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The 7 Most Important Steps To Reaching Your Goals

Goals Notebook

Our 7-Day plan to help you achieve anything and effectively fulfill your most important goals

As a student, you can quickly hate the word “goals.” It’s a buzzword that parents and teachers love to throw around, seemingly to make you feel like you’re not doing anything.

But goals don’t have to suck. Your goals can be as simple as quitting smoking, reading more books or learning more songs on the guitar.

Sometimes all it takes is a week to set in motion that change you want to see in your world.

Do them all at once or ease into it by completing one step a day for seven days. Here’s your 7-step plan to reach any goal.

1. Set Your Goal

Decide exactly what it is you want to do. Write it down so you can see it. Put it somewhere that’s visible to you every day, so you can be reminded of exactly what you want.

2. Define Your Success

Think about how you’re going to measure your success against your goal. Goals with numbers are always good. I read three books in a week. I smoked zero cigarettes. I ran five kilometres in a minute less than usual. These are all quantifiable goals that can be measured. “I want to feel better” is a lot harder to prove.

3. Build Your Team

You will probably need help with your goal. Whether it’s guidance or just simple encouragement and support, don’t do this alone. Think about someone you can trust and who brings out the best in you. Then, reach out to them.

4. Identify Barriers

After a few days, you should be able to see some of the things that might stop you from reaching your goal. You can’t anticipate everything coming, but if you can see some of the hurdles, they’re easier to jump over.

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5. Set a Timeline

You’ve had a bit of time to think about it, so now is a better time to set up a calendar for when you want to achieve your goal. A goal without a timeline is cheating, because you can always say it’s a work in progress. Be specific.

And don’t forget to set milestones, so you can determine if you’re on target, or if you need to up your game. If you’ve got a number-driven goal, this should be easy to do.

6. Get Excited

If you can’t get excited about achieving your goal, you probably set the wrong goal. Whether it’s the relief of having a huge project behind you or saving enough money to buy a car, you need to have joy at your finish line.

7. Get Started

This is obviously the hardest part. It’s way too easy to push things like goals back for a week, then another week. “I’ll do it after the holidays,” can quickly turn into, “I’ll do it over Easter.” Hopefully, when you were planning your timeline, you were specific, so you know exactly when to dig in.

(And don’t forget to thank us when you’re done.)

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