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5 Daily Decisions Girls Have To Make

Have you ever realized that, as soon as you wake up from your sweet dreams every morning, you seem to be overwhelmed by a storm of endless questions? The questions range from whether you should take a shower to whether you should dress up; they may vary and pop up at random times, but the level of indecisiveness is the same for each of your dilemmas. At the end of the day, you wonder whether those decisions were so important they were worth losing some of your morning’s sleep over.

Take a look at some of the questions girls battle on a daily basis. Remember, this is a no-judgement zone, so if you find that you can relate, feel free to embrace the ‘woman mind’ that you share with so many others.

1. Should I Sleep a Bit Longer or Take a Shower?

The real question is: “Can I pull off going to school with my slightly oily hair, or is it a dead giveaway that I didn’t get a chance to wash it because I was simply too tired to wake up half an hour earlier”?


2. Should I Sleep a Bit Longer or Put on Makeup?

The real question here is: “Am I in the mood to pull off an effortlessly sporty look with a bun, cozy sweater, leggings, and my favourite pair of sneakers, or do I actually want to be more put-together and polish the look with makeup?”

3. To Shave or Not to Shave?

At times, you look for any excuse possible to avoid shaving and save that little extra bit of time on sleep or fixing your makeup. You may say to yourself; “Can I get away with covering up my hairy arms with a long-sleeved shirt and my favourite jeans, and shave tomorrow instead?”…


4. Where is That Shirt I Want to Wear?

Remember, that long-sleeved shirt you had in mind to cover your hairy arms? It’s usually right there in your closet, but somehow now, in your fashion emergency, it’s nowhere to be found. You falsely accuse everyone in the house, even the men in the household, of having stolen your favourite clothes. Is it possible that a thief broke into the house and took only your favourite clothes?


5. To Dress Up or Dress Down?

We’ve all experienced at least one time in life when we were supposed to dress down, but turned up in our best dress and heels. Everyone stares with judgemental looks. And, we have all dressed down at least a dozen times in situations when, we discover too late,  we were expected to dress up. Once, again we felt the heaviness of everyone’s judgemental stares. The question of “dress up or dress down” always stays relevant, regardless of whether or not we make our decision based on weather conditions or the type of social event we’re invited to. Let’s face it, this is one dilemma that women may never master. At least, most females have faced this question and got it wrong; isn’t it a relief to know you’re not the only one?

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