7 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

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Buying a gift for a mom-to-be may be intimidating if you don’t know the person. Even worse, what if you know them well, but they already have everything? These gifts are guaranteed to be unique, different, and something that every mom can enjoy. Baby shower gifts don’t have to be for the baby either; they can also be surprise items specifically for the mother. 

HaloVa Diaper Bag

Some diaper bags look too frumpy, are bulky, and aren’t meant for a mother on the go. The HaloVa Diaper Bag is the perfect present for that mom who loves to be fashionable while being prepared for anything. It comes in multiple colors, including black and pink. HaloVa can double as a purse or a backpack and can be used by both mommy and daddy.

Baby Hamper

Want something customizable? Baby hampers come with multiple items a baby needs, including grooming products, lotions, clothing, and stuffed animals. Milly & Henry offers baskets for both boys and girls. There are also hampers specifically for mom that are filled with champagne, a purse, and beauty products. Unisex hampers are also available if you don’t know the gender of the baby.

Arlo Baby Monitor

The traditional walkie-talkie baby monitors are a thing of the past. The Arlo Baby Monitor is a two-way wireless monitor that records video, audio, and comes equipped with a nightlight. It works with Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and Google Assistant so that you can play lullabies from your smartphone.

Botkeir Stella Block Heel Pumps

Moms still want to feel stylish, even after they’ve had their children. If you know a mom-to-be who is tired of slipping into flip-flops or sneakers, these low block heel pumps will put some style pack into her wardrobe without worrying about swollen feet. These come in multiple colors, including the attractive baby blue or pink.

Botkeir Stella Block Heel Pumps Pink

Multiple Pairs of Socks

Take a browse in any store dedicated to baby attire, and you’ll find adorable pairs of socks for an affordable price. Socks are the perfect genderless item because they will fit any baby for a few years while being cute. Pick up ones with mice, stripes, kittens, or other adorable animals that might match with the onesie you’re also buying for them.  

Diaper Caddy

Diapers are a standard gift at baby showers but rarely do mothers get something to organize said diapers in. A caddy will have multiple pockets to place baby powder, washcloths, and diapers. Find one like Lil DandelionBaby Diaper, as it’s stylish, versatile, and has numerous removable inserts for functional storage.

Memory Book/Photo Album

A baby’s first word, their first steps, and their first day of preschool are all critical moments in the mothers’ and babies’ lives. Instead of keeping their photos of them on their phones, they can print them out and place them in a book. The mom-to-be will be able to look back at these moments with her children at a later date.

baby book - baby shower book

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