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AIDS In Africa: Devastating An Entire Generation

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AIDS is one of the world’s most devastating diseases The plague known as AIDS kills millions of people each year, with children being a large percentage of the victims. A few decades into the epidemic there still is no known cure or vaccine for the devastating disease. As researchers continue to work on a cure, drugs have been

Orphans In Africa: The Innocent Victims Of AIDS

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In 1992, 15 million people were infected with the HIV virus and 980,000 children became orphans after the disease stole their parents. Today, more than 42 million people are living with HIV/AIDS worldwide, with over 13 million children globally victimized by the disease, most of whom live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Recent reports estimate there could

AIDS in Africa: Here Are Some Quick Facts

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Here are some quick facts on AIDS in Africa (updated for 2017) Population: In 1960 – 285,000,000 In 1980 – 477,000,000 In 2000 – 814,000,000 In 2017 – 1,239,000.000 and growing annually at 2.5%, more than double any other continent Size: Africa is the world’s second largest continent in both population and size. Africa is

AIDS In Africa: Star-Powered Charities Making A Difference


These are some of the amazing organizations and charities and the celebrities helping them make an impact. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Star power: Angelina Jolie Helping hands: The UNHCR is a UN agency that helps almost 20 million refugees in more than 120 countries around the world. Angelina’s involvement with UNHCR began with

The Water Hole: Small Miracles In Rural Africa


African sun blazed overhead as we rumbled along. From the back of a jeep I gazed at the rolling landscape – a vast panorama dotted with fruit trees and the grass-roof huts of scattered settlements. In the distance a range of mountains rose against the horizon. I was about to enter the heart of Malawi.

Millions Of Children Worldwide Are Affected By HIV/AIDS

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Millions of young people are affected by HIV/AIDS every day. UNICEF is putting kids first with their new program, Unite For Children Unite Against AIDS HIV/AIDS is redefining the meaning of childhood for millions around the world, depriving them of their basic human rights such as the care and love of their parents, an education, future

Our Stories, Our Songs: Young People Touched By AIDS

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Life in Chowomba Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia. One million of Zambia’s 10 million people live here. Chowomba is a congested, low-income neighborhood on the outskirts of Lusaka. Small mud-brick and tin-roof houses crowd together off narrow dirt roads and pathways. On the sidewalk outside the post office, I meet Agnes. She asks

Missing Out On Childhood: The Orphans Of AIDS

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If you’re having a particularly bad day dealing with home work or are stuck at home baby-sitting your pesky brother, consider this: Today, over 11 million children under the age of 15 living in sub-Saharan Africa have been robbed of one or both parents by HIV/AIDS. Seven years from now, the number is expected to

10 Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Trip

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The big trip abroad: you save, you anticipate, you hope for the perfect memorable experience. Here are a few things that can really make a difference when you’re off traveling the world. 1. Stay hydrated. 2. Plan a general itinerary to avoid wasting time deciding what to do. 3. Learn your destination’s cultural customs and

A Look At Millennial Love, Canadian-Style: And The Sex Survey Says…

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An in-depth look at the sexual activities, beliefs and attitudes of young Canadians A recently released study commissioned by Durex Canada is giving us some insight into what is going on in the bedrooms and minds of modern Canadians. Sit back with a tea, or a glass of wine, and discover what your fellow millennial

Movie Review: ‘Black Panther’ Is An Afrofuturistic Adventure Tale Brought To Life

Black Panther

Marvel’s first black comic superhero emerges through its latest masterpiece; one that weaves together culture, politics, and art. Directed by Ryan Coogler, Black Panther is an emotional roller-coaster that brings viewers through an action-packed storyline filled with strong characters, stunning scenery, and topped off with an exceptional cast. After the death of his father, T’Challa

Forced To Fight: Child Soldiers In The Third World

Child Soldiers

“I’ve seen people get their hands cut off, a ten-year-old girl raped and then die, and so many men and women burned alive … so many times I just cried inside my heart because I didn’t dare cry out loud.” —14-year-old girl abducted by the Revolutionary United Front in Sierra Leone You’re lying in your

Volunteer Abroad: Where Would You Go, What Would You Do?


Another in our Whaddya Think? series, where we ask students for their opinions… If you could volunteer in another country, where would it be and what would you do? Lynn P, 17 “I would travel to Kenya and volunteer with an elephant orphanage and rainforest and Savannah protection groups. Kenya is a country rich in natural wonders

Global News Briefs: Around The World, Issue 24

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Read, contemplate, comment, discuss USA – Florida’s Gatored Communities In just one week this past May, three women were killed in three separate alligator attacks. These dangerous reptiles, which are found only in the southeastern U.S., have lived side by side with the human population without too much trouble over the years (over the past

Movie Review: The Help

The Help

 Everyone’s talking… …about this movie! It’s an adaptation of the best-seller of the same name by Kathryn Stockett. The Help revolves around the issue of race during the early 1960s in Jackson, Mississippi, where “the help” (African American women) spend their lives as maids. They raise white children in conditions we can’t even imagine today

Global News Briefs: Around The World, Issue 20

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Read, contemplate, comment, discuss GLOBAL WARMING – Is It Our Fault? While it’s clear the world has been getting warmer, there remains doubt about the cause: human pollution or regular long-term climate patterns. A joint-statement by the national science academies of eleven of the biggest polluters (including U.S., China, Russia and Canada) announced that warming

Global News Briefs: Around The World, Issue 19

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Read, contemplate, comment, discuss USA, WISCONSIN- U.S Kitten Killers Rejoice Residents of Wisconsin voted to legalize the hunting of feral (i.e., homeless) cats. By feral they mean any cat or kitten not wearing a collar that does not seem to show “friendly” behaviour. Wisconsin is estimated to have two million wild cats. A large group

Global News Briefs: Around The World, Issue 16

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Read, contemplate, comment, discuss OUT THERE – Digital Doctoring N.A.S.A. is currently developing a new technology called Telehealth. An experiment on the international space station uses ultrasound to search for injuries to the human body during space flight. Digital imaging is sent to doctors on earth who then diagnose health problems involving the heart, abdomen,

Global News Briefs: Around The World, Issue 13

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Read, contemplate, comment, discuss USA President Bush continues to scrap environmentally friendly laws and projects dating back to the 1950s. Bush has pushed for oil companies to exploit the Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve; cancelled laws banning new logging roads in national forests and pulled out of the Kyoto global warming agreement. He also refuses to