good idea to gleefully show her your new winter coat complete with real fur trim. Always be yourself, but spare yourself arguments whenever possible.

17. Are kids in her future? If your bestie is going to have babies one day, you better prepare yourself for diapers and get ready to be the best godparent on the planet!

mindy gif

18. Will she tell you the cold hard truth every time? We all need someone in our life who will tell us that our breath smells like a garbage truck or that we should never wear high-waisted shorts. This is the sacred duty of a BFF.

new girl gif

19. What are her fears and phobias? It’s one thing to plant a fake tarantula in her bed if she simply doesn’t like spiders, but if she’s  arachnophobic as her BFF, you must guard her from any and all eight-legged invasions.

20. Her secrets. Does she trust you with her deepest, darkest worries and regrets? Trust is at the centre of any good relationship and she should be able to tell you that she still secretly watches Power Rangers on Saturday mornings.

21. Her goals. You need to know your BFF’s life goals, so you can be there for her along the way. Whatever is in store for her future, just make sure you’re a part of it.

22. Her temperament. Are her moods as regular as the tides or do they come and go like a tornado? Your bestie doesn’t always have to have a sunny disposition, but it’s good to know in advance if you should carry a box of tissues with you.

new girl 2

23. Can she shake it like you can shake it?



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