4 Reasons To Consider CBD Oil For Pets

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CBD oil is taking over the market and becoming as popular with pet owners as ice creams are with children. This growing interest has led researchers to conduct in-depth studies about the effects of this product. While there is still a lot to learn, there is also a lot that has already been found out and concluded about CBD and its positive effects on our animals. CBD treats for dogs, cats, and other animals have proven to be very beneficial.

If you are still not familiar enough with this topic, you are probably wondering why you should even start thinking about giving this product to your pets. When you start doing some research of your own, you will find a great amount of information proving how beneficial CBD oil is. In order to help you in your research, I will present you with several reasons why you should start using it.

It Is Not Psychoactive

One of the biggest questions that animal owners have regarding this product is closely connected to its effects on their pets’ brains. While CBD does affect the brain, it does so in a positive way. The fact that it is made from a cannabis plant makes people confuse the product with marijuana, which leads to them worrying about Cannabidiol’s psychoactive properties.

We need to make this clear once and for all. Cannabidiol is not the same as marijuana. Cannabis is the umbrella term for both marijuana and the hemp plant from which CBD is extracted. The hemp plant contains almost no THC at all, which reduces the risk of THC ending up in the oil during CBD extraction. Even if it did end up in the product, which it doesn’t, it wouldn’t be strong enough to have a psychoactive effect on your pet.

It Is A Natural Product

Another one of the concerns might be linked to the manner of production. It is important to understand that CBD oil is a natural, plant-based product. The plant in question has proved to have many valuable and beneficial properties. The only thing that you need to worry about is finding a reputable manufacturer and supplier, and once you do, you can rest assured that the product will be completely natural.

Here’s a story from a person that visited a cannabis farm to check how CBD oil is made:

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It Is Safe

By explaining that this product contains no THC and that it is made from a beneficial plant, I have already touched upon the topic of safety. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if you were still a little bit worried about the side effects that might occur when you give your animal Cannabidiol. Since it is your pet we are talking about, you want the best for it, and you deserve to have all the information, both positive and negative ones.

Here’s the deal. All the research that has been conducted so far has shown that Cannabidiol doesn’t have any serious side effects. The most significant thing to remember is to get instructions on dosing the product properly and you will have no reasons to worry. Probably the worst thing that can happen if you end up giving too much CBD to your pet is for the animal to get a bit drowsy and sleepy, or to get a temporary diarrhea.

It Can Be A Good Substitute For Different Medicines

When your pet is in pain, you give it pain killers. When it exhibits symptoms of anxiety or depression, you resort to giving it medicines which can alleviate those symptoms. While there is nothing wrong in following your vets’ advice and administering the drugs that can help your animal, a large amount of people rely on those drugs afterwards even without consulting the vet. There is definitely something wrong with that.

In addition to that, if your veterinarian hasn’t heard about Cannabidiol and its effects on cats, dogs and other animals, he or she will most probably refrain from recommending that product, out of lack of knowledge. The fact that your vet doesn’t want to recommend products they know nothing about is to be admired, but their lack of knowledge can also lead to you and your pet missing out on a lot.

Let me elaborate. Most drugs that you give your animals for pain, anxiety, seizures and other conditions, are known for having many side effects. As it goes with any side effects, they might not always occur, but they can definitely start showing at a certain point of time. Even if you have never had troubles with certain medicines, that is not a guarantee that you won’t.

CBD oil is perfect for alleviating pain, seizures, anxiety and many different symptoms. That means that you can use it as a substitute for all those drugs you are using for alleviating those symptoms. Since there are no serious side effects of Cannabidiol, you can use the oil to treat symptoms and conditions safely, without worrying about side effects that come with different drugs.

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