3 Simple Ways To Manage Chronic Pain

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There’s nothing worse than developing a niggle that simply won’t go away. You might find that a pain that started as a little ache develops into full blown life debilitating condition. The annoying aspect of chronic pain is that it often cannot be diagnosed with a name. A bad back is just that. You might have investigation after test after scan but there’s no slipped disc, no fracture and no tissue damage. So why do you have the pain? Is it all in your head? A decent doctor will ensure that your pain is managed as much as possible, but they cannot keep prescribing ever stronger painkillers. These only mask the pain and don’t get to the route of an issue. Instead, focus on trying some of these three simple ways to manage your chronic pain.

Alternative Medicine

While Chinese herbal medicine might not have the best reputation when it comes to healing powers, and can descend into quackery, there are alternative remedies that you may want to try. If you have muscle spasms or aches and pains, it might pay to investigate vitamin supplements or acupuncture as a potential source of relief. Pain is hugely personalised and what works for one person won’t work for another. Check out a reputable online dispensary and check out their CBD products that aid pain relief or look into calming vape fluids. Acupuncture can act as a deep muscle relaxant and provide instant relief. Or maybe you might like to try massage or reiki. By relaxing your body, you relax your mind, and you may find your pain relieved naturally.


It may seem counterintuitive to exercise when you have chronic pain. However, bed rest can be just as harmful. By increasing your range of movement, you can work those muscles that are aching. Make an appointment with a professional at your gym and ask their advice. They’ll ensure that you don’t do yourself any harm when you pump some iron or take a run on the treadmill. You don’t have to think of every exercise session as a marathon run or an intensive spin class. A simple light jog or a few reps on the bicep curler could be all you need. Light exercise can help you manage your chronic pain more effectively.

Do Something New

As a chronic pain sufferer, the chances are that your condition can leave you feeling low. This means that you can become stuck in a rut or even housebound. Try and be proactive and do something new, that gives you a different focus. Signing up for that decorating class, having a go at learning a language or making Friday night movie night with pals, can give you something to look forward to. By taking your mind off of your pain, if only for a short while, you can feel happier and more content. Lifting your mood may even help with the amount of pain that you feel.

Your pain is not in your head. Just because it might not have a name doesn’t mean that it isn’t there and affecting your life in a negative way. Have a go at trying out some of these strategies to help manage your chronic pain.

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