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5 April Fool’s Day Pranks Courtesy of “Prank Patrol”

This April Fool’s Day, Faze is throwing it back to the days of “Prank Patrol.” Don’t remember that show? Perhaps this will jog your memory:

Feeling nostalgic yet? For those of you who haven’t heard of “Prank Patrol”you need to get out from that rock you’ve been living under—it’s a Canadian television series that aired on YTV from 2005 to 2010. Each episode, a kid was chosen to become a member of the “Prank Patrol.” With the help of charismatic host Andy and the mischievous ninjas, the lucky boy or girl got to exact revenge on a loved one by creating an epic prank. The show also featured a segment called “Recipe for a Prank,” which taught the viewers simple and easy pranks they could do at home. Here are five recipes that will make you the Queen of April Fool’s Day:

1. Disgusting Doughnuts

Perfect for the friend who’s always mooching your food.

2. Closet Monster

Got an annoying little sibling? Enough said.

3. Glitter Makeover

This prank would work great on a friend who’s obsessed with her looks.

4. Ahhchoo!

Your germaphobic friends will get over this hilarious prank—eventually.

5. Magic Glasses

This prank is best suited for the gullible people in your life.

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One thought on “5 April Fool’s Day Pranks Courtesy of “Prank Patrol”

  1. One time it was school hodlaiy and i was really boredit was a rainy day and i couldn’t go out so i decided to play a prank on my parents. well we have got a crap 30 year old car (ANCIENT) and i thought it was time that car got cared after by southerner family in other words GET RID OF IT! so i went on my computer and printed out some FOR SALE signs with my dads mobile number and email address andi put all of the details about the car like price and miles and petrol info and all that. about 1 week later a guy phoned up and asked to arrange a test drive with my dad and he was totally confused. so first he asked my mom if she new anything about this car sale. obviously she new nothing, but i did heheheh. so he went outside and saw our car with signs all over it ( printed about 50 sheets) and staright away he ripped them all off. his face was raging and red and luckily i got a picture of. i am soooooo going to share it on facebook. and to make a story short i got double grounding for doing that prank and sharing the pic on facebook. i am glad it rained for anouther 2 weeks non stop so i coulden’t go out anyway heheheheh SUCH A BIG PRANK. BY THE WAY I AM PLANNING ON DOING ANOUTHER ON PRANK SO WATCH OUT FOR ME!!!