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3 Ways To Be A Better You

Whether it’s tweaking an outfit, perfecting that eyeliner wing or meeting a summer body goal; we are always trying to improve ourselves. But there’s more to being a “better you” than just changing your appearance. A truly “better you” isn’t skin-deep; it’s a change that occurs on the inside. That new haircut rocks and everything but if you really want to be a better version of yourself here are three things you need to do:

1. Put Others First


Stop caring so much about yourself and start caring about others. Give back to society; this can easily be done by volunteering at your local animal shelter, giving spare change to a homeless person or grabbing some friends and starting a club at your school to support a local cause. It’s quite life changing to see that you’ve made a difference in the lives of others. Once others around you are happy, you will be too, because they will treat you the way you want to be treated—it’s the “Golden Rule!”

2. Change Your Perspective Of The World


People say the world is out to get you; meanwhile, you’re out to get the world! Stay positive and be optimistic; the glass is never half empty but half full. If you think you’ve hit rock bottom, remember that there is nowhere to go but up. Exercise your body and mind, jam out to your favorite artist, or read Faze! Whatever cheers you up, do it.

3. Be Original

be original

As cheesy as this sounds, you need to be yourself because everyone else is taken. Realize that nobody is perfect and beauty cannot be defined. As I always say, there is no need to change for anyone or to be like any celebrity. Enhance yourself and be a better you!


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