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5 Reasons Why You Should Join Kisses 4 CANFAR

Kisses 4 CANFAR is the largest campaign in Canada focused on empowering youth with the information and tools necessary to make responsible sexual decisions and to make a positive change in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Kisses 4 CANFAR

Why you should join Kisses 4 CANFAR?

1) You’ll get to practice your pucker – rock your best and brightest lips and brighten up these dull winter days.

2) It’s the perfect excuse to take a good selfie – it’s not egotistic if it’s for charity! #smoochselfie for the win

3) Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples – celebrate this day of love with the rest of the inclusive #kisses4CANFAR community.

4) It’ll make you stand out – by posting something worth reading about in your newsfeed. No one cares what your bae bought you for Valentine’s Day (see #3 above!)

5) It’s for a good cause. Period.

Kisses 4 CANFAR

Help us spread the love! Tweet, Instagram or Facebook using #Kisses4CANFAR and we’ll blow you a kiss!

Better yet, pout your lips and send us a #smoochselfie (there may even be a little something in it for you too!)

Kisses 4 CANFAR

Help us raise money for a cure!
Join our fundraising challenge (100% of proceeds support HIV research).

Learn more at

Kisses 4 CANFAR

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