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Top 5 Ways To Reinvent Yourself

Reboot your image for a new season!

Hollywood has had a lot of success rebooting superhero movies each summer. So why can’t we all do the same?

If you’re unhappy with your current image, you can make small changes to reinvent yourself — without the help of special effects. The important thing is do whatever you do with confidence. You need to believe that what you’re projecting is the real you, or nobody else will.

Here are five simple things you can do to reboot yourself before the summer kicks in, or anytime for that matter!

1. Make new friends


You don’t have to turn your back on your existing group of friends. Just expose yourself to new people. Remember, these people probably don’t know you and aren’t aware of any of your old hang-ups, so you can start fresh. Also, it’s always good to meet new people with different experiences and fresh perspectives.

So how does one make new friends? Well…

2. Find a new hobby

guitar music hobby

You can build a circle of friends by picking up a hobby. It can be anything from ultimate Frisbee to painting. You will also build confidence as you learn new skills and celebrate new victories and milestones. You’ll be amazed how many like-minded people take up new hobbies just to meet people. So, if you’re not great at your endeavour right away, you can bond with people as you learn together.

3. Get a job


We’re not trying to sound like your parents, honestly. Just hear us out. A new j-o-b will probably expose you to a whole new group of people. Once again, these new people don’t know anything about you. If you were a screw-up somewhere else, you can start over as a rock star here. You also give yourself the confidence that comes with some new-found income too.

4. Change your look

Hair and makeup yellow eye shadow reinvent yourself

This is where you might be expecting us to say this doesn’t have to be something drastic. But, in this case, drastic might be okay. If the change scares you a little beforehand, or jars you a bit after you do it, that’s­ fine. That just means the change is working and you’re out of your comfort zone. You can’t expect people to see you differently if you still feel exactly the same on the inside. If
you don’t love your new look right away, ride it out. Give it a few weeks before you call it a failure.

5. Travel

travel road trip car

Travelling almost always changes you for the better. New cultures, new challenges and new surroundings are always good to revitalize the soul and change the way you look at yourself. Seeing how other people live gives you a fresh perspective on your own life. This changes you. You will start to carry out your day-to-day activities in a different way. This is huge. A good trip is one that leaves you feeling enriched in any way. If this all sounds a little too much like a self-help seminar or spiritual journey, just trust us; you’ll be too busy having fun to realize that you’re growing as a person.

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