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Are Online Casinos Legal In Canada?

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Most people have the question – are online casinos legal in Canada? Yes, the laws related to this are a gray area and considered quite cloudy. It is illegal for gambling platforms to operate online casinos or poker rooms in the country. However, if the casino is operated offshore, you can legally access this casino.

A Brief Insight Into The History And Future Of Black Friday

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Understanding where Black Friday came from helps to place it in the broader context of the modern holiday shopping season. The History of Black Friday The first mentions of Black Friday as we know it are said to have occurred around the ’60s in Philadelphia, coined by traffic police who dreaded the day. As retail

Monetary Impact Of Big Data On The Entertainment Industry

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As technology continues to advance, our world is evolving into an ever-digital construct. The currency for this new digital world is data. Every behavior we have and every move we make online can be broken down and analyzed by big data corporations. It’s why the most valuable and powerful companies in the world all own

Great Card Games For An Evening At Home With Friends

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Card games have been around for centuries. Games are played with one or more decks or packs of cards. Each card is only identifiable from one side, and playing card games can improve mental abilities, memory, and logic. There are countless card games available. Some, like Solitaire, are played alone, but most need two or

Virtual Reality Enters Everyday Life

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Virtual reality and augmented reality have became very commonplace in the last few years (with no small thanks to the popularity of Pokemon hunts). And many people are still convinced that it is only needed for games. Meanwhile, both augmented reality and virtual reality are already widely used in museums, entertainment sphere, live casinos, sales

Women That Broke Through The Male-Dominated World Of Gaming

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The male population has been dominating their female counterparts since history writing. The world has been male-dominated in several fields. In the world of sports, many of the events physically fit the strengths of a man. However, there has been a surge of women proving the traditional way of thinking. There has been an increasing

Why Everyone Should Game

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Gaming has proved to be a phenomenon. There is no better word to describe the activity that is enjoyed by billions worldwide, especially when the origins of video games are taken into account. They were previously seen as unproductive wastes of time that could also cause behavioural problems in children. Fortunately, these beliefs have largely

4 Great Ways To Entertain Yourself At Home

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If you need to relax and recharge while at home, entertaining yourself is an excellent option. Thanks to the advancement of technology, most homes can now access the internet. What’s impressive about having fun at home is that you may spend little or no money at all. There are endless platforms you can sign into

Best Bachelorette Party Ideas In Winnipeg

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Your close friend is having one of the most exciting events in her life: she’s getting married! Before she officially ties the knot with her new hubby she must have an awesome bachelorette party with her best friends. First of all, you’ll need to think about what your soon-to-be married friend likes. A thoughtful friend

The 10 Most Famous Female Gamblers in History

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Gambling isn’t just for men! The classic image of a casino gambler might be a well-dressed man in a suit staring at cards in consternation, but that’s not the whole truth. Women enjoy gambling just as much. Despite this, women are quite underrepresented when it comes to gambling. This is quite a sad state of

Increased Popularity Of Online Gaming Among Women In Canada

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The first online casino appeared back in 1995. Of course, the game selection was far from great and live dealer casinos weren’t even on the radar. It wasn’t until 1998 that the first live dealer titles were released. These games may have been a little ahead of their time as internet speeds were too slow

How Technological Advances Have Boosted The Video Game Industry

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View post Video gaming always used to be a single-player activity, with opportunities severely hampered by proximity. Broadband was still a pipe dream, and the idea of playing online with lots of people from other countries was about as likely to likely as happen as aliens landing on the planet. But with so many technological

The Most Luxurious Gyms in the World

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Fitness has become a matter of concern especially these COVID-19 times when people are spending too much time indoors. That’s why the fitness industry is booming with many gyms opening up all over the place. While ordinary gyms provide the most basic services, luxurious gyms offer extras such as heated pools, personal trainers and spa

Changes In Women’s Spending Habits Over The Last 40 Years

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Women have been spending their money in certain ways for many years. With the male-dominated society came certain aspects of female spending that were geared towards male desires. As greater levels of equality became a reality, so did a change in spending habits. We’ve looked at how things have changed over time. Gambling There was

Top 5 Hobbies Among Businesswomen

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The image of a successful businesswoman is a bright and charismatic lady with a snow-white smile and a toned figure. Looking at such girls, thoughts about what kind of work they face and how much effort they give to it do not always come to mind. Business work today requires various skills and qualities, such

4 Ways New Technology Is Transforming Business In 2021

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The success of any business relies on its ability to embrace changes. The technological advances of recent years, such as cloud storage and AI, have accelerated digital transformation across industries. This has caused new opportunities and challenges for strategists and leaders. Here are some of the most exciting changes so far. 1. Personalized Experience for

iGaming: Main Differences Between Men and Women

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via pixabay Online casino games have taken the world by storm. The number of online players is constantly rising as the iGaming industry continues to expand. By now, certain operators have been on the online market for long enough to notice different behaviors with different players. And just like there is a difference between players

Why Hobbies Are Good For Your Mental Health

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Everyone likes to have that out outlet to give themselves the best opportunity to relax and unwind. Whether it is a way of escaping from the real world and enjoying yourself or even just taking a short break from work, it is always nice to have something to look forward to at the end of

Immersive Van Gogh Experience Exhibit In Vancouver

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There is nothing more immersive than viewing a 20,000 square foot artwork of the renowned Dutch post-impressionist painter Van Gogh. During his time, Vincent Van Gogh created roughly 2100 artworks that displayed beauty, colour, and emotion, with some like The Starry Night gaining enormous popularity worldwide. The Impact Of Van Gogh’s Artwork In The Modern