5 Delicious and Tasty Dog Foods

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Some dogs can eat any food you give them, but others are picky eaters. Also, some have allergies and cannot eat some types of foods, and some dog owners prefer a specific diet for their pets. If you own a picky eater, then finding food that they will enjoy eating should not take much time if you do your research well. That said, below are the top 5 delicious dog foods to consider.

Grain-Free Gamebird Recipe

This food by FROMM is one of the best tasty dog foods there are. While this is not a common brand, the gamebird recipe is one of their tastiest among other products. Contents consist of chicken meat, duck, and turkey. While it is not the best for allergic pets, it is a great option if you are looking for a delicious meal for your dog.

Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food

Most pet owners that have tried the dehydrated organic grain dog food from Honest Kitchen have had nothing but positive results. The fact that it is a human grade food means that it is manufactured with high quality ingredients. And in addition, it does not contain harmful products like GMOs, preservatives, or byproducts. It offers several formulas and preparation is as easy as mixing it with warm water.

Savor Shredded Beef and Rice Formula

This is a product of Purina Pro Plan and is one of the most affordable dog food products from the company. The food is mostly made up of shredded beef that is a favorite for most dogs. It is not only meant to satisfy your furry friend, it will also keep it healthy and fit thanks to the high quantity of protein-to-fat ratio it contains. Your pup will also benefit from the omega-fatty-acid which helps to improve the dogs coat leaving it shiny and healthy.

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Freeze-Dried Dog Food Chicken Formula

Primal Pet Foods has ensured that the freeze-dried food chicken formula is one of the healthiest and tastiest dog foods in the market. Your dog will not only be eating a balanced diet, but the food is filled with high-quality ingredients. The protein content in the freeze-dried dog food chicken formula is 37%, and it meant to keep the dog interested. Its content is made up of chicken, chicken gizzards, chicken necks, and some fat. It is also composed of fiber and natural enzymes which makes it easy to digest.

Hearty Beef Eats

The company will customize your dog’s portions and meals from a profile that you will need to create first thing after choosing Ollie. The customization is made based on your pup’s age, breed, allergies, and activity levels. You don’t have to worry about fillers like wheat, corn or soy, or even artificial ingredients and preservatives.

How to Choose the Best Dog Food

Choosing the right type of dog food can be overwhelming, most especially for first-timers. With a wide array of choices, it’s crucial to choose a reputable brand, such as Royal Canin dog food. So, what makes a good brand of dog food? The best dog foods are known for healthy ingredients, which prevent allergies and gut problems.

Here are some tips when choosing the best dog food:

  • Choose Healthy Products: Good dog food contains vegetables, meat, fruits, and grains. It has high-quality ingredients appropriate for dogs’ digestive systems.
  • Don’t Follow Trends: Avoid buying dog food with ‘trendy’ ingredients. While the human diet may change and can be influenced by trends over time, your dog’s diet is different. A lot of these trendy ingredients have no scientific bases, so it’s best to stick with what dogs commonly eat.
  • Check the Label: Some dog food manufacturers include nutritious ingredients but only in small amounts just so they can be added on the label. Determine the percentage or amount of ingredients included if they’re significant enough. If you’re not doing your homework, you might think that the dog food is packed with healthy ingredients. Check if you see any seal or third-party certification.
  • Know the Risks: Treats may contain certain chews that cause illnesses. Bacterial contamination in body part treats such as cow hooves and pig ears also happen. Take time to read all the information in the listing if you’re buying online to ensure that your dog’s health won’t be compromised.
  • Get to Know the Dog Food Company: One way to narrow down your options is to research about the company selling the dog food. How long has the dog food manufacturer been producing dog food products? Are professionals involved in product formulation? If yes, know who they are and their respective backgrounds.

Bottom Line

While your dog might not like every food you give it, there are always tasty foods out there that they will like. You can check this comprehensive guide on the best tasting dry dog food to see different options to consider. What’s more, while your dog is going to love them, most of them are sold at affordable prices.

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