7 Must-See Monuments And Sights From Ancient Egypt

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For a trip filled with fascinating sights steeped in history, visiting the home of the world’s earliest civilization is likely a destination you’re considering for your next holiday. Moreover, Egypt is one of the cheapest and sunniest countries in the world. So your wallet won’t be disappointed, and you’ll get the tan you long for while touring the many sights Egypt has to offer. 

In anticipation of lockdown rules easing over the coming months, now is the right time to start searching for your next well-deserved break. However, check the restrictions in place before you book. To help you plan, prepare and get excited for your stay, below is a breakdown of five photo opportunities you can’t afford to miss.

Valley of the Kings

Egypt Museum

The name alone sparks excitement. With the opportunity to travel where royalty dwells, the Valley of the Kings is where some of the Best Egypt Tours in 2021 will often begin their trip. Since 2100 B.C., this isolated valley is where deceased pharaohs of the New Kingdom between 1550 and 1069 BC were buried. In total, there are 63 fascinating tombs devoted to royalty and a select few which you can view during your visit.

The White Desert National Park

For spectacular and surreal imagery, the White Desert National Park has a brilliant sight for you to behold. Envision a stretch of desert, moulded by the wind into perfectly formed curves and angles. And amongst it, sprouts of gleaming white rock that look like frosted blocks of snow in between. You can explore the White Desert national park, by heading 20km northeast from Farafa.

Pyramids of Giza

Extensive research over centuries has unveiled why and how the Pyramids of Giza were created. On the order of the great pharaohs of Egypt, the pyramids were intended as large tombs. The monuments were built 4000 years ago on the backs of tens of thousands of workers to bring the concept to fruition. And it still lures thousands of tourists per year to see it today. As the final wonder of the ancient world, featuring incredible monuments and impressive geometrical architecture, you can expect an inspirational experience.

The Great Sphinx


There is still much speculation around who developed The Great Sphinx and its purpose. The element of mystery attached to this monument adds to its allurement. Researchers believe it was established in 2500 BC by a pharaoh called Khafre, the king. He was also said to have created the second pyramid of Giza. The statue chipped and carved from limestone, presents a creature with a human head and a lion’s body. You can find the Sphinx placed on the west side of the Nile in Giza.

Temple of Hatshepsut

An architectural masterpiece, the Temple of Hatshepsut, also referred to as Deir el-Bahr temple was commissioned and named after one of the first female pharaohs in Egypt, Maatkare Hatshepsut. Designed and formed in the 15th century B.C, it’s located near the Valley of Kings, and situated opposite Luxor. Your visit to the temple shall feature exploring three floors, decorated with sphinxes, statues and reliefs, that have been carefully restored and preserved over the years.

Karnak Temple

One of Egypt’s most famous temples in Luxor stars a plethora of chapels, old buildings and pylons. Karnak temple is considered a religious site, steeped in ancient history. It was created for the gods of the Theban Triad in the capital of ancient city Thebes. Visiting the Karnak temple each year is said to grant you both luck and wealth.

Luxor Temple

Built-in the 14th century B.C., the Luxor temple is made up of six buildings formed using sandstones. Each was built as a commemoration to Mut, Khonsu and Amun. They were deities of Thebes, an ancient city of Egypt. Due to its gradual disrepair, Alexander the Great, reconstructed the Luxor Temple in 320 B.C. Notable attractions of Luxor Temple include the statues of prince Ramesses at the entrance and paintings on the walls which present the birth of the pharaohs.


For an enjoyable trip, adorned with spectacular views and monuments, each with an interesting history that helps you piece together a life in ancient Egypt, the above five sights are a must-see. Whether as a honeymoon or a family holiday, visiting a place unlike any other, is something you’re all sure to remember. Just don’t forget to pack essentials and attire that’s fitting for your trip. Particularly sun hats, sun cream and a water bottle to quench your thirst and ensure you’re comfortable during your holiday.

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