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Top 7 Richest Female Gamers In Esports

Esports is increasing in popularity, as it is a very profitable activity. Gamers all around the world gather online to put their skills on the test. If you are into esports, you know that there is no place for gender discrimination in this. There are so many female players competing and showing their incredible skills. The skills of a player are measured by their monetary reward in the world of esports. Hence in that, we can conclude that there are a lot of successful women in the gaming world. Here are the top 7 most prosperous female gamers that made an impact in the esports world! 

female gamer girl gamer

1. Sasha Hostyn

Sasha is the richest woman in the history of esports. She has tremendous experience in the gaming world, with a total of 178 tournaments in her portfolio. Playing with Scarlett as her ID, Sasha made over $330,000, which is the highest sum in history. She started her gaming journey back in 2011. The young lady competed in a specialized league for females. After that, she had a few consecutive wins in Las Vegas and Canada. 

2. Katherine Gunn

Playing as Mystik, this gamer is the second on the list with earnings of $122,000. Originally known as the gamer that mastered Reach, she started competing in 2007. Finishing second for Dead or Alive 4 marked only the beginnings of her successful gaming career. 

female gamer Katherine Gunn Mystik

The excellent revenue of $15,000 motivated her to go further in the gaming world. Later, she competed again and got third place. This wasn’t the thing she expected, so the gamer paused for a while. Her big comeback was rewarded with a price of $100,000.

3. Sioban Bielamowicz

This female gamer specializes in fighting games. Hero Journey started back in 2014 but got more active in 2017. Originally from Australia, she scored her best wins for the Attack on Titan game. By far, she is known for being the best in this specific game and fighting games in particular. 

4. Ricki Ortiz

Ricki O is welcomed to this list, as she is identifying herself as female from 2014. This is another gamer with excellent performance that is perfect in fighting games. The beginnings of her successes were marked in 2006, bringing the total revenue of over $80,000 until now. Finishing second for Street Fighter V brought her a staggering income of $60,000. 

female gamer Ricki Ortiz

Ricki shows us that you can indeed make money from your hobby and passion. If you feel like you want to earn from gaming, be sure to start with small steps. Check the games on this site and improve your gaming skills slow and steadily. 

5. Marjorie Bartell

She originally started playing in 2006 for the Dead or Alive 4 competition. The win brought her a prize of $5,000, which brought her in the magic world of esports. The American gamer adores fighting games and shows excellent skills in this particular niche. Despite her skills, she hasn’t competed since 2007. 

6. Sarah Lou Harrison

Sarah is a UK-based player that practiced a lot before scoring her big win. Her one and only win earned a total of $50,000. However, this was her first and last competition. We hope to see her again behind the console.

Sarah Lou Harrison

7. Tinares

Tenares is one of the best players when we talk about Fortnite. She is famous for winning the TwitchCon 2019, which gathered only the best Fortnite players. Her first prize was $40, but she got into many online competitions and can proudly get her place on this list with a total of $64,500.

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