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4 Reasons To Tune Into YTV’s Hit New Show “Open Heart”

Open Heart TV Series

From the producers of Degrassi, comes a new show that’ll have you switching your varsity jacket for a lab coat. Taking place in a high-stakes hospital, the show follows Dylan Blake (Karis Cameron), a headstrong teenager who’s rebellious acts gets her arrested. Ordered by the court to complete community service at the drama-filled hospital where her family works, she befriends Mikayla Walker (Cristine Prosperi) and Wes Silver (Justin Kelly) who team up to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her father. As clues are found and secrets revealed, Karis soon learns that things are not at all as they seem.

We were able to take a sneak peek at the premiere episode and spoke with leading ladies Karis and Cristine who gave us four very good reasons on why you should add this show to your TV schedule.

Cristine Prosperi Karis Cameron

1. Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Drama, Comedy: It’s Got It All

Open Heart combines the best aspects of all your fave shows from Grey’s Anatomy to Pretty Little Liars to Degrassi (obviously). We all love drama and Open Heart Memorial is definitely full of it. But what’ll keep you coming back for more is its mystery and suspense that’s sure to have you on the edge of your seat.

“I think it’s just fun for the audience to be their own detective and figure out what’s going on. I know for us as actors we all make predictions on set on what’s going on and we ended up all being wrong when we were reading the script,” says Cristine. “So it’s just really fun to be a detective in that way and kind of make your own assumptions and predictions. For the audience, it’s like they’re involved in the show with us,  and it’s just such a thrilling show to watch.”

2. The Characters Are Awesome (And Totally Relatable)

Sure Karis may not be relatable in the sense that her dad’s gone missing or her entire family including mom and sis are doctors, but that doesn’t mean that her, along with Mikayla, don’t have to deal with typical problems like boys, love and teen angst.

“What I love most is the bond between Dylan and Mikayla because even though they face crazy circumstances, they’re still very relatable,” says Karis. “To describe my character, I’d say that Dylan is the headstrong heroine of the show. She’s very driven, she knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to bend the law to go after it.”

“Mikayla’s a fun loving, energetic girly girl and her style is amazing!” says Cristine. She’s been at the hospital for quite some time, but as the season goes on we hear her story and the interesting reason why she is at the hospital. She really likes adventure and she’s excited to help Dylan with this massive mystery but also wants to keep it safe.”

3. You Can Watch It With Your Older Sister, Your Mom, Dad…Heck, Even Your Grandparents

Seriously, this is a show that is not just for tweens and teens, but for and older generation to.

“We don’t have just teens on the show but our plot also focuses on the young adults and older doctors,” says Karis. “No matter what your age is, I think everybody likes a good mystery story.”

“We have hot doctors and love triangles!” adds Cristine. “I think while kids are watching this, their parents will be like oh let’s watch the next episode to find out what happens. It’s a good show for all types of people.”

4. It’s Filmed And Takes Place In Toronto: Canada Represent!

“We have a Queen St. and a Burger Priest on the show, so we definitely show off the city on the show,” says Karis.

Cristine reflects on the best scene they’ve filmed so far. “In the premiere episode, Mikayla, Dylan and Wes, the three of us, we got to go to this massive mansion which is a real mansion in Toronto and we got to film in an indoor pool and it was so much fun.”

Catch all the fun, drama, romance, mystery and suspense of Open Heart on YTV, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. For now, we leave you with the Open Heart premiere preview:

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