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7 Clothing Tricks For An Effortless Spring Look

Spring is an exciting time for fashion. You can finally put away those clunky, slush-proof boots and that bulky, winter jacket and start showing off the outfit hiding underneath. As much as you may want to make having cute spring outfits your priority, you’re probably using most of your time to buckle down for the last few weeks of school before summer vacation. Here are some simple beauty hacks that will help you achieve that effortless spring and still leave you plenty of time to study.

1. Floral Scarves 

If you want to get away with wearing your favourite pair of jeans and plain white tee everyday, spice up your outfit with accessories. A floral scarf is the perfect way to make an outfit pop.

A spring outfit featuring a floral scarf

2. Headbands 

Patterned headbands are a great accessory for every outfit. Here is a hair tutorial to make sure your headband gets noticed.

Hair tutorial with a headband

3. Patterned Shorts 

If your outfit is lacking originality try adding a pair of patterned shorts. Patterned shorts can make any outfit stand out.

Spring outfit featuring patterned shorts

4. Pastels 

Spring is the season of pastels. Have some fun with your outfits by mixing colours.

SPring outfit made up of pastel coloured clothes

5. Chunky Necklaces 

Add this to your simplest of outfits, a plain shirt and pair of jeans, and fool your friends into thinking you planned your outfit.

Spring outfit featuring chunky necklace

6. Wedged Heels 

We suggest you practice at home in your heels before wearing them in public! Once you learn how to walk in them, completing a simple outfit with wedged heels makes you go from 0-100 real quick!

Spring outfit featuring wedged heels

7. Rompers/Jumpsuits 

How effortless is it to put on a one-piece? They’re totally trending this spring so if you have a few in your closet, this can be your go-to piece when you’ve pulled an all-nighter and have a meeting the next morning. Effortless and classy is always a good combo!

Spring outfit featuring romper

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