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5 Shows Coming To Netflix That Empower Women


Netflix is the most popular video on demand streaming service in the world. This has been the case for a while now, and no wonder, since it has content to cater to every demographic.

If you live in America, or can access American Netflix, you already have access to tons of feminist series and movies. The Good Wife, Iris, Frida, and Call The Midwife are all examples of syndicated content available to those who have full access*.

*By the way, if you live outside of America but still want to watch these shows, you can access American Netflix with certain VPNs and proxies. Be careful which ones you choose, however, since Netflix has become savvy at blocking many of these servers.

But Netflix also has a ton of original content, and is pouring more and more money into developing its own series and movies. Much of this content is incredibly empowering to women.

Here are 5 shows coming to Netflix that you’ve got to see.


Starring Alison Brie as an actor who becomes a “professional wrestler” for syndicated television in the ‘80s, GLOW will be on our screens in June this year. Although the industry itself (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) was certainly not feminist, this spoof of it promises to be both hilarious and empowering. You can see the brand new trailer for GLOW:

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The 3rd season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt arrives on the 19th of May. If you have not seen the first 2 seasons, it’s way past time to binge! A show about survivors of a doomsday cult who have been kept in captivity underground for years might not sound like a blast. But it’s very funny while dealing with big topics, including the strength of a young woman who is acclimatizing to a world she does not recognize.

Cable Girls

Yes, its title does not sound very feminist. But this series set in Spain in the 1920s shows the power of women at work, even in the seemingly most mundane environment. Its very first episode addresses violence against women, and it does not back down in its handling of this and other topics. The full season 1 is already streaming, so catch it as soon as you can.

Marvel’s The Defenders

Jessica Jones Marvel The Defenders

Although this Marvel team-up of Netflix’s most popular superheroes will feature 4 big personalities, I think we can all agree that Jessica Jones is the most badass. More importantly, she’s the most complex. The first season of Jessica Jones showed a woman suffering from PTSD having come out of a violent relationship. Unlike some of the other characters, she does not have the typical moral compass expected of a Marvel hero. Instead, she does what appears right at the time, with varying results. The Defenders is coming on August 18. In the meantime, you can see its trailer here.

Orange Is The New Black

A hacker already released season 5 of OITNB after holding Netflix to a ransom they would not pay. If you want to wait for the official Netflix release, you won’t be frustrated for too long. The critically acclaimed drama/comedy premieres on June 9th, bringing its range of complex, powerful women back into our lives.

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