5 Top Tips To Improve Your Productivity

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Today we live in an increasingly busy world; we are always on the run and barely have a chance to breathe. And somehow, it still feels like we do not have enough time to check off all the items on our to-do list. A lot of the time, the problem is that we simply do not know how best to manage our time effectively. Have a look at these 5 top tips to better your productivity and get ahead of all of your tasks!

Don’t get distracted

While it is undoubtedly convenient to have your email synced to your smart phone, this can often prove to be more of a disruption than anything else. Each time your phone buzzes or flashes, you rush to check that email or text message and lose focus on the task at hand. Rather, set aside specific time when you deal with admin like returning texts and emails.

Curb procrastination

A lot of us put the ‘pro’ in procrastination. Procrastination often happens because we tell ourselves that we have to work all day, and that feels like an insurmountable task. It’s like being on a diet: You tell yourself you can’t have cake, and I am telling you: You will find yourself at the bakery with a black forest gateau in your basket! It is the same with productivity. The solution? Do not do the equivalent of starving yourself. Moderation is the vital for success. Set a work schedule. A lot of people find the 52 minute work, 17 minute break schedule to be the most effective. You need to work smarter, not more. Taking a break will let your brain defuse. Make sure you are not thinking of all your unfinished tasks during your break, though! Do something that will keep your mind active, but also relax you. A few rounds of a brain-stimulating card game or video or gclub game will help you relax, but still keep your brain active.


So often we will make a list of everything we need to do, and feel immediately overwhelmed. Prioritize your tasks, getting the most important ones out of the way first. A good way to do this is to separate your tasks into two lists. The one list has general items, while the other has three chosen Most Important Tasks (MITs). MITs are three important tasks that you identify; these are things that are going to have big results, and are critical get accomplished. Make your MITs your foremost priorities for the day, and only begin on your general task list when you have successfully completed your MITs for the day.

The early bird gets the worm

You may not want to hear this, but here is the hard truth: you need to get up earlier. If you are sleeping in until seven or eight in the morning, you are missing out on time you could be working. Of course, you need to get a decent amount of sleep -so go to bed earlier! Kick those nasty Netflix binges. You will survive not re-watching Friends for the hundredth time.

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